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Stories by Raven Adams

"Bad Fan-Fiction (or An X-Men Story, I Think)"
Slim Cyke, private eye, gets a very ... special ... case.

"More Bad Fan-Fiction (or Just Who the Heck is Worf?)"
written with Shera Crawler 007
The sequel to "Bad Fan-Fiction," this is an X-Men/Star Trek:TNG crossover. The product of two very sick minds.

"Darkness Surrounding"
In a world where the X-Men never were, the lives of those we know took very different turns, with changes ranging from Rogue as First Lady to Gambit as homicide cop to Magneto as US president. (Unfinished; Warning: Violence.)

"Guardian Angels and the Keys of Music"
Given a proverbial "kick to the head" by the magic strains of a song, Rogue and Angel return to Antarctica to rescue Gambit and make peace with themselves.

"The Sun Will Shine Again"
Before Gambit joined the X-Men, he had a daughter. She was taken from him by a sinister woman and given to an even more Sinister man. Held captive in a dark place without her family, Lizzie LeBeau, with the help of a boy named Deven and a giant without a name, realizes that through it all she will see the sun again.

"Late Night Fear"
Remy and Scott run into each other during their babies' late-night feeding time, and they begin to talk about the troubles and joys of their lives. This story takes place a few years after the events in "The Sun Will Shine Again."


Web site: Raven and Cait's Fan-Fic World

I'm kinda scared that I didn't write Scott well enough <sigh> for my first time, I don't think it's too bad. Anyway, I got up this morning with this idea in my head, and, what do you know, after three hours of writing, I had a story. One of those things you know? I hope you like it, and if you do, send feedback! Please? (Don't forget to send it to the new e-mail address)
Disclaimer - Scott, Remy and Jean belongs to Marvel. Julie, Josh, and Ray belong to me.
Auwe! Almost forgot, and thanks to Shera for coming up with a name ::grins::

Scott yawned as he pushed the door to the boathouse open. All the lights were out inside, and Jean wasn't sitting at the table waiting up for him like he half expected. He sighed loudly, wondering if the baby had kept her so busy today that she had just forgotten he would be coming home this night.

The light came on when his hand flicked the switch on the wall beside the door, and he saw that she hadn't forgotten. There were candles burned down to little more then puddles sitting on the table, and a white frosted cake with "Welcome Home Scott" written in blue letters. The O and M in "home" were missing from where Jean had cut a piece, and he could see the dark red crumbs on the table where she had sat eating it.

Scott frowned, then sighed heavily, looking at his watch. Ten-forty his ass. He held the watch to his ear, and nodded to himself. The watch had stopped and he hadn't even realized it, too happy to be returning home after over a month of being away from his family. He found the clock on the microwave and groaned. No wonder Jean hadn't waited for him, it was one in the morning. How could he have made an oversight like that?

After debating with himself which he wanted more, something to eat, or to go crawl into bed and cuddle up against his wife like he'd been thinking of all day, his empty stomach chose for him. He raided the icebox for the makings of a sandwich -- bypassing the leftovers from what appeared to have been a very elegant meal, and a bowl filled with the gray goo called poi -- then stood leaning on the counter munching away on ham and cheese.

His hunger sated, he turned the light off in the kitchen, and made his way to the bedroom where he stopped short in the doorway looking in. His breath caught in his throat, and he felt his heart thud wildly in his chest as he looked in at the scene before him.

Jean lay curled on her side wearing one of his old t-shirts and a pair of pink panties. A green negligee was tossed over the end of the bed, obviously something she had wanted to wear for him, then changed when she realized he wouldn't be home. Glorious red hair fanned out on the white pillow under her head, shining like soft satin. Scott's hands inched to run through it, to twist the silken strands though his fingers like he always did after making love.

Her arm was outstretched and their little son lay there with his head nestled against her breast, one tiny hand pressed against her chest and the other tossed over his head. Scott stepped more into the room, and came to the side of the bed so he could take the baby and bring him to the nursery that was adjacent to their room.

He slid a hand under his son and picked him up gently, cradling him against his chest. "Hi, Josh," he said softly, smiling down with pride at his boy. The baby's eyes fluttered open, and Scott stiffened. He hadn't meant to wake Josh up, but lime-green eyes, just a few shades lighter then his mother's, opened and stared at him in frightened surprise. He knew some people believed he didn't see many colors other then red because of his glasses. But, his vision was just the same as someone wearing sunglasses. They still saw the colors, only tinted a darker color. In Scott's case, everything was tinted red, but he had long ago learned to ignore it and see colors for what they really were.

Right then, he could definitely see the green color of his son's eyes, and he saw them turn darker as the little guy stiffened, balling his hands into fists. He was going to cry his little heart out if Scott didn't do something fast.

He didn't want to awaken Jean, not with as peaceful as she looked lying there. He started to bounce Josh up and down slightly, making a soothing sound that eased the stiffness from the baby and forced his eyes to open again. Josh looked up at Scott with wonder, and Scott couldn't help feeling a twinge of disappointment at the fact that in a little over a month of being separated, his son didn't seem to even recognize him. But then, the baby held out and hand and pinched Scott's nose between his fingers, softly chanting "dada" in a long unbroken chain of whispers.

The father grinned down at his son, who simply looked up at him with those huge green eyes. Scott rocked Josh gently in his arms, and walked back out of the bedroom. Since he was up, there was no sense in having to put him into his crib, when Scott so rarely got to hold him. He carried his son back toward the kitchen, frowning when he saw the glow of a light on in there. He was sure he had turned it off, but he must have been wrong.

He wasn't. Remy was standing in front of the open refrigerator, trying to balance Julie in one arm and the bowl of poi and a little carton of half-and-half in the other. He wondered absently why Remy would come into his house to get baby food, then realized that with Ray off again to her island home, Jean was the only one who could make the gooey Hawaiian paste his son and Remy's daughter both loved so much.

Scott waited until Remy had set the bowl and cream on the counter and had a better grip on his squirming daughter before he cleared his throat. Remy whirled around, his red on black eyes wide in surprise, and one fist clenched tightly. Scott had no doubt that if Remy hadn't of had Julie in his arms that he would be flat on his back now, the Cajun on top of him.

As it was, Remy sighed, and offered a weak smile. Scott could see the bags under the man's eyes from not getting enough sleep, and was almost amused to see a beard was slowly growing on his chin from obviously more then a few day's lack of shaving.

"Didn't mean to scare you, Gambit." Scott said somewhat stiffly. A truce had been made between the two on the day of their children's births, but they were still less than easy with one another.

"I'm sorry, ami. I didn' realize you be home yet. Jean been lettin' me come get dis stuff from your fridge f' Julie. I'll jus' get some an' go on back t' my house." Julie had started to fidget more, and started sniffling. She was going to cry any second, and Remy was trying his best to keep it from happening by lightly bouncing her up and down.

"No, no," Scott smiled at him, pulling up a chair and sitting down with Josh. "Stay. Feed Julie before she throws a fit," he smiled, showing he was joking. Remy smiled back, relieved, and got a bowl down from the cabinet, then started mixing the poi with the cream and a little sugar. Josh was watching Remy and started squirming in Scott's arms. "If you don't mind...could you..."

"Sure, ami." Remy put the bowl and tiny baby spoon in front of Scott, and got another down for himself.

"Thanks. I never can get the right amount of cream in it for Josh. He doesn't seem to like it when I make it." Scott gathered a tiny bit of the paste on the end of the spoon and put it toward Josh's mouth. His son took the spoon, then made a face and spit it back out onto Scott's shirt.

Remy set a banana on the table in front of Scott, then sat down in another chair across from him. He laughed softly. "Don' worry, Scott. It n't you. Jean mashes a banana int' Josh's. Make him happy. Julie on de o'er hand, spit on me when I add sugar. You don' like t'in's dat be too sweet, do you, Jules?" He put his nose up against his daughter's and gave her an Eskimo kiss. Julie laughed and rubbed a hand against Remy's beard covered cheek.

Scott smiled. Julie was fascinated with her father. Her little hands moved over his cheeks chin and lips while Remy spooned poi into her mouth. She kept her hands on him, rubbing his face and neck, seeing her father with her hands. Josh on the other hand had to look at everything in the room, and squirmed to do so. Scott finally gave up trying to feed him and let him move around on his lap, touching everything. When Josh's hands found his face, he thought it was funny until they pulled off his glasses.

"Whoa, son!" Scott said in a harsh whisper, closing his eyes quickly, and grabbing the glasses away from tiny hands. "You can't take daddy's glasses." Josh gave him a hurt look, and started to whimper softly to himself. "Now, don't do that." Scott shoved a spoonful of poi into his son's mouth before the tears came, and Josh settled down to eat.

"Dey like t' take t'in's off your face, dat f' sure. Julie pulled Rogue's necklace off, broke de clasp an' everythin'. We found out dat Julie immune t' Rogue's powers at least." Remy offered d a smile. "Rogue keep de necklace under her shirt now, n't dat it does a whole lot o' good. She still seems t' get her li'le hands on it."

"How is Rogue, Remy?" Scott asked, wondering at the same time if he was going to have to start wearing his sleeping goggles whenever he held his son until he stopped grabbing things.

"She gettin' better everyday. N't so good dat she c'n stay out o' bed f' a while, but good enough to be able t' walk around de room a bit." Remy sighed, and whipped the last bit of poi from around Julie's mouth. He stared down at her eyes, the irises clouded over with a white film that was half the cause of her blindness. "Hank don' want Julie 'round her t' much, but I jus' can' keep her daughter away from her, you know? Sometime I have t' sneak Julie in jus' so Rogue c'n hold her for a bit."

They were quiet for a moment, an uncomfortable silence which Scott didn't know how to break. After a while, he finally said something very softly, looking down at Josh in his lap.

"What?" Remy asked, he hadn't heard.

Scott looked up at Remy. He looked older now. He didn't look the carefree Cajun he had been a mere year ago. He seemed to have aged ten years since he and Rogue married. Who wouldn't after what he had gone through? He and his wife had almost separated. His first daughter came back to him and was almost lost again in the hands of a mad man. His wife got sick, they almost lost Julie, and then she was born blind...

Everything seemed to fall on the younger man's shoulders all at once, and it had indeed taken its toll on him. His eyes were dull, his face pale, hair unkempt, and a tired air hung around him like a rain cloud. Yet he looked down lovingly at his daughter, as if everything that was happening, that had fallen on him, was all worth it just to be holding her in his arms. Scott envied the look, simply because it was a look of cherished love.

"I said, I couldn't be as strong as you are," Scott shook his head. "I'm always scared of what will happen when Josh gets older. I keep thinking of Nate, and how he was taken away from me. I couldn't take that happening a second time. I wonder how he'll grow up, what being a child here will mean to him. What happens if the mansion is demolished, what happened if someone Sinister found out about him, and took him away like he did your Lizzie. I worry about him going to school, with the hate crimes, and the kids killing kids...who knows what it's going to be like when Josh and Julie are old enough for high school?"

He looked up at Remy who was eyeing him carefully. "I must sound like an idiot. I'm sorry."

Remy shook his head. Julie was lying in his arms, fast asleep, a hand curled around his finger, but he made no move to leave. "You don' sound like an' idiot." He said softly. "I t'ink de same t'in's. I t'ink all parents do. T' tell you de truth," he looked lovingly down at Julie's face, "I didn' wan' her. I didn' wan' t' bring a baby int' dis world. N't de way it be now. T'in's out dere scare me. T'in's in here," he taped his head, "scare me too. I don' wan' her t' 'ave t' live t'rough all de t'in's we lived t'rough.

"But I love her. I love her very much. I love her, an' I love Kevin jus' like he was my own. An' Lizzie...well, as much as she changed, I be learnin' t' love what she become, who she is. I love my children, Scott, like you love Josh, an' you love Nathan. An' I figure, wha' gonna happen in de future...well, dat de future. We don' know what is going to happen. By de time Julie and Josh are ready f' high school, we could all be livin' in peace f' all we know."

Scott was surprised to find that he and Remy shared many of the same thoughts. They sat in silence for a moment, each rocking their children, both babies fast asleep in their father's arms. Scott realized that the two of them had a lot in common. Both lost their first born children, and both got them back, if somewhat older then when they'd last seen them. Although the loss of their children was different for each man, who was to say that if Scott had been offered the chance to save Nate that Remy had been offered for Lizzie, that he wouldn't have taken it?

Scott looked up when Remy let out a loud sigh and stood, scraping the chair against the floor. "It be two AM, ami. I t'ink it time I took my li'le one back home and tried t' get some sleep. You look like you could use some o' your own, t'. T'anks f' de company, t'ough." He started off toward the door.

Scott stood and watched him open the door and then stop after he'd stepped over the threshold. "You know wha' scare me de most?" he asked.

Scott wasn't quite sure he'd heard him. "What?"

"Dat Rogue n't get be'er." He said it so softly, it was hard for Scott to hear, but he knew what Remy was saying. "I scared dat Julie n't get t' know her mama. Dat scare me more den de FoH, de legacy virus, hell, it scare me more den Julie's never bein' able t' see. Sometimes...sometimes it scare me so much, I wake up cryin' because of it. I don' wan' her t' have t' live wit'out a mama." He nuzzled his daughter's hair, then turned his head enough that Scott could see tears making his eyes brighten. "You say you couldn' be as strong as me wit' all dis? Homey, I hope you never have t' be. I pray dat none o' my friends ever have t' know wha' it like." He ended there, and started out into the darkness again, toward the path that would lead him to his own house in the woods.

Scott stood there shocked that Remy had told him that. He was sure Remy had never told that to anyone else, it was that look he had given Scott just before he left that made him think that. He didn't understand why he had picked him to scare it wasn't as if they were really friends or anything.

Scott walked to the door. "Remy?" he called out.

Remy's bodiless voice floated back to him out of the darkness, "Oui?"

"Remy, if sometime you ever just want, I'll be willing to listen. Anytime." Scott thought he could hear Remy's sigh and a muffled thank you before he closed the door.

He carried Josh into the bedroom, and laid him beside Jean, then crawled into bed himself. It was a long time before he was able to fall asleep. But as he did, in the nexus between sleep and awake when you dream and still hold your conscious thought, he realized that he and Remy wouldn't be clashing as much anymore.

"This is the place.
Here ends our warfare;
Here end our woe.
We will make the desert
Blossom as the rose!

And then we saw
The lilies quiver
In the golden sun
By Jordan River!"


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