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Stories by Loni Kingrey

"The Girl in the Mirror"
Rogue tries to escape from the torments of her young life by visiting a special friend.

"There's a Mutant Under My Bed!"
Remy starts a fight with Joseph after Joseph claims to have slept with Rogue. Much silliness ensues.


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Rogue stood barefoot in front of the bathroom sink, her eyes locked with those of the woman in the mirror. Eyes she had not seen for years stared back at her. There was a momentary accusation followed by the acceptance that what had happened had not been her fault. For the first time since she'd left Caldecott, she remembered Anne. Standing with a toothbrush poised delicately in one hand, Rogue let herself be overwhelmed with the memories of the emerald-eyed girl with twin white stripes in her hair...

Rogue had grown up in a neighborhood with few children, and Rogue's real mother had never been one to show much affection to her daughter, usually too occupied with herself to worry much over what Rogue spent her time doing.

There had been an antique mirror in the apartment Rogue shared with her mother -- one of the few nice things that Rogue’s grandmother had given to Rogue's mother before passing on. It was supposed to be given to Rogue upon her wedding. Because the diamond dust was worn away and the glass slightly warped, Rogue's mother had seen little beauty in the antique. Left leaning against the wall in the utility room of their apartment, the mirror caught Rogue's attention one day when her mother was away visiting with neighbors.

While Rogue's mother disliked the mirror because the reflection it gave was blurred and distorted, Rogue found the change in her appearance to be treasured. The girl she saw in the mirror looked so much like herself yet so different that she imagined her to have her own personality. Day after day when Rogue's mother would leave her daughter at home, Rogue would retreat to the utility room, lift the sheet that was the mirror's only protection, and confide her deepest secrets to the girl she came to think of as "Anne." She was careful not to let her mother know about her secret friend for fear that Anne would be taken away from her. Though Rogue's mother cared little enough for Rogue's happiness, she seemed interested enough in her daughter's misery.

Rogue had once found a half-starved kitten behind their apartment and had brought it home to her mother in the hopes that they could keep it and nurse it back to health. Upon catching sight of the kitten, her mother had shrieked and snatched it away from her daughter, rushing outside and throwing it down from their second floor apartment. Rogue had never forgotten the plaintive mew of the little kitten as it fell nor the sickening sound of it being crushed on the pavement. Rogue had burst into hysterical tears at her mother's cruelty only to feel the sting of her mother's hand across her face moments later. "Thank your mother for protecting you from that nasty, dirty animal," her mother had demanded of the girl sprawled across the open doorway of their apartment.

By that age, Rogue had been beaten enough to know to do exactly as she was told. "Thank you, Mother," she whimpered, covering her face to conceal her anger and despair over the kitten's death.

"Good girl, now go wash your hands so that you don't get sick from whatever that cat was carrying."

No, Rogue knew better than to let her mother find out about Anne. She had no doubt that Anne would end up shattered against the pavement like the kitten she had momentarily cared for. But with a mother like Rogue's it was only a matter of time before even the simplest pleasure of imagined companionship were taken away from her.

It happened when Rogue's mother came down with a bad case of the flu. It had been two weeks since her mother had left the apartment and, in all that time, Rogue hadn't been alone with Anne. As sick as she was, Rogue's mother lost none of her contempt for the child that had been an inconvenience to her since conception. Rogue did her best to stay out of her mother's way, keeping locked away in her tiny, sparely decorated bedroom. With no toys to play with and nothing to distract her, Rogue longed to visit Anne and, with each passing day, the urge grew stronger.

One day when Rogue thought her mother to be resting, she had crept down the hall into the utility room and pulled back the sheet to find Anne waiting for her. She lay her cheek against the dirty linoleum floor and whispered to Anne for more than an hour, explaining to her why she had been away so long and that they must keep their friendship a secret lest her mother take her away. She waited as long as she thought was safe then bid Anne goodbye before sneaking back to her room. She never knew that her mother had overheard the entire conversation.

It was almost a week before her mother went to rest long enough that Rogue was able to return to Anne. But when she pulled the sheet back, she cried out in anguish. The mirror had been shattered. More than that, the shards of glass had been dipped in some type of resin and thrown against the mirror's wooden back. The larger pieces had been gouged through the wood, jutting up at dangerously sharp angles. Rogue had barely been able to scream when her mother had grabbed both her hands and pressed them flat against the mirror, slicing her hands open and pouring blood onto the floor.

As she ground her daughter's hands against the perversion, Rogue's mother screamed at her hysterically, "No daughter of mine talks to imaginary people! Stupid, vain bitch, I ought to use this glass to cut your face! Don't you EVER keep secrets from me, girl!"

It had been nearly ten months before her hands had healed enough that she needn't wear gloves to cover her slashed palms. Even now as she looked down at her hands, Rogue could still see imagined lines where the scars had been. Her permanent absorption of Ms. Marvel had healed all her physical scars. It had done nothing for the emotional damage her mother had caused.

She had been devastated by Anne's loss, very nearly unable to cope. She had only been seven when it happened and nearly suffered a complete breakdown because of it. That was just before Cody Robbins moved into the apartment downstairs from her own. For the first time, she had a real friend -- someone she could confide in though she would never tell him of what her mother did to her lest she lose him too. Rogue's mother surprisingly didn't seem to mind Cody so long as Rogue wore gloves and "acted the little lady." Not acting the little lady with a boy was what had gotten Rogue born in the first place after all.

Not for the first time, Rogue wondered how long her powers had been active. Because she had been forced to wear gloves to hide the damage her mother had done to her hands, she had no way of knowing when her powers first manifested themselves, only that Cody -- her first and only childhood friend -- had been their first victim when he'd kissed her. Anne was something she had kept locked away in one of her secret places. In all her sessions with Professor X, she'd never quite been able to tell him about her because doing so would have forced her to remember the mother she had before Mystique rescued her. After Anne and after Cody, Rogue had found the very thought of touch abhorrent. Her powers hadn't seemed that much of a burden to her then. After all, if she could not be touched, she could not be hurt.

But now, staring into Anne's face for the first time in over fifteen years, Rogue questioned her inability to control that which caused her the greatest pain these days. Was it that she couldn't touch another person or merely that she was afraid to try? Though Anne's eyes held no answer, Rogue had a feeling that her memory was the key.


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