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In the Future

Stories by RV Bemis

"All's Fair"
Sekhmet Conoway, Gambit's new lover, explains why Rogue lost Remy. A fanfic response to the sillyfic "Sek, Lies and Videotape" by RogueStar and Keri Wilson.


Turnabout is fair play. Remember, none of these characters belong to me, so, uhm, anyway. Besides, the character truly deserves what she gets anyway.

All's Fair...

Rogue flew out from the X-Men mansion, electric anger sliding through her veins rather then her normal warm blood. She had noticed the little gold band on Remy's left ring finger, and knew only one person who it could belong to. "Ah thought that two years later we'd get back together. Ah shoulda tried harder. Still, ah gotta talk to her." Soon, the high-rise condo belonging to Sekmeht Conoway was in her sights.

"Hello Rogue," Sek said as Rogue flew through the window. "What could bring you here tonight?" Rogue did not respond, and only stared at her left ring finger. To her dismay, a matching band was already there.

"So, how could a little Tomb Raider-come-lately manage tah snag mah man from me?"

"Well, Rogue," began Sek, "for one, he's no longer yours. And secondly, that's easy. I never judged him as you did."

"What do ya'll mean? Ah never..." Rogue started.

"Don't even start there." Sekmeht was getting angrier and angrier by the minute. "Just leaving him in Antarctica was bad enough."

"But Remy SAID that was his guilt that made me do that!"

"He explained that. You see, he figured that if you FELT like it was his fault, you might start forgiving yourself. Then, you might start getting on with the 'loving-process.' Since then, however, you and all the other X-Men have done nothing but judge him over and over and over again."

"What would you know, you hussy?"

"Everything. Like when he got back from the past, all you did was grill him about how he got back and why his powers were in flux. No secrets Remy, no secrets. And yet, everyone else never comes clean with him. A fine brand of hypocrites you all are."

"How DARE you..."

"The answer was simple Rogue. Less buggin' -- more huggin'. But you blew it -- big time. Finally, he grew sick of it, and cut you loose. Especially when you judged him for leading the Thieve's Guild."

"But what if the X-Men and the Thievs..." Rogue started.

"Ha! Like the New Orleans Thieve's Guild has EVER been in the spotlight for prejudice against mutants. Excuses Rogue. That's all you ever brought to the table. That was the last straw. Remy grew sick and tired of your bull."

"And just what do YOU bring to the table?"

"Hey, I'm the Queen of Neglect. I was not a judge to him, but a friend. I listened rather then conveyed. I helped rather then hurt. I sacrificed a lot for him. And I never once questioned his loyalty to me. Never. That's what I brought to the table. A friend and a confidant, and now a lover."

"He'll never stay with you. He'll come back to me," Rogue sputtered.

"You don't sound so confident," began Sek, "As you shouldn't. You blew it. You had true love right in your hand, and you let it slip away, because you found out 'le diable blanc' had shades of grey in him."

Rogue turned to fly back to the mansion when Sek spoke again. "Hey Rogue," she began, "Remy also mentioned how he never judged you for being a part of a Mutant Terrorist Group. Maybe you should have remembered that yourself."

Angered, Rogue punched the wall, and flew out, crying. Why, because she knew Sekmeht Conoway was correct. She was terribly hypocritical. And because of that, she had lost her one true love to another.




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