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In the Future

Stories by RogueStar

"Always Coming Home"
Gambit finds his way back to the Mansion ... and asks for a retrial.
"Mending Fences"
Rogue and Gambit both suffer through reminders that neither of them can escape their pasts. (Unfinished.)

"Blowing in the Wind"
In honor of the Gambit Guild's "Gambit Day," RogueStar writes a story of reconciliation and hope for Rogue and Gambit.

"The Briar Patch"
A dark, thorny look at how Rogue might internally view her powers. Takes place after Rogue's emergence from the Siege Perilous.

"Cantique Noel"
A series of holiday-themed stories about personal despair and choices for the future, featuring Siryn, Rogue, Gambit and Marrow.

Christmas 1998
A series of three stories written as a gift for the mailing lists Southern Comfort and Gambit Guild.
"Frankincense" - featuring Gambit and Bebete (the green mist lady)
"Gold" - featuring Cyclops and Phoenix
"Myrrh" - featuring Rogue, Gambit and Nightcrawler

"Demain des l'aube"
Rogue mourns the death of her mother and plans to pass Raven's teachings on to her own unborn child.

"The Eighth Color of the Rainbow"
After his "death" at the end of the Magneto War, Joseph makes one last trip to Salem Center to say a very special goodbye.

"Fallen Skies"
In a pocket universe where Rogue stayed in the service of her foster mother Mystique, Rogue becomes known as the woman who killed Magneto. (Unfinished.)

"For My Daughter"
A woman in Mississippi writes a long-overdue letter to her daughter.

Rogue and Gambit think back to when they once decided to break up for good -- and laugh at their younger selves' naivete. Written in response to the recent X-book writing/editorial decision to break them up.

"The Happiest Night"
Just before Rogue and Remy are set to leave for their honeymoon, Rogue finally reveals the real reasons she's so uneasy about being with him. A response to Rogue and Gambit's rumored break-up in Gambit #16.

"The Horse of Another Color"
Magnus, the Mage, demands a tithe from a small town every month. This time, he wants the townspeople to deliver Rogue as his tribute, or else find for him the mythical horse of a different color. (Unfinished. In revision.)
"The Sword and the Rose"
Sabrina and Remy LeBeau settle into their new roles as husband and wife as they train and prepare to defend themselves in a world that has become even more uncertain. (Unfinished.)

"I Am"
Rogue asks Gambit to accept the real her. A response to "All's Fair..." by R.V. Bemis.

"Indian Summer"
Rogue and Gambit make their piece and decide to get back together. In response to Gambit #16.

"The Intolerable"
In a different world, Mystique had early ties to the Thieves Guild and sent Rogue to New Orleans to study the arts of thievery.

Gambit offers Jean a small comfort as she grieves over Cyclops' apparent death. Inspired by UXM #386.

"Last Dance"
As Rogue lay dying, probably of the Legacy Virus, Gambit fulfills her final wish: one last dance.

"The Magician and the Butterfly"
Sabine Robbins leaves her settled life with Cody as a farmer's wife and runs away with a circus magician. Told from mulitple perspectives.

"A Matter of Pryde"
When Soldier Alpha escapes the project and joins the rebels, it is up to a Black Striper to bring her to justice. Unfinished.

"Miss American Pie"
Rogue stares at her reflection in the mirror and evaluates what she is -- and isn't. X-Men: Evolution universe.

"The Queen and the Hunter"
Barely more than a child when she married Magnus, Rogue quietly defers to her husband, then feels the urge to rebel. Age of Apocalypse.

"Return to the Rooftop"
As they settle into their new roles as leaders of the X-Men, Rogue and Gambit try to settle into another role as well: platonic friends.

"Sek, Lies and Videotape"
(with Keri Wilson)
After their wedding, Rogue and Gambit record a farewell message of sorts for Sehkmet Conoway. Sillyfic.

Sim Salem Project
An ongoing series of stories in which Rogue and Gambit are living a happy suburban life with their precocious son, Luc.
• "Confiteor"
• "The Cherry Cookie Incident"
• "The Sphinx's Question"
• "Gotta Learn Them All"
• "Happy Anniversary!"
• "Home Nursing"
• "Saturday Morning in Salem Center"
• "The Cabbage Patch"

"Smoke and Mirrors"
Centering on the relationship between Rogue and Remy and on the growing human intolerance of mutants, this story begins (in terms of "normal" continuity) just before Bishop joins the team and ends just after LegionQuest.

(With Alexis)
When Mercy LeBeau comes to deliver some news to Gambit, she falls in lust with Iceman and chaos ensues. (Unfinished.)

After coming back home to the X-Mansion, many of the X-Men, including Rogue and Colossus, try to make peace with the ghosts in their lives. (Unfinished.)

(With Faith Barnett)
Just after the Trial of UXM 350, the various X-Men try to get on with their lives. (Unfinished.)

"A Walk in the Woods"
Banished to the woods after her disastrous encounter with Cody, Rogue is suspicious when she meets a beautiful woman who wants to take care of her.

"A Window to Her Soul"
Colossus awakens and finds inspiration in Rogue's sleeping form.

elsewhere in Alykat's World:

"The Morning Paper"
Hank and Bobby miss seeing their favorite comic strip in the Sunday paper. A tribute to Peanuts creator Charles Schulz.
(at (un)frozen and Stars & Garters)


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Sek, Lies and Videotape

"Is this thing on?" The attractive brunette with a distinctive streak in her hair took a step back from the camera and leaned down to peer into the lens with a suddenly enormous green eye, "Huh. Ah can build th' Blackbird up again from scratch, but can't turn on a dang video-recorder. Anyway, Sekhmet, Ah don't know if you remember me, but Ah'm Rogue Darkholme. Well, was Rogue Darkholme when we met. Ah've had a slight change o' surname since then fo' all th' right reasons ... It's now LeBeau-Darkholme or Darkholme-LeBeau -- Ah can never remember if mah husband's name comes first or mine, but it doesn't really matter. Just ta clarify somethin' in case you really are as dense as you look -- that's Remy Etienne LeBeau, not Lapin, not Henri, not Jean-Luc or any other member of his huge clan. Oh, come on, honey -- put your jaw back in position 'cause no-one is interested in seein' yo' uvula. Or any other part o' you, ta be brutally honest. Now, let's put that in terms even an airhead like you can understan': Remy no like Sek, Remy like Rogue."

Remy grinned both from the nice view he was getting- Rogue bent over the camcorder, and her feisty words. The former because Rogue had the sexiest butt he'd ever seen, and it was part of the woman he loved in large part because of the latter. That fiesty sassiness was first a challenge and a turn on, and later the voice his heart sang to. He felt he belonged to her body and soul, long before the first time she had absorbed his psyche, and long after as well ... Now they had both made the commitment to make this forever, forget death do us part! Never do us part! He had asked permission of the priest to change the wording that way. Rogue had been there when Remy had asked and the burst of love she sent out to him at that moment was a palatable memory. It had been as strong as the emotional high he got from his slight empathic abilities when she had told him she loved him the first time.

Rogue turned around and winked at him, "Yoah turn Remy."

Remy still wore his wedding tux, and he adjusted the level of the camcorder to make sure it focused on him above the waist only. He looked into the lens then and said,"Sek, you see dis?" He held up his left hand so that his wedding band was clearly visible. "I'm married now to de woman I love my all my heart and soul. Her name is Rogue. You met her before. I've loved her for a long time. Long before you met me. You're a sweet kid, but you're a friend, I don' feel anything more dan dat for you. You need to move on wit' your feelings for someone dat will be in love wit' you. I'm not, nor ever have been dat person."

Remy regreted being quite so harsh with the girl but he knew nothing else would work to stop her throwing herself at him. At first the comments about his "nice tush" had been amusing, but they quickly became grating as did all of her other "I'm just going to gush all over about your nice bod" comments. He never had liked the adoring Iapdog type. A wicked moment had him picturing Sek married to Magneto, but he doubted even Magnus would put up with her that long. He smirked -- No he knew who was perfect for Sek: Courier! Hmm maybe a talk with Jake could be arranged ;)

Done with his part, but not being able to resist doing one last bit because the rhapsodizing Sek had made of his "tush" had been repeated especially numerous times, he reached over to Rogue grabbed her in his arms, kissed her passionately while he squeezed her butt. In full view of the camcorder. He leered at Rogue and said, "Now dat's de tush I wanna see. Most sexy one in de universe, and it belongs to you Roguie."

"Carry on like that, LeBeau, an' you'll soon be able ta check if mah fist is th' sexiest in the universe," her bemused tone contradicted the pugilistic words as she squirmed out of his grip and came to stand in full-view of the camera. Like her husband, she was still dressed in her wedding clothes -- a simple, elegant sheath of white silk that made her look like a lily. Although she had eschewed the traditional veil, orange-blossom was twined in her streaked hair. She wore only a touch of lipstick and even less rouge, but, in the manner of all new brides, was the most beautiful woman in the universe at that moment. Models would have thrown away their Stairmasters in anger and fired their plastic surgeons in despair had they seen her.

Her voice was very soft when she finally spoke, "I love him, Sek; know him as intimately and as perfectly as any part of myself. Aftah all, he was mah eyes when Ah was blind. You ... you don't have th' first idea about who he really is. You see th' facade -- th' charm, th' wit, th' looks -- and forget about th' man underneath it. Don't get me wrong -- th' things Ah've mentioned are a part of him, an' Ah love them, but they aren't the most important part ta me. Not by far."

She turned to Remy, an unreadable, inscrutable smile on her lovely face. His expression reflected hers, shifting from a decided smirk to strange tenderness. His eyes questioning, his emotions written on every fine feature, he asked: "What is, cherie?"

"Ah love th' way you laugh when you forget how others see you, when you forget you have ta mourn. Ah love your quaint an' frankly chivalric sense o' honor. Ah love how you put clan an' family first; how you're good with children. Ah love that you never treated me like mah powers, that you've always let me be a woman rather than a mutation. Ah love how you can cook up gourmet meals on the stove, yet tell me that mah sandwiches knock spots off any of them. Ah love that th' waltz is th' only dancestep that you know. Ah guess, Ah love that Ah discover new things about you every day," then, with a wicked grin to rival his own, "Although, it could just be th' tush thing."

Remy gave one of those rare totally unrestrained laughs. "Oh cherie, you make me feel free. De closer I get de less my burdens seem. Don' have t' play a role f' you. `Less it's for a game, neh?" He leered and winked at Rogue playfully.

Rogue smirked, "Depends on the game, Cajun."

Then Remy's gaze turned soft and romantic as did his words. "You are de fulfilment of all my dreams. I dreamed of being wit' you forever. Now you have given me dat chance. Merci beaucoup."

Rogue looked into his eyes and quietly responded, "Merci beaucoup." They shared a tender brief kiss.

Then Remy turned back to the camcorder and said the final words, "Well dat's our whole story Sek, leastwise all we are going t' say here. We wish you well. Hope you find your own path and follow it. Au revoir."

Remy snapped off the record button.

"Now ma chere, we can start de honeymoon!" Remy swooped Rogue into his arms and with much laughter they left the machine behind them in the quiet dimness.

A few hours -- or moments -- later, a considerably more dishevelled Rogue flicked the record-button of the camcorder on for a second time. The gracious dream of silk and lace that was her wedding dress had been replaced by a considerably more prosaical flannel bathrobe. Her hair, still wet from the shower she had taken, was loose around her shoulders. Despite the disadvantages of dress and coiffure, she still was beautiful with a strange, internal radiance that had nothing to do with cheap tricks of make-up.

"Ah thought Ah should add a postscript to this," she said, lips compressing slightly, "All appearance to th' contrary, Ah don't hate you. Ah've had mah share of hopeless love affairs, where Ah've chased aftah someone who was madly, truly, deeply with someone else. Gawd, when Ah think of how Ah must have embarrassed mahself..."

She looked away for a moment, a slight flush rising to color her cheeks. Her hands went to pick at a loose thread in the robe and she smiled wanly, gazing steadily at the lens.

"Ah guess this was mah way o' warnin' you not ta do th' same. Remy ... Remy didn't want ta go along with it at first, because Ah suspect he does love you in a way. Don't take any encouragement from that, though, because it ain't as more than a dear friend, a sweet kid. Ah knew it was th' only way ta shock you out of your crush an' that is fo' your own good. Ah mean, Ah could tell you a thousand times that he loved me an' Ah loved him an' we were married, but you'd nevah believe it unless you saw it with your own eyes. He agreed with me in th' end. So, Sek, Ah do hope you find yo' Mr. Right someday an' that he loves you as much as you deserve. Ah know Ah did."

With a slight, tired sigh, Rogue turned the camcorder off for the final time, divested herself of her bathrobe to reveal a silken nightgown and snuggled back beneath the covers. Her husband's hand snaked over the sheet to cover her one, squeezing it reassuringly, then, smiling, he propped himself up on an elbow and looked at her: "I'm proud o' ya, cherie."

She grinned back at him, inching closer: "Talk's cheap, LeBeau."

"So it is," he smirked, "Good thing I let m'actions speak f'r me."

She laughed and then there was no more need for words.

Through her haze of self-delusion, Sekhmet Conoway only managed to pick up two words that Remy spoke: "Marry" and "me." In her mind, she picked out her trousseau, bought shelves of fine china and asked her sister to be her matron of honor, while fighting down the urge to giggle insanely. So he had finally proposed after months of her plying her feminine wiles on him. She would be Mrs. Sekhmet LeBeau -- she mentally practised the signature a dozen times and approved of it.

Although, she mused, what had that odd, skunk-woman been doing there? In the light of the magnificence that was Remy LeBeau, she had forgotten to pay attention to what the creature had been saying. She knew her, of course. She had met her months ago in the Savage Land and had thought nothing of it, although the skunk had had a suspicious look of amusement in her eyes when Sek had mentioned Remy. Still, she was probably only there to proffer her congratulations on his engagement. Squeezing the tush of the person who wished you luck must be a quaint Cajun custom; one with which Sek was more than happy...

All but purring to herself, Sek rewound the tape, wanting to relive the joy of the decidedly unusual, if romantic, proposal, and hit play...

Something was different this time Sek thought confusedly. Gradually it sunk through the layers of delusion and she screamed in outrage! That, that, southern tramp had stolen her Remy! How dare she! Remy was hers! Hadn't she been there for him, hung on every word, praised his bod over and over? Why would he reject her for that trollop! It wasn't fair! Sek angrly ejected the tape from the VCR and tried to phsyically rip the tape from it's casing. Her efforts were less than sucessful all she suceeded and doing was stretch the piece of tape visible at the top. She slammed the cassette aganist the nearest wall. This time the results were slightly better, the casing devoloped a crack. Enraged and wishing for total destruction of the offending object she grabbed it up and slammed it to the concrete floor and stamped on in in a tantrum that drew witnesses as she smashed the object and screamed in her fury. "I want that southern twit dead, dead, dead! Remy belongs to me!"

Once she had calmed down slightly, by which time Sek's office in Elysian Enterprises resembled New York after a particularly heroic act by the X-Men, she walked out of the building deep in thought. Behind her, her team, who had come to gawk at the spectacle of their hated boss behaving like a two- year-old, picked up the mangled video-tape and wondered whether they could piece it together and have it playing in her apartment 24 hours a day. Unfortunately, it was destroyed beyond all recognition, so they settled for placing a few strategic thumbtacks on her chair point-up and walked away vaguely dissatisfied.

Sek, on the other hand, was becoming more and more satisfied with her cunning plan to win back Remy. The visit to the hair-dressers had proved profitable, although they had lifted sardonic eyebrows when they had heard what she wanted done. The dress, although not her usual style or color, fitted her like a glove, while she teetered in high-heels of amazing height. She had even gone as far to go to the optometrist and force him to give her suitable contact lenses, even though she could barely see through them and had walked into a dozen poles. Finally pleased with the overall effect, she looked in the mirror with a smile. Through the green haze that was her vision, Sek could see that there was a white smudge amidst the dark mass that was her hair. The jade-velvet cocktail dress was snug around her, dipping as low as decency allowed at her bosom and back. Smirking, she told her reflection in an excruciating, Dallas-meets-Gone-with-the-Wind voice:

"Like Ah'm gonna let someone with that cute a tush get away ... sugah."

Disclaimer: Again, this is hardly a work of fine literature so much as catharsis and a bit of literary Sek-bashing. Címon, you know she deserves it. :) For once, we are glad the character is not ours, although we wish Rogue and Remy were so we could do them properly. Comments to and Private responses only and no Pop_Up or MST3K please!


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