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In the Future

Stories by Southern Nightingale

"A Beach of Memories"
Many years in the future, Remy LeBeau sits at the beach and tells his daughter Clarissa about her mother.

"Foolish Hearts"
In a time when Rogue never left Mystique, Cody never went comatose, and Gambit had a kid with someone else before getting engaged to Belladonna, Rogue is brought to New Orleans by her old school chum Belle to solve the murder of one of Gambit's cousins. (Unfinished.)

"No Return, No Exchange"
A few years after the Trial, Rogue has established her own life in New York City as Georgia Smith, secretary and fiancee of millionaire Chris Rockefeller. Then a mysterious stranger comes to town in search of a job...


Web site: Tales from the South

Disclaimer: All characters featured except Clarissa Rose LeBeau are Marvel's y' know the rest.
Note: I know I'll receive some angry hammering comments about what I did to Rogue, believe me it's hard doing it, I AM a Rogue fan, I was just inspired to do this story, anyway, I just hope y' all like my first debut. All comments to That's all ... No hard feelings! :)

A Beach of Memories

Remy LeBeau gazed at the dark blue ocean wave as it sank peacefully in the sunrise. He woke up very early in the morning. He looked at the red orange sun as it slowly rose up for the morning. He looked again at the card at his hand, the Queen of Hearts and held it firmly, not allowing the sea breeze to sweep it away.

He was interrupted by a young girl chasing a large pink beach ball.

Remy stood up bewildered from the sand "Clarissa m' sweet you're already awake!" Remy exclaimed quite shocked.

"I can't sleep daddy ... I'm scared ... I dreamt of mommy..."

The thought shocked Remy as he caught the bouncing beach ball full of sands. "W-What happened?" He reached to grab the seven year old girl.

"She was like an angel ... I was having a nightmare ... she reached out and they vanished ... she smiled and caressed me ... she's so beautiful in a white dress..." Clarissa explained as she accepted the beach ball from her father's hands.

Remy didn't spoke, he was saddened ... remembering Rogue had always break his heart.

"Daddy ... are you Ok?" the young girl looked worriedly as her large green eyes reminded him of her.

Remy sighed. "Come m' petit...." He sat at the cool sand as he Clarissa sat on his crossed legs.

Remy took a deep breath and held his daughter as he decided to tell the story.

"Yes...." Remy started trying to speak in English to let his daughter understand. "Your mother is like an angel..." Remy remembered his wife's Green emerald eyes and thick soft auburn hair that his daughter inherited from her.

"When I was always in despair, she always come for me ... she took away my sins an' just like in a snap I was forgiven..."

"Is she beautiful? as in the most beautifulest?" Clarissa asked in her angel like voice.

Remy smiled "Most beautiful Clarice, yes, very beautiful ... de one dat would take your breath away ... like you ma amant..."

Clarissa understand all of the french words well. She's a very smart girl, just like what Rogue always wanted to have for a daughter.

"Although her name sounds bad you would easily forget what it means ... oh wait ... what do you want for breakfast?" Remy asked as he held her little hand, realizing her powers hadn't manifested yet for her very young age.

"I want that chocolate krispies you made before..." Clarissa smiled sweetly as her eyes sparkled in the darkness.

Remy laughed. "You an' you mother hadn't hav' any difference at all ... like she was reborn in you..."

"How did she died?"

Remy's eyes returned back to what it was before. "Well ... she became sick" Remy said realizing Clarissa won't understand what is Cancer.

"I miss her daddy ... even if I only met her when I was only a baby..."

"Me too Clarice..." Remy took a huge gulp of breath trying to ease tears from his eyes from falling.

He embraced Clarissa tight.

"Can you tell me evthing about her?"

Remy laughed again by his daughter's unfamiliarity of 'Everything', she was still adjusting.

"Everything Clarice..."

"Oh I forgot ... why should it be so long anyway?" Clarissa complained.

"Well it's the way it is m' daughter," Remy looked back at Clarice realizing she was awaiting for the story.

"All right ... let me tell you about de trial ... when your daddy was heart broken and searching for your mother, we ... broke up ... for some reason which was my fault..."

Remy looked at the centuries old churches at the streets of New Orleans. It's been a while he hadn't visit a place like this. He decided to visit it as he saw a mass was going on. The priest's message had touched him so much. It told him not to give up ... and go on by his life.

He hadn't been at home since the last six months. Remy now finally decided to came back home, to the institute.

He was greeted in the institute the next next day by the woman herself that took his heart.


"Rogue..." he fell to his knees. "Please forgive me ... I can't live wit'out you ... I love you" Remy embraced her legs numb and bare. Realizing she was touchable and vulnerable...

"Remy ... Ah..." he can see her eyes filled with tears by the second. She sat down with him and by his happiness she reached out and embraced him.

Soon the truth was revealed that she was cured by some doctor. That she only lives with the X-Men since she has no other place to go.

Rogue had forgiven Remy for long, she felt the same way Remy did.

"An' soon ... after five months or so ... I gave her de most precious t'ing a man could give a woman..."

Clarissa was listening attentively still holding her beach ball.

"What is it daddy?"


"Oh mah Gawd...."

"Will you marry me Rogue?" Remy asked , placing out a precious 16 karat diamond ring from its case.

"Oh Remy ... Ah..." Rogue was quite speechless, but her smile assured Remy for her answer...

"Yes Remy ... Yes Ah would." she gleamed happily as her eyes gave out happy tears as she embraced Remy.

Remy was so happy, he'd been nervous for this moment, he thought she would reject him.

And they kissed ... and it was a priceless moment...

"Wow..." Clarissa finally let go of her beach ball as the breeze blew it away.

The sun was rising slowly, emitting a small light on the lonely beach. The father and daughter was the only thing alive in the beach. They are alone.

"An' de weddin' was fantastic, 't was my most happy experience in m' life..."

They finally kissed as large applause invited the new couple.

"I now announce you ... Mr. and Mrs. LeBeau" the priest joined in the applause and the celebration as Mystique, Rogue's foster mother shed a tear and Remy's foster father smiled proudly for his son.

Rogue's smile is as wide as the world as the couple received confettis from the X-Men and different spray stunts.

Jubilation Lee finally got the flowers as Samuel Guthrie got the garter. Everything was so happy then. Rogue gave a enlightening smile to Remy as he kissed again his new wife.

"An' as I told you befor' Clarice ... dis is de place where we had our honeymoon ... an' I felt though our footprints together were never swept away..."

A large wave crashed in the shore as it interrupted them.

Clarissa was silent, from her eyes Remy was sure she wanted him to continue.

Remy remembered quick where he last stop. "An' I remember when your mom got pregnant of you ... I was so happy. Your mother did de name Clarissa, since it sounded like an angel ... an' your second name Rose was named by me, since I think you are sweet as a rose an' it sounded like your mama's name."

"OWWWW!!!" Rogue cried painfully as she eased the extreme pain she was getting. She realized again it was hard being powerless since before she was nearly invulnerable.

"Push chere, don' worry Remy here ... Owww!" Remy groaned in pain as his right hand was squeezed tightly by his wife.

"OOOOOH....AAAGHHH!!!!" Rogue screamed.

Remy continued to run the film in the video camera he's holding in his left hand, now glancing at the doctors and the baby's coming out head.

"I see de head chere! I see it! push harder!!"

She finally gave out an ear piercing scream that she had been pouring all the pain to.

"Here comes the baby!" the lady doctor exclaimed. "It's an ... oh...." The doctor awed then as a loud cry came out of the scene.

Remy focused the camera on the baby, it's so small. It was cleaned then by the nurses and the umbilical cord then was cut and they wrapped it in a thick dark green blanket. The nurses handed the crying baby to the doctor.

"W-Wha-- Wha' happened ... where's mah baby...." Rogue called her voice soft and hoarse.

The doctor came to Rogue's place as Remy got it all in tape. "Congratulations Mrs. LeBeau, it's a healthy baby girl" The doctor handed her the baby as its noise slowly minimizes.

"Oh Dieu...." Remy faced the camera to the beautiful baby. Remy glanced at the doctor. "Pardonnez moi doc, can ya hold this cam for a while an' take a shot of us three"

"Of course, it will be my pleasure" The doctor accepted it as she focused it to the three.

"Oh mah Gawd she's so beautiful..." Rogue gushed as she handed it to Remy for a hold.

"She got your eyes chere..."

"An' your nose..." Rogue touched the baby's little hands. "Hi theah ya sweet li'l thing...."

Remy smiled proudly. "She will be Clarissa ... Clarissa Rose LeBeau"

"An' you came like a miracle..."

Clarissa smiled happily. "Am I noisy then?"

"Ha ha! yes ... but it's like a loud trumpet noise from heaven ... a gift of God is what you are Clarice" Remy faced Clarissa.

"Then ... what happened...." she asked.

Remy looked above the sky. Remembering the most bitter and painful part of his life...


"Rogue, chere, are you all right?"

Rogue grabbed her stomach and grimaced at Remy. "'t was nothin' sugah ... Ah'm hungry right now..."

One year has passed. Remy was holding Clarissa. "Are y' sure? you've been like dis last week, Remy gettin' worried now" Remy placed Clarissa in her crib.

"No ... Ah'm fine" Rogue smiled as she got the plates for lunch.

In the middle of the night Rogue woke up as her stomach came in extreme pain. She was moaning and groaning. Remy woke up as he found her on the floor ... unconscious.

He immediately rushed her to the hospital.

Next day she was fine she insisted. The doctor came in a very serious look.

"Mr. LeBeau ... please proceed in my office..."

Remy knew it was something bad all along. He finally got the tragic and sad news.

"She had cancer Mr. LeBeau ... it quickly spread in her body...

"W-What do ya mean?"

The doctor cleared her throat and sighed as she stood up and held his shoulders.

"It's too late Mr. LeBeau" Remy gave out a shock look. "She's dying...."

The quiet hospital corridors was interrupted with a loud cry.

"It's just ... It's just too soon..." Remy was soon crying as his daughter felt sadness and despair.

Remy sniffed and tears were flowing to his eyes. "It's just too painful ... out of despair ... I took your mama out here ... for her last day ... with you..."

The sun was setting soon. The red orange sky with a perfect pattern of clouds.


"What is it?" Remy glanced at Rogue lying in his arms.

She smiled. "Y' know ... Ah ain't afraid anymore"

The baby was just near her. One year old Clarissa is busy putting up sands.

"Wha-- What do ya mean?" Remy asked.

"Ah feel ... today is mah time ... this time..."

"No chere, not yet, not now!" Remy said alarmingly.

Rogue smiled at him. "T' pain's over Remy..." she glanced at little Clarissa as Rogue carried the child in her arms. Her eyes streaming with tears.

"Ah ... Ah'm happy ... since all mah dreams came true ... Ah'm contented wit' mah life..."

"Rogue, no, not yet, please...." Remy was crying softly.

"Ah love ya Remy ... tell Clarissa also that..." Rogue embraced her baby. "Hold me Remy ... for t' last time..."

Remy squeezed her as she slept peacefully, a smile on her face. Remy saw her life slowly swept away as it sank with the sun...

Remy bowed down, smiling. "At least ... I know she's happy" His tears falling in the sand.

Clarissa was crying also, she looked at the new sun up on the sky.

Remy stood up finally with Clarissa. He got the Queen of Hearts card, and threw it on the sea, as it swept away.

"Thank you Rogue" Remy squeezed Clarissa's hand. "For changin' my life ... forever..."


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