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In the Future

Stories by Southern Nightingale

"A Beach of Memories"
Many years in the future, Remy LeBeau sits at the beach and tells his daughter Clarissa about her mother.

"Foolish Hearts"
In a time when Rogue never left Mystique, Cody never went comatose, and Gambit had a kid with someone else before getting engaged to Belladonna, Rogue is brought to New Orleans by her old school chum Belle to solve the murder of one of Gambit's cousins. (Unfinished.)

"No Return, No Exchange"
A few years after the Trial, Rogue has established her own life in New York City as Georgia Smith, secretary and fiancee of millionaire Chris Rockefeller. Then a mysterious stranger comes to town in search of a job...


Web site: Tales from the South

Two years after the "trial," Rogue has left the X-Men to strike out on her own, winding up working for (and engaged to) billionaire Chris Rockefeller. Meanwhile, Gambit has returned to New York himself...

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight

Chapter Nine


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