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UXM #350 Aftermath

Stories by Jerilyn Winton

"Don't Look Back"
A 14-year-old tomboy named Rogue fights with her mother about going to school and wearing dresses, then is forced to run away because of her powers.

"A Dying Promise"
With Rogue dying, Gambit is forced to make a difficult promise to her.

"On the Side of Angels"
Gambit is welcomed back to the X-Men, and the magic of a song brings him back together with Rogue.


The mysterious man known as Remy LeBeau to some, Gambit to most sat in Harry's Hideaway in Salem Center. Weighing between two options. X-men or no X-men.

Only three months ago, Rogue left him in Antarctica to fend for himself. The trial hadn't been meant to tear only them apart. It had been meant to tear the X-men apart as a whole. It did. scott and Jean took a trip to Alaska. Betsy and Warren are staying at Warren's SoHo loft. While Sam headed down to Texas to meet up with Tabitha and X-force, The rest of the lot is currently at each-other's throat.

"Hey Remy! What c'n I get ya?" spoke Harry smiling, greeting his best customer.

"De works, Harry. De works. Wit' a glass of Coke on de side."

"Comin' right up, Remy."


Well LeBeau, what're ya gonna do? he thought. I wanna go back to de X-men, Dey be what change me in the first place. But Warren and Rogue,dey hate me. Warren's hate I can handle. But Rogue's?

Rogue. That one name brought so much pain to mind. From their first meeting, he had only meant it to be a challenge. But, it had become so much more. When she had been temporarily blinded by the mutant known as Strobe she had, involuntarily, been put in his care. At that very time it, she, the whole idea of love had become so clear to him. From the time they took the carriage ride through the park to the time they had together in Antarctica they had a passionate love for each other that couldn't be reached through a strictly,even partially, physical reltionship.

When the world was supposed to come to an end, they chose to act on something they never had: a simple, passionate kiss. And that would be what seemed the beginning of the end of their relationship. They were unlike any couple in the world. The reason? One he could never explain in a million years. But then again how do you explain a love for a woman you can never, really touch?

The bells on the door interupted his reflection. He glanced up to see a familiar figure glide across the floor.

"Remy? Is that you?" Ororo Munroe called from the door.

"In de flesh."

"I have missed you."

"One of the only, neh?"

"Of course not. I know a particular 'Southern Belle' who is beginning to show signs of regret for her actions."

"Am I welcome to come back, though?"

"Of course. You have proved yourself time and time again.Why not prove yourself a couple more times?"

"Why not, chere?"

It is settled then. Welcome back. Now if you will excuse me, I have to go order."

"Go ahead, chere."

When the orders came up Harry announced it was 'on the house' and spoke with them for a few minutes. After dinner and a hour and a half of conversation they headed for the mansion.

When they reached the school, Remy felt brokenhearted. This was his only home, and inside was the closest family he had ever had. And he had betrayed them. This wasn't the first time that he felt regret for one of his acts. This though,seemed to cost more that he could pay....

Rogue watched Ororo and Remy pull up in the driveway. She still could not beleive that he was back. She moved away from the window and to her bed. Ah still love him, she thought hugging her pillow, and after all that Ah have learned about him, Ah trust him. The tears began as she thought of Remy. He was the only person that could ever really touch her heart. They had cared for each other for, well, as long as she'd care to remember. She knew that she was wrong to blame him for the Mutant Massacre, he didn't know what he was doing. She had to tell him. One way or another.

Remy walked into the front room to see everyone gathered. He was greeted warmly by everyone. Even Marrow. He told them that he was tired and he wanted to rest. He was quite suprised to see that his room was furnished.

"Rogue suggested that we furnish your room, just in case." Storm was standing in the doorway.

"Speakin' o' her... Where is she?"

"She has not been feeling well so she is in her room."

"Yeah. Well I t'ink I be hittin' de sack. Right after a hot shower." He smiled.

"Goodnight then, Remy."

"'Night, Stormy."

"Do not call me that."

After his shower he returned to his room to see a CD player sitting on his bed. There was also a note attached to it. He was suprised by what it read.


I know that you have done some real bad stugg in your past. But I don't blame you. I am also sorry for leaving you in Antarctica. You have to realize though that I was torn between your thoughts and my own. Okay? I want you to listen to track 11 on this CD and if you are ready to move on with your life, meet me at our spot.

Rebecca Dawn Brewer

Rebeeca Dawn? So that be her real name, he thought pressing the selector to track 11.

I've never been so certain.
I've never been so sure
We're on the side of angels.
If we believe this love is pure.
It's so hard to trust it,
'cause we've been wrong before.
There comes a time in every life
you find the heart you're waiting for.

The song seemed to match his feelings perfectly. He knew then, she really loved him.

After all the might have been's
there comes a distant call.
After all the try again's
Don't be afraid to fall.
We're on the side of angels after all.

He ran out to the tree where they would talk for hours at a time, but she wasn't there. Then as if someone was mentally willing him to, he looked up to the roof of the school and there she was.

Every time you touch me
don't you feel it too?
The dance of heaven's guiding eyes.
You to me, me to you.

When he reached the roof he was out of breath and his eyes full of tears. He moved to her to see that she too was crying.

"Remy, Ah..Ah.."

"Shhhhh. I am sorry chere an' I forgive ya. I love you wit' all my heart."

He pulled off the his duster and began to put it around her shoulders, but she stopped him. She moved her hand up his arm and then, put her arm on his cheek feeling the stubble of his beard.


"Shhhh...," she hushed him.

She pulled herself to him.He gently put his arms around her and pulled her into a passionate kiss that he thought they'd never share.

Heaven only knows why this took so long.
But only Heaven knows if love is right or wrong.

After what seemed an eternity they pulled away from one another.

"Remy, Ah think we need ta talk."

"Everything is gonna be all right chere. I promise," He smiled at the look on her face at the sound of those words.

"Ah trust ya, Remy." It was his turn to be shocked.


"Ah trust ya. An' Ah love you , Remy LeBeau."

"Chere, thank you. I love you, too. Rebecca Dawn Brewer. An' I wanna be wit' you for de rest of my life. But do you wanna be wit' me?" He said lifting her chin so he could staare into those Scarlett O'Hara green eyes.

"Ah do," she said pulling herself against him once again. She had thought she would tell a man those words. They once again pulled into another passionate kiss.

After all the might have beens
there comes a distant call.
After all the try agains,
don't be afraid to fall.
We're on the side of angels,
On the side of angels.
On the side of angels after all.


The End


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