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Fan-fiction in this archive is organized by how it falls in mainstream X-Men continuity.

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Aftermath of Uncanny X-Men #350
Stories taking place almost immediately after Gambit's "Trial" in Antarctica and the X-Men's return to the mansion.

"Too Late"
by Christine Demerath

Rogue frantically tries to find Gambit in Antarctica.

by StarSpirit

Just after the Trial, Rogue goes back into the snowy depths of Antarctica to rescue Gambit.

"Quietly Falls the Snow"
by KazeRogue

Rogue races to find Gambit in the Antarctic cold, but it may be too late.

by K-Nice

Rogue tries to see only what she wants to see when she goes back for Remy.

"Just in Time for Christmas"
by Northlight

Gambit is rescued in Antarctica -- by Santa Claus?

by Link

Rogue spends a quiet afternoon with Cyclops as he recuperates from Bastion's nanobomb.

"Breakfast Imbroglio"
by Link

The follow-up to "Stomachache." Wolverine and Iceman face off at breakfast.

"Through a Mirror Clear"
by Alyson Hurt

As Rogue tries to deal with (or ignore) the aftermath of her decision to leave Gambit in Antarctica, she also has to convince herself that she's not going insane.
(Unfinished. Warning: Mature themes, physical and psychological violence.)

"Always Coming Home"
by RogueStar

Gambit finds his way back to the Mansion...and asks for a retrial.

"Mending Fences"
by RogueStar

The sequel to "Always Coming Home." Rogue and Gambit both suffer through reminders that neither of them can escape their pasts.

"Cigarettes Will Kill You"
by Amanda Sichter

Gambit explains to Rogue how he escaped Antarctica.

"Civil War"
by A Spawn's Kid

All the built-up tension comes to a head as the X-Men confront each other about their feelings regarding recent events -- especially Rogue's abandonment of Gambit in Antarctica.

by Syvan Coyne

Raw tensions come out in the open and Rogue learns something about herself when Logan stages a Danger Room exercise that pits the X-Men against each other.

"Divine Retribution"
by K-Nice

When Storm learns of Rogue's abandonment of Gambit, she avenges her friend's death in an unconventional way.

by Onyx

Rogue is confronted by the ghosts of those she has absorbed, and realizes the truth behind their anger at her.

"Guardian Angels and the Keys of Music"
by Raven Adams

Given a proverbial "kick to the head" by the magic strains of a song, Rogue and Angel return to Antarctica to rescue Gambit and make peace with themselves.

"Keeping it in the Family"
by Rhona Louise Highet

A series of stories in which Sinister finds out he's Rogue's father, among other disasters.

"On the Side of Angels"
by Jerilyn Winton

Gambit is welcomed back to the X-Men, and the magic of a song brings him back together with Rogue.

by JenX

Rogue deals with her feelings of guilt and loneliness during sleepless nights.

by Northlight

Sitting on the roof, Rogue looks back on what really happened in Antarctica as she tries to avoid the other X-Men.

"The Rose"
by Kitty

Listening to a song forces Rogue to face her inner demons.

by Northlight

A woman named Lindsey, with the unique power of appearing to be whoever someone else wants them to be, meets a frantic woman on the street and walks into another case of mistaken identity.

by RogueStar and Faith Barnett

Just after the Trial of UXM 350, the various X-Men try to get on with their lives.

"Turning Point"
by Syvan Coyne

As Gambit fights to survive Mr. Sinister and the Antarctic cold, Wolverine, Rogue, and Cannonball mount a rescue effort.

"Love Affairs Are Horrible"
by Dandelion

Pete Wisdom and Remy LeBeau meet by chance at a bar in Casablanca and commiserate on their failed relationships.

"Love and Pain"
by Northlight

Stuck in the "waiting room" between appearances in their respective series, Gambit and Angel (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) compare notes on their respective problems.

"Reunions and Other Troubles"
by Northlight

The sequel to Love and Pain, Gambit and Angel escape from Limbo and are reunited with their respective love interests.

"A Test of Power"
by DR

Mutants across the globe are drawn into a massive power struggle between Apocalypse and Mr. Sinister.

"You're Gone"
by Maigen Green

Based on the Diamond Rio song of the same name, a lonely, bitter Gambit hears a certain song played as he drinks alone at a bar.


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