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Fan-fiction in this archive is organized by how it falls in mainstream X-Men continuity.

Childhood and the past
The Claremont era
Post-Claremont reality
Aftermath of X-Men #45
After the Trial of Gambit
Circa Sauron's UXM 353 visit
After Gambit's return
After Claremont's return
In the future...
Alternate realities
X-Men: The Movie
Other stories - funny
Other stories - serious
Stories not directly related to Rogue

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Not Rogue-Related
Stories that have nothing to do with Rogue, dealing with characters from other comic books or from TCP stories.

"Armageddon Postponed until Later"
by Dyce

After His seventh day of rest, God surveys the world he has created and asks -- "Just what the hell happened here?"

by JenX

Not intended as a Rogue story, per se, but fans of Rogue may find the sentiments conveyed here somewhat familiar.

"Dealing with the Devil"
by Amanda Sichter

Gambit, trapped in Hell, tries to win back his soul in a blackjack match with the Devil himself.

by Sabia Cordero

Everything is turned upside down and inside out when the X-Men meet the eccentrics of Bloom County.

"The Mother of All Retcons"
by Alara Rogers

When Polaris and Havok have a baby, the Summers family tree gets a whole lot more complicated.

"Point of No Return"
by Tilman Stieve

A very short "between the panels story" set after Amazing Spider-Man #149, in which Mary Jane Watson reflects on her relationship with Peter Parker.
(Warning: Sexual references.)

"Before the Plunge"
by Tilman Stieve

Mary Jane writes to her mother about current events and her relationship with Peter. Sequel to Point of No Return.

"Tug o' War"
by Dandelion

Heaven and Hell battle for the soul of Magneto. Very funny.

"What You Know Can Hurt You"
by Poi Lass

This one both is and isn't a Rogue story. A prose-style poem about a mutant that has just discovered his/her powers.

"White Ford Escort"
by Dr. Benway

Kitty Pryde and Pete Wisdom investigate a grisly death in England. A well done piece.
(Warning: Strong language and implied graphic violence)


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