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Fan-fiction in this archive is organized by how it falls in mainstream X-Men continuity.

Childhood and the past
The Claremont era
Post-Claremont reality
Aftermath of X-Men #45
After the Trial of Gambit
Circa Sauron's UXM 353 visit
After Gambit's return
After Claremont's return
In the future...
Alternate realities
X-Men: The Movie
Other stories - funny
Other stories - serious
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The Claremont Era
Stories taking place during the time span of Chris Claremont's run on "Uncanny X-Men," roughly UXM 96-280.

"Cries in the Night"
by Lomas

Mystique comforts her foster daughter during a painful nightmare.

"Hungry for Your Touch"
by Amanda Sichter

Before she absorbed Ms. Marvel and gained a second personality, Rogue's attitude toward her powers may have been very different.

by K-Nice

Rogue accompanies Mystique on a stealth mission. Written for Em's 350-word challenge.

"Rogue: Day One"
by John Kress

Enter Rogue's head as she makes the decision to go to Charles Xavier for help in UXM #171, and then deals with the reactions of the various X-Men.

by Dr. Benway

Just after the X-Men's return from the Secret Wars, but before Peter's break-up with Kitty in UXM #183, Rogue stops by for a chat with Kitty, and it turns into a bonding experience for them both.

"Fortress around Your Heart"
by Sorceror

When the ever-adaptable Nimrod follows Rachel from the future to the present, the X-Men find help in their battle from all quarters, from Magneto to a new character, Gregory Holland, aka Fortress. Takes place circa Uncanny X-Men #190.

by Alara Rogers.

Sometime betwen UXM #196 & 199. Kitty Pryde and Magneto discuss old habits and rye bread. One brief mention of Rogue, and a great scene with Nightcrawler.

"A Song of the Valkyrior"
by Tilman Stieve

222 lines of verse that retell the events in New Mutants Special Editon #1 and Uncanny X-Men Annual #9 from multiple perspectives.

by Dr. Benway

Much has been made of Rogue's experience in Genosha circa UXM #236, where she was stripped of her powers and manhandled by the guards, although there's still some debate as to just what happened between the panels. Benway tries to fill in the blanks in a very dark, ugly, psychological tale.
(Warning: Mature language, situations.)

by Latex

After the trauma of Inferno, Rogue and Havok commiserate on the failures in their lives.

"Midnight Sun"
by Tilman Stieve

A between-the-panels tale of Rogue and Magneto during their time in the Savage Land, circa UXM 269-275.
(Warning: Sexual content)

"The Briar Patch"
by RogueStar

A dark, thorny look at how Rogue might internally view her powers. Takes place after Rogue's emergence from the Siege Perilous, but before she began her relationship with Gambit.


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