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Fan-fiction in this archive is organized by how it falls in mainstream X-Men continuity.

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Aftermath of X-Men #45
After the Trial of Gambit
Circa Sauron's UXM 353 visit
After Gambit's return
After Claremont's return
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Stories by Acetal

"Who Wears the Pants?"
What if Rogue was the third Summers brother?


Stories by Raven Adams

"Bad Fan-Fiction (or An X-Men Story, I Think)"
Slim Cyke, private eye, gets a very ... special ... case.

"More Bad Fan-Fiction (or Just Who the Heck is Worf?)"
written with Shera Crawler 007
The sequel to "Bad Fan-Fiction," this is an X-Men/Star Trek:TNG crossover. The product of two very sick minds.

"Darkness Surrounding"
In a world where the X-Men never were, the lives of those we know took very different turns, with changes ranging from Rogue as First Lady to Gambit as homicide cop to Magneto as US president. (Unfinished; Warning: Violence.)

"Guardian Angels and the Keys of Music"
Given a proverbial "kick to the head" by the magic strains of a song, Rogue and Angel return to Antarctica to rescue Gambit and make peace with themselves.

"The Sun Will Shine Again"
Before Gambit joined the X-Men, he had a daughter. She was taken from him by a sinister woman and given to an even more Sinister man. Held captive in a dark place without her family, Lizzie LeBeau, with the help of a boy named Deven and a giant without a name, realizes that through it all she will see the sun again.

"Late Night Fear"
Remy and Scott run into each other during their babies' late-night feeding time, and they begin to talk about the troubles and joys of their lives. This story takes place a few years after the events in "The Sun Will Shine Again."


Web site: Raven and Cait's Fan-Fic World

Stories by Andraste

"Mixed Feelings"
Troubled by nightmares from Magneto's past, Rogue has a late-night talk with Professor Xavier.


Stories by Kate Andrews

"Character Traits"
After absorbing Wolverine, Rogue has to fight her newfound attraction to Jean Grey, as well as Logan's other character traits.


Web site: X-Men: The Movie Fan Fic Central, Idontwannawait's Fan-Fiction Page

Stories by Ascian

"Feel All Right"
Logan and Rogue spend some quality time together.

Elsewhere on Alykat's World

"Longest Night"
When Hank and Cecilia are kidnapped from a medical conference, it is up to Gambit and Marrow to rescue them.
(at Stars & Garters)

"X-Men #75"
Beast apologizes to Cecilia for allowing her to get caught up in the N'Garai attack in X-Men #75 -- as well as for the skimpy costume.
(at Stars & Garters)


Web site: The Wolverine and Jubilee Page

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Stories by babeeblue_angel

"Nothing's Changed"
It hurts Wolverine to see Rogue in pain after her breakup with Gambit, but when he decides to intervene, he realizes that Rogue isn't the only one who's hurting.


Stories by Faith Barnett

"Growing Up"
Rogue and Gambit face up to their problems and begin to accept each other -- and themselves.

written with RogueStar
Just after the Trial of UXM 350, the various X-Men try to get on with their lives. (Unfinished.)


Faith is president of the Gambit Guild, a Gambit-centric discussion list.

Stories by Belle Bayard

"Rogue's Gambit"
Gambit's determined to do something to help Rogue control her powers. His motives are mixed, as are the results, with unexpected twist of events following their contact. (Unfinished.)


Web site: Belle Bayard's Bayou

Stories by RV Bemis

"All's Fair"
Sekhmet Conoway, Gambit's new lover, explains why Rogue lost Remy. A fanfic response to the sillyfic "Sek, Lies and Videotape" by RogueStar and Keri Wilson.


Stories by Dr. Benway

Much has been made of Rogue's experience in Genosha circa UXM #236, where she was stripped of her powers and manhandled by the guards, although there's still some debate as to just what happened between the panels. Benway tries to fill in the blanks in a very dark, ugly, psychological tale. (Warning: Mature language, situations.)

Just after the X-Men's return from the Secret Wars, but before Peter's break-up with Kitty in UXM #183, Rogue stops by for a chat with Kitty, and it turns into a bonding experience for them both.

"White Ford Escort"
Kitty Pryde and Pete Wisdom investigate a grisly death in England. (Warning: Language and implied graphic violence)


Stories by Danae Bowen

"Human No More"
Rogue slowly dies of a progressive illness that strips her of her powers and then her health.


Stories by Kate Bolin

Rogue comes to the conclusion that she's gay, but no one will believe her.

"Memory Sense"
Rogue and Professor Xavier have a late night conversation about memories.
(Warning: Some slashy discussion.)

"Road Trippin'"
Bobby accompanies Rogue on a post-graduation road trip to Alaska to find Logan.
(Warning: Some sexuality.)


Web site: The Pearl

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Stories by Cara

"A Special Day"
Gambit decides to give each of the X-Men a special gift. A remarkable story by an up-and-coming four-year-old writer.


Stories by Sabia Cordero

Everything is turned upside down and inside out when the X-Men meet the eccentrics of Bloom County.


Web site: Point and Edge

Stories by Syvan Coyne

Rogue's "death" during Professor Xavier's loyalty test (of UXM #375) forces Rogue and Gambit to re-evaluate their relationship. Meanwhile, the team must also deal with the rift among them caused by Xavier's test. (Unfinished.)

Raw tensions come out in the open and Rogue learns something about herself when Logan stages a Danger Room exercise that pits the X-Men against each other.

"Turning Point"
As Gambit fights to survive Mr. Sinister and the Antarctic cold, Wolverine, Rogue, and Cannonball mount a rescue effort. (Unfinished.)


Web site: Rogue and Romance

Stories by Shera Crawler 007

"Doobie Doobie Do"
Wolverine receives a visit from the evil BudIce penguin.

"More Bad Fan-Fiction (or Just Who the Heck is Worf?)"
written with Raven Adams
The sequel to "Bad Fan-Fiction," this is an X-Men/Star Trek:TNG crossover. The product of two very sick minds.

"And You Thought Being a Woman Was Fun?"
Rogue tries for a "Girls' Night Out" with Storm and Jean, and it's a downhill ride from there...

Elsewhere on Alykat's World

"Wave Goodbye to Sanity"
Bobby agonizes over calling up a man to ask for a date. Slash.
(at (un)frozen)

"And Time Marches On"
Bobby awakens in someone elses bed, and tries to push away the implications of the previous night. Slash. (sequel to "Wave Goodbye to Sanity")
(at (un)frozen)


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Stories by Phillippa DaCosta

"A Shiver in the Shadows"
When stalked by a shadow, Rogue wonders whether she's still in control of her life and soon discovers things aren't quite what they seem. The shadow, becomes more than a chance meeting, but a fight for survival against a brutal killer.

"Two Sides of a Different Coin"
A chance meeting? Or perhaps something more sinister. A shared glance Rogue may wish she hadn't challenged.


Stories by Dandelion

"Love Affairs Are Horrible"
Pete Wisdom and Remy LeBeau meet by chance at a bar in Casablanca and commiserate on their failed relationships.

After being knocked out of his hoverchair for the bajillionth time in a row by a baddie, Charles Xavier goes to Forge for some help.

"Tug o' War"
Heaven and Hell battle for the soul of Magneto in a game show-like setting hosted by Isis and Anubis.


Stories by Dark Mark

"A Prize for Three Empires"
Carol Danvers becomes Ms. Marvel, then Binary, then Warbird -- and suffers all the physical and emotional pain of being one of comicdom's most traumatised superheroes. (Unfinished.)

elsewhere in Alykat's World:

"The Iceman Goeth"
After being recruited by Cyclops and Professor Xavier for the X-Men, Bobby spends a long night pondering the opportunity -- and learning a bit about his new teammate Scott.
(at (un)frozen)

"Bobby and Hank Say, "Farewell, New York", and Other Things"
A wedding occurs, and the Beast and Iceman have a last blast at the Coffee A Go Go in Greenwich Village, and then some... Part of the X-Men 1970 series.
(at (un)frozen) and Stars & Garters


Web site: Dark Mark's Domain, Comics Indexing Domain

Mailing list: darkmark_fanfic

Stories by Kylie Davis

"How Long Will It Last?"
Takes place after the Viper storyline in Wolverine #125-129. Logan has to face his teammates and share the news of his marriage.


Stories by Christine Demerath

"Too Late"
Rogue frantically tries to find Gambit in Antarctica.


Web site: Absolute X

Stories written by Diamonde

"Could've Been Worse"
When Gambit shatters his knee, permenantly damaging it, he has to cope with his loss of mobility. Written for Kaylee's Disability Challenge.

"Little Words, Big Lies"
When Magnus breaks up with Rogue, he tries his hardest to deny that the separation bothers him.

"Red Skies"
Magneto and Rogue watch a sunset over Genosha's Hammer Bay, and Magnus explains to Rogue what the red skies mean to him -- and why he must take action in Genosha. Takes place during the Magneto Rex miniseries.

elsewhere in Alykat's World:

"A Little Faith"
Bobby reaches out to a grieving Cable after Cyclops' death.
(at (un)frozen)


Web site: Peeing in the Jean Pool

Stories by DR

"A Test of Power"
Mutants across the globe are drawn into a massive power struggle between Apocalypse and Mr. Sinister. Unfinished.


Stories by Dyce

"Armageddon Postponed until Later"
After His seventh day of rest, God surveys the world He has created and asks -- "Just what the hell happened here?"

"Dispensing the Shopping"
After doing a shopping run for the team, Scott distributes the resulting packages.

"Falling in Love for the First Time"
Beast helps Marie determine the root of her inability to control her powers. Movieverse.

"Falling in Love Again"
Logan falls in love. Movieverse. (Sequel to "Falling in Love for the First Time")

"Teabag Trauma"
Kitty introduces Pete Wisdom to the rest of the X-Men -- as her husband. Part of a larger series.

elsewhere in Alykat's World:

"Bobby's Rebellion"
A short poem describing a young Bobby's attempt at freedom during the early days of the X-Men.
(at (un)frozen)

"A Certain Face"
Two parts Hank, one part Shakespeare. Poetry.
(at Stars & Garters)

"A Friend, Sleeping"
As he carries a sleeping Bobby upstairs, Hank ponders how someone so seemingly mirthful could be so lonely and sad.
(at (un)frozen)

"Gone, but Not Forgotten"
Shortly after learning of Bastion's kidnapping of Jubilee, Bobby calls Emma up to see how things are. Part of a larger series.
(at (un)frozen)

"I Do Not Love Thee, Mr. Twinkie"
An ode to unhealthy snack foods.
(at Stars & Garters)

"A Homely Touch"
It's true love for Hank and the other X-Men when Sally moves in and begins to take care of them all.
(at (un)frozen and Stars & Garters)

"The Road Not Travelled"
When he and Bobby visit a Greek cafe, Hank marvels that this is the first time he's gone someplace in full furry glory and hasn't been stared at. (An alter-universe companion to "A Homely Touch")
(at (un)frozen and Stars & Garters)

"A Long and Winding Road"
After months of weekly visits to her family's restaurant, Hank agonizes over whether he should ask Sally out. (Sequel to "The Road Not Travelled")
(at (un)frozen and Stars & Garters)

"The Lecture"
Hank puts on his sternest face to deliver a lecture about the dangers of ill-timed pranks.
(at (un)frozen and Stars & Garters)

"Magic Breakfast"
Hank marvels at some of the "strange" happenings that occur at everyday X-Men breakfasts.
(at Stars & Garters)

"Making the Call"
Hank calls Cecilia to tell her something important.
(at Stars & Garters)

"The No Story"
Hank and Cecilia try their hardest to ignore their attraction to each other.
(at Stars & Garters)

"Not a Creature Was Stirring"
Christmastime has come, and the X-Babies, under the direction of baby Hank, have come up with a plan to keep the Brotherhood of Mutant Bullies from stealing their presents this year.
(at Stars & Garters and The Danger Playpen)

"The Oath"
Hank expresses his sorrow and grief over Bobby's death. Poetry. A sequel of sorts to "First, Do No Harm" by Poi Lass.
(at (un)frozen and Stars & Garters)

"Such Sweet Sorrow"
Bobby upgrades from his old computer to a newer, more powerful machine. He doesn't take the change very well. Sillyfic.
(at (un)frozen)

Driving at night on a secluded road, Bobby considers doing something rash, then decides against it.
(at (un)frozen and Stars & Garters)


Web site: Dyce's Corner

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Stories by Elizabeth

Rogue learns that some people have reason to hate mutants.


Web site: Fic-O-Rama

Stories by Enyo

"Casting Stones"
As Gambit struggles to find his own place within the X-Men, he also ponders the mystery of The Guardian, a shadowy new member of the Mutant Underground -- and once, the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. (Unfinished.)


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Stories by Fairlight

"The Uninvited"
Rogue and Gambit have an unexpected visitor at their daughter's fifth birthday party.


Stories by Freeverse

Rogue dies in battle, leaving her teammates and loved ones to pick up the pieces.


Stories by Frito

"The X-Men on 'Space Ghost Coast to Coast'"
Zorak decides he wants to attend the Xavier Institute for Higher Education.


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Stories by Galaxia Alpha

"Chasing the Rainbow"
Rogue spends a quiet moment of peace in the sky.


Web site: Shades of X

Stories by Maigen Green

"That Ol' Wind"
Based on the Garth Brooks song of the same name, this story reunites a mother named Sarah and a country singer named Remy ten years after their unforgettable first meeting.

"You're Gone"
Based on the Diamond Rio song of the same name, a lonely, bitter Gambit hears a certain song played as he drinks alone at a bar.


Stories by Kerri Gruver

Kerri's stories take place in a pocket universe including the original character Charlotte, who over the course of the series dates, then marries, Wolverine.

"Decisions, Decisions"
The X-Men battle over deciding on an after-dinner activity.

The Eavesdropper Series
"Seeing Is Believing (or, Eavesdroppers Never 'Get Laid')" -- Cyclops eavesdrops on an ... interesting ... conversation among the X-Women.
"So What Did You Hear?" -- Sam accidentally overhears an ... interesting ... conversation between Bobby and Charlotte, and later including some of the other X-Men.
"Can't Do It Alone, or So I Heard" -- Bishop overhears a potentially ... compromising conversation between Gambit and Logan.

"Never Send a Man"
The X-Women send Logan out to get some food for their hen party, but he mixes up the order.

"The Night Before the Last Night"
When the X-Women take Charlotte out for her bachelorette party, things get wild.

"An Unexpected Passion"
One of the X-Women discovers feelings she never knew she had for one of her teammates.

"Why Stay Home on a Saturday Night?"
When the guys won't go with their "girls" to a posh gala event, the women take matters into their own hands -- and find their own dates.

elsewhere in Alykat's World:

"Chocolate Cakes and Piggy Banks"
Bobby has evil thoughts as he helps Logan and Gambit's daughters bake their fathers a cake -- and must pay for his mischief. In the future. Sillyfic.
(at (un)frozen)

"Encounter in the Park"
A mild-mannered Southern California woman meets Hank and Bobby at Magic Mountain. Self-insertion.
(at (un)frozen and Stars & Garters)

"A Gesture of Love"
Charlotte finds herself the latest target of Bobby's pranks when she decides to sunbathe in the nude. Bobby doesn't make an appearance, but his ... er ... handiwork does.
(at (un)frozen)

"Freeze Frame"
Bobby gets a taste of his own medicine after his prank on Charlotte. Part of a larger series.
(Sequel to "A Gesture of Love")
(at (un)frozen)

"The Last Piece"
Bobby and Charlotte fight over the last piece of pie in the refrigerator, and Bobby tries to ignore her comments about his teammates' sex lives. Sillyfic.
(at (un)frozen)

"Wrong Place, Worse Time"
Bobby and Charlotte's outing with the GenX kids turns into a run-in with the FOH.
(at (un)frozen)


Web site: Zerelda X Fan-Fiction

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Stories by Harper

"A Man in the Garden"
A talk with a man at Mystique's funeral leads Nightcrawler to reconsider his relationship with his "mother."


Stories by Rhona Highet

"Keeping It in the Family"
A series of stories in which Sinister finds out he's Rogue's father, among other disasters.
"Having a Bad Day" - Mr. Sinister finds out about the family he never knew he had. But this isn't the Sinister we know: Think Sinister on drugs. A lot of drugs. (Warning: Some language, sexual references)
"If the Last Day Was Bad" - Sinister's home is invaded by women. (Warning: Some language, sexual references)
"Sinister, Live on Frasier" - Sinister seeks advice from a certain famous radio psychiatrist. (Warning: Some language, sexual references)
"A New Arrial" - The Essex/Darkholme clan adds a new member -- and it's not a new baby!
"Remy's Return" - Gambit finally comes back, only to learn the real truth about Rogue's past -- and his own future.
"Dear Santa" - Rogue writes her annual Christmas letter to Santa Claus and reflects on the changes in her life over the past year.
"Uncle's Day - Sinister muses on everything from Women's Lib to parenthood to household visitors.
"Thursday's Child - After losing Kes, Sinister spends years watching their daughter Rogue from afar.


Web site: Rhona's World

Stories by Alykat

"Self Seeking"
Takes place during Rogue and Iceman's road trip, circa XM 42-45. While Rogue battles her inner demons, Bobby tries to deal with his own. From Bobby's point of view.

"Through a Mirror Clear"
As Rogue tries to deal with (or ignore) the aftermath of her decision to leave Gambit in Antarctica, she also has to convince herself that she's not going insane. (Unfinished.)

"White Picket Fences"
Rogue and Gambit finally get married -- only to find that "happily ever after" isn't all it's cut out to be.

elsewhere in Alykat's World:

Bobby's father, William Drake, is forced to confront his own prejudice. (at (un)frozen)

"Norman Rockwell"
Bobby compares his family life and the holidays to the "ideals" set forth in Rockwell's paintings.(at (un)frozen)


Websites: Down-Home Charm, (un)frozen, Stars and Garters and the Danger Playpen

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Stories by Indigo

"The Last Bug Hunt"
Tragedy befalls Nightcrawler and Rogue when they take a vacation to Hawaii together and run into the Brood.

Sinister and the Marauders try to atone for their past crimes -- through housecleaning.

"Recipe for a Really Bad Day"
Takes place sometime after the X-Men's battle with Alpha Flight in UXM 355. Scott takes the PMS-striken Rogue, Jean and Psylocke to the DMV to renew their drivers' licenses.

"A Rose by Any Other Name"
Rogue calls a team meeting to finally reveal her real name.

A number of poems written by the prolific fanficstress about the skunk-striped maiden.

elsewhere in Alykat's World:

The World is a Playground
When the Avengers get involved with the satellite launch of X-Men #80, something goes wrong, reverting all the X-Men back to childhood.
(at The Danger Playpen)

"The Race"
The Hellfire Club, Xavier's and the Massachusetts Academy all vie for the right to contact a mutant whose powers have just manifested, and Bobby and Emma, leaders of two of those contingents, explore some unresolved issues.
(at (un)frozen)


Web site:

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Stories by Jaelle and Orla

The Rogue and Joseph Saga
"A Match Made..." - Joseph and Rogue travel to New York in her VW Bug, only to meet up with assorted X-Men and Avengers.
"Don't Feed Her After Midnight" - Joseph is taking Rogue out on a date, and Gambit advises him to take her to a special restaurant.
"The Clothes Maketh the Mutant" - Disgusted by his current wardrobe, Rogue takes an unwilling Joseph shopping.
"Ring the Bells and Throw the Rice" - Joseph pops the question, and the couple plans for their wedding as pandemonium sets in at the mansion.

"Age of Apocalypse: Bundle of Joy"
Magneto is all set to launch his all-out attack against Apocalypse -- and Rogue's expecting a baby.

"Gambit's Reasons Why Rogue Can't Marry Magneto"
A short dialogue between Gambit and Rogue. The title says it all.

"Rogue 1/2: Scent of a Mutant"
A crossover of sorts with the anime series "Ranma 1/2." Rogue falls into a mysterious spring and emerges as a skunk. The story sorta kinda has some basis in continuity. Sort of. Read it -- You'll laugh. A lot.

"A Short (and Somewhat Innacurate) History of the X-Men"
by Jaelle
The GenX kids, led by Jubilee, lead a hilariously skewed version of the X-Men's history.

"Too Many Alternative Futures (or, Mom, I Married an X-Man)"
The Summers family tree gets a whole lot bigger. It's wild. It's wacky. And it makes waaaaay too much sense.

Jaelle -
Orla -

Website: Insane Musings

Stories by JenX

Not intended as a Rogue story, per se, but fans of Rogue may find the sentiments conveyed here somewhat familiar.

Rogue deals with her feelings of guilt and loneliness during sleepless nights.


Web site: JenX's Archive

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Stories by Kali

"Reflections of Easter Past"
Rogue visits Destiny's grave at Eastertime and thinks back to what she, Destiny and Mystique used to do for the Easter holiday when she was a child.


Stories by Kassia

"For Old Time's Sake"
With Psylocke near death, Rogue and Angel fly to Britain to pay their respects to her family.

Elsewhere on Alykat's World

"Break Through"
Bobby is held prisoner in a fortress run by one of the X-Men's worst enemies.
(at (un)frozen)

"A Talent for Reality"
Lydia Hawk has lived in the Danger Room for years, observing the movements of the X-Men. And only Bobby can see her.

"Something Like Closure"
Bobby does some digging and unearths Lydia's true origins. (sequel to "A Talent for Reality")


Stories by Kaylee

"The Adventures of GOD"
with Poi Lass
GOD joins the X-Men. 'Nuff said. (Unfinished.)

elsewhere in Alykat's World:

"Kinda Mooks"
When Remy returns from the Antarctic cold, Bobby is the only person who will talk to him as a regular person. Their friendship quickly becomes something more. Slash. (quickly becoming a universe unto itself. some language, mature themes)
(at (un)frozen)


Websites: Crime Alley, The Dracoverse, Mooksville, Earth, Quite Possibly Poi

Stories by KazeRogue

"Beat Me Out of Myself"
Rogue fights against her biggest critic and worst foe -- herself.

"Child of Death"
A troubled street rat learns that he may be the key to overthrowing a despotic overlord. (Unfinished.)

"Gamble of Life"
Is reality fixed, or can it be replaced, changed? Is the future destined to happen or is it what we fight for? When life deals you your cards, do you play them without resistance, or do you dare to gamble...? (Unfinished.)

"On the Beat"
written with KazeRogue
Rogue is Detective Alexandra Thorne of the NYPD, on the trail of a mysterious jewel thief... (Unfinished.)

"Out of Control"
Still in an awkward post-breakup time, Rogue and Gambit have it out with each other.

"Quietly Falls the Snow"
Rogue races to find Gambit in the Antarctic cold, but it may be too late.

"Seals of Power"
written with Michi-Chan
When her father is killed by a highwayman and his band of thieves, a spunky young woman named Jacqueline vows revenge. (Unfinished.)


Mailing List: Cards and Gloves

Stories by Nicole Kes

"Please Come Home for Christmas"
Rogue tries to make the most of her Christmas despite her disappointment over Gambit's moodiness and avoiding of her.


Web site: Steel Magnolia

Stories by Kielle

"Le Coquin Malchanceux"
Poetry. Kielle maintains this is her only contribution to the "Gambit-is-a-love-god" genre.

"Don't Go There"
Rogue tries to help "Skids" Blevins as she deals with Rusty Collins' death (in X-Men #43), with questionable success. (Warning: Some strong language, hints at mature themes)

"It Works!"
Jean, Iceman and Rogue gather to do a MiSTing of one of those oh-so-annoying "get rich quick" e-mail spams.

"The Persistence of Memory"
Rogue agonizes over the aftermath of her last battle with the X-Men. Takes place a few years after the movie.

On April Fools Day, Gambit decides to come clean with his feelings about Rogue and Joseph.

Rogue reveals to Gambit a secret of her own. The sequel to "Resolution."

elsewhere in Alykat's World:

"Midnight Showing, Fifth Row Back"
Bobby's exuberantly vocal enthusiasm for 'Star Wars: Episode I' grates on his fellow moviegoers at the movie's first midnight screening, especially Kai and Logan. Sillyfic.
(at (un)frozen)


Websistes: CFAN, Blood in the Gutter, The Wildways, The Mary Sue Society, Subreality, The Subreality Warehouse and The Fan-Fiction Yellow Ribbon Campaign

Stories by Loni Kingrey

"The Girl in the Mirror"
Rogue tries to escape from the torments of her young life by visiting a special friend.

"There's a Mutant Under My Bed!"
Remy starts a fight with Joseph after Joseph claims to have slept with Rogue. Much silliness ensues.


Websites: Sugah and Spice: The Archive

Stories by Kitsune

"Renaissance Dreams"
Bobby struggles with his jealousy of Gambit over Rogue, and a song at the Renaissance Fair takes him back to the Revolutionary War era, where he makes an important decision.


Stories by Kitty

"The Rose"
Listening to a song forces Rogue to face her inner demons.


Stories by K-Nice

"And the Walls Came a'Tumblin' Down"
Remy catches Rogue in the midst of one of her more self-pitying moods and invites her along on one of his late-night partying jaunts to New York City.
"Get Some"
Rogue and Gambit play Bonnie and Clyde.
(Some sexual innuendo)
"So Fast"
Rogue and Gambit experience the pain, disorientation and fear of a major life-changing event.
17 years after the events in "...Walls...," Rogue and Gambit, now happily married and with children, reconsider what their happiness really means.
"Pro Veneratio"
Rogue and Gambit mourn the loss of someone dear.

"And Then I Remembered..."
Belladonna returns to Salem Center to make her peace with Gambit.

"Blood and Bone"
NYPD detectives Remy LeBeau and Ororo Munroe investigate a horrific string of rape/murders that hit closer to home than any of them realizes.

"Crown of Roses, Crown of Thorns"
After being stripped of their powers by the High Evolutionary, Rogue and Gambit meet at a bar and rehash old arguments and scars.

"Divine Retribution"
When Storm learns of Rogue's abandonment of Gambit, she avenges her friend's death in an unconventional way.

"Falling in Love: Once More, for Old Heart's Sake"
After reconciling during the Phalanx battles in space, Rogue and Gambit go for one last motorcycle ride together. Assume OZT and the Trial of Gambit never happened.

Excerpts of some of Rogue and Gambit's arguments come to light in this answer to Em's 350-word challenge.

"The Human Touch"
A young "Reb" recovers from a beating delivered by her mother.

"I Get So Lonely"
Rogue traces back her history with touch as an addiction and her self-imposed loneliness.

"Lost Lies"
When Gambit returns to the X-Men, he must wade through the lies and half-truths he and his teammates still tell each other.

"Maybe on Some Other Day"
Emily Darkholme and Remington LeBeau are betrothed to each other by their parents.

"Possibly in Another Life"
Six years after "Maybe on Some Other Day," Emily eagerly anticipates an upcoming ball -- and her first chance in years to see Remy LeBeau again.

"Perhaps, in Some Other Time"
The Rogue and the Gambit, leaders of the Brotherhood and the Guild, respectively, face off for what will likely be their final battle. Sequel to "Possibly in Another Life."

"Perfect Pastel Pink"
Rogue decides to indulge herself in something she never had as a teenager -- a prom dress.

Rogue tries to see only what she wants to see when she goes back for Remy.

"She Has Issues"
After their latest breakup, a drunken Gambit tries to call Rogue and let her know what's on his mind.

Rogue accompanies Mystique on a stealth mission. Written for Em's 350-word challenge.

"Taking Prisoners"
Gambit and the Sisterhood of Evil Mutants take on the mysterious Center to save mutantkind. (Unfinished.)

elsewhere in Alykat's World:

"Beauty Comes to Those Who Wait"
After decades of marriage, Bobby and Cecilia still go to Brooklyn regularly to have Cece's braids redone.
(at (un)frozen)

"Broken Promises"
Iceman deals with his feelings of guilt and loss after his father's death.
(at (un)frozen)

"Cold Front"
When the young students of the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters enjoy the hot summer sun, Bobby longs to return to the cold. Takes place during the X-Men's early years.
(at (un)frozen)

"Spring Thaw"
Bobby decides to leave the X-Men permenantly and get a "real" life, while Gambit struggles to feel alive again after being rescued from the Antarctic. (in progress)
(at (un)frozen)

"Stolen Identities"
When Bastion came to the X-Mansion, he took everything. Now that the X-Men have returned home, each of them deals with that loss in their own way.
(at (un)frozen)


Website: Center Stage

Stories by John Kress

"Rogue: Day One"
Enter Rogue's head as she makes the decision to go to Charles Xavier for help in UXM #171, and then deals with the reactions of the various X-Men.

E-mail: KRESSJA@ctrvax.Vanderbilt.Edu

Stories by Connie Kotkin

"My Life as an X-Man: The True Story of an X-Woman"
An X-Woman leaves the team and signs a book deal.


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Stories by LadyLyte

"Hot Pursuit"
The X-Men scour New Orleans for a new mutant, while young man seeks an escape from his oppressors. Can the Xavier's Institute offer him the respite he is looking for? Or will his father continue to manipulate him?

"Running to Catch Up"
Gambit and Rogue leave town on a date ... on Wolverine's stolen Harley. In the city of New York, they encounter a gang of rather nasty mutants known as the Marauders.
(Sequel to "Hot Pursuit")

"Stolen Lives"
It seems that everyone has plans for the night of the high school prom ... including Mister Sinister. Gambit forges new relationships with the X-Men, despite his fears. Jean is forced to come to a decision, but it is not what you might think. Starring the entire cast of X-Men: Evolution, plus Polaris and Malice.
(Sequel to "Running to Catch Up")

"The Cast of Shadows"
The X-Men infiltrate Sinisterís base in order to uncover more information about the mutant virus. Meanwhile, Jean encounters a strange presence on the Astral Plane. Can it be that she is ... in love ... with Cerebro? Scott finds an attraction to another redheaded girl who bears some striking similarities to Jean. Gambit and Rogue deal with their mutant powers, and each other. (Unfinished)
(Sequel to "Stolen Lives")

"Tuna Fish or Nuthin or The Question"
When Rogue asks Gambit what he's thinking about, she sets off a Mars/Venus chain of events.


Web site: The House of the Rising Sun

Stories by Cordelia LaMorte

"October Rust"
The truth hurts and memory sucks, but knowing you're to blame is the worst. A hybrid of the movie and the comic universes.


Stories by Poi Lass

"The Adventures of GOD"
with Kaylee
GOD joins the X-Men. 'Nuff said. (Unfinished.)

Now able to control her powers thanks to Dr. Agee, Rogue decides to make the most of her new "freedom" -- with a definite plan for the evening. (Warning: mature themes.)

"One Touch"
On Rogue and Bobbby's road trip, Rogue fights to control her increased cravings for human touch.

"Start Spreading the News"
Bobby and Gambit decide to "come out" to the rest of the X-Men. You will laugh. Very hard. I promise. (Warning: Some language, mature themes.)

"What You Know Can Hurt You"
This one both is and isn't a Rogue story. A prose-style poem about a mutant that has just discovered his/her powers.

"You Did WHAT in a Cave?"
What really happened between UXM 348 and 349. (Warning: This story deals with sex. In a cave.)

elsewhere in Alykat's World:

"Changing Faces"
Morph actively pursues Bobby, much to Bobby's chagrin -- until he starts to think about it.
Alternate reality. Slash. (Some language, mature themes)
(at (un)frozen)

When Hank is rendered comatose with no chance of awakening, Bobby must come to terms with letting go of his best friend.
(at (un)frozen and Stars & Garters)

"First, Do No Harm"
After a horrible mistake, Beast abruptly leaves the X-Men, and Bobby tries to coax him to come back home. Told through a series of e-mails and online chat sessions. Utterly heart-wrenching. (Warning: Mature language.)
(at (un)frozen and Stars & Garters)

When Bobby and Storm decide to become romantically involved, the X-Men are ... less than jubilant about the news.
(at (un)frozen)

"A Small Addiction"
Hank receives an unusual gift -- a small, vibrating mouse -- and ponders who might have sent it to him. Sillyfic.
(at (un)frozen and Stars & Garters)

"Twenty First Century Guy"
Hank helps Bobby prepare for his first date with a man. Slash.
(at (un)frozen and Stars & Garters)

"Winter Where You Are"
Feeling unwanted and unloved, Bobby has a talk with Gambit about their relationship. Slash. (Some language and mature themes)
(at (un)frozen)

"With Any Weapon"
After Graydon Creed's attack on William Drake, Bobby fights back in the way that might hurt Creed most.
(at (un)frozen)

"Written from Purgatory: Autobiography of a Mutant"
A young mutant writes a book about her experience of meeting the X-Men. Not a Beast story, per se, but there's a reference to him here that's absolutely priceless. (Unfinished.)
(at Stars & Garters)


Website: Quite Possibly Poi (run by Kaylee)

Stories by Latex

"Ain't Nothin' Like Regret"
Not long after the death of Colossus, Wolverine and Rogue run into a ghost from Logan's past.

After the trauma of Inferno, Rogue and Havok commiserate on the failures in their lives.

"The Morning After"
After breaking up with Rogue and sleeping with Marrow, Gambit must face both women's wrath when Marrow learns the truth about the Mutant Massacre.

"The Price of Coffee"
Beast, Iceman, Rogue and Mystique battle the Sentinels at Starbucks.


Stories by Bela LeBeau

"Judas Complex"
Beast and Husk have been murdered, their deaths unexplained as their friends and family try to cope with grief -- and the suspicion that the murder may have been one of their own. (Unfinished.)


Web site: Bela's Gambit Page

Stories by Melissa Lee

"Unglorified Victory"
Wolverine weighs the consequences of joining Xavier's Institute, and is reminded of his one success.


Stories by Vicki Lew

"Free for a Second"
written with Caroline Dillon
Tired of the way Marvel is handling things, Vicki Lew takes matters into her own hands, creating an Elseworld where Rogue and Gambit are the same as, yet very different from, the characters we know. Features Rogue as a government-trained assassin and Gambit as--you guessed it -- a thief. (Unfinished; Warning: Some violence/adult situations.)

"I Don't Remember"
Sometime between X-Men 24 & 41. When Gambit loses his memory and falls for another woman, Rogue deals with the situation the only way she knows how. (Unfinished.)

A chance meeting with a lost dog brings Rogue into the home of a happy, very normal family.

"A Place in this World"
Rogue is Sabine, the daughter of a powerful senator. Locked in her room since the onset of her powers, she finally finds a way to escape her prison...and finds the X-Men. (Unfinished.)

Set just after UXM 354, Rogue meets up with someone unexpected. According to Vicki, this is what Rogue should have done if she meant "unconditionally." (Unfinished.)

"Written in My Depression"
In a diferent universe, the X-Men found Rogue on the streets and took her in. This is her diary.


Web site: Southern Efx

Stories by Link

"Sleeping Beauty"
A between-the-panels story in which Rogue and Joseph make the long road trip from South Carolina to Westchester -- and the X-Men. (Unfinished.)

Rogue spends a quiet afternoon with Cyclops as he recuperates from Bastion's nanobomb.

"Breakfast Imbroglio"
The follow-up to "Stomachache." Wolverine and Iceman face off at breakfast.

elsewhere in Alykat's World:

"The Phantom Menace: Take Two"
A very silly revison of the final lightsaber battle in Star Wars: Episode One - The Phantom Menace, starring Cyclops and Iceman. Sillyfic.
(at (un)frozen)

"Zero Degree Celsius"
Bobby spends a long afternoon beside the pool trying to fine-tune his powers, only to be interrupted by a loud dispute between Hank and Cecilia.
(at (un)frozen and Stars & Garters)


Stories by Ruby Lis

"The End of Innocence"
After Rogue is brutally assaulted, the X-Men try to guide her through her recovery, and Gambit tries to make good on an old promise. (Warning: Mature themes explicitly dealing with rape, sex.)

Just after the first Gambit limited series. A foray into Storm's past sends Ororo and Rogue into a hurricane of internal chaos as multiple personalities wage war within Rogue's psyche, forcing both women to face their own bloody pasts.

The sequel to "End of Innocence." Bitter at being left to die in a Genoshan death camp by Rogue, Gambit focuses his energies on his recovery--and revenge--until he realizes that much more is at stake. (Warnings: Mature themes dealing with rape, torture and the psychological traumas of imprisonment in a concentration camp. One sexually explicit chapter.)


Stories by Lise

"Faces of Fate"
Circa X-Men #73-76. Maggott mulls on his own isolation from the rest of the world, not realizing that Rogue is going through much the same thing.

elsewhere in Alykat's World:

"A Perfect Kinda World"
During a rare break between Remy's treatments, Bobby and Remy enjoy an all-too-short quiet moment in the park. Part of Kaylee's "Kinda Mooks" universe.
(at (un)frozen)

"A New Kinda Perspective"
His sickness in remission for the time being, Remy appreciates the view from the rooftop as he's never done before.
(at (un)frozen)

"I, Robert"
Bobby grieves at Remy's grave. Part of Kaylee's "Kinda Mooks" universe.
(at (un)frozen)

"People Kinda Change"
Warren tries to comfort a grieving Bobby, and the evening turns into something neither of them bargained for. Part of Kaylee's "Kinda Mooks" universe.
(at (un)frozen)

"Channel Surfing"
Scott tries to reach out to Bobby, but to no avail. Part of Kaylee's "Kinda Mooks" universe.
(at (un)frozen)

"The Season's Kinda Changing"
Jean knows what's happened between Bobby and Warren, and all the pain that's been stirred up, but she feels powerless to say anything.
(at (un)frozen)

"Clouds on the Horizon"
When the world begins to madly shift among parallel universes, Bobby tries to find comfort with an alternate world's Remy. Slash. Part of a larger series. (mature themes)
(at (un)frozen)

"Dancing to the Thunder"
Cyclops tries to puzzle out what happened to cause the shifts from Bobby's random mutterings to him. (sequel to "Clouds on the Horizon")

"The Sweet Taste of Wine"
Bobby and Remy share some intimate moments, but refuse to believe that they mean anything. Slash. (mature themes)


E-mail: Itty Bitty Archives, On the Road

Stories by Loki'sRose

"Mama's Fairytale"
A young Rogue asks her foster mother to tell her a story

"What Colour Are My Eyes?"
Rogue recovers from an impulsive use of her powers. Poem.


Stories by Lomas

"Cries in the Night"
Mystique comforts her foster daughter during a painful nightmare.

"Homecoming: A Time for Being Alone"
Rogue returns home, and just might die there. (Unfinished.)


Lomas recently announced his retirement from fan-fiction.

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Stories by Maelstrom

"Walk with Me"
Jean Grey-Summers is diagnosed with breast cancer and goes through the bitter stages of denial.

elsewhere in Alykat's World:

"Tale of the Last Twinkie"
Bobby steals the last Twinkie in Hank's stash -- and must pay the price for it.
(at (un)frozen and Stars & Garters)

"Never Mess with a Furry Blue Genius"
When Bobby replaces Hank's missing Twinkies with low-fat ones, Hank plans revenge. Sequel to "Tale of the Last Twinkie"
(at (un)frozen and Stars & Garters)


Stories by Natalie Martinez

"Body Swappin' Day"
A freak accident causes X-peoples past and present to switch bodies, with ... unusual results. (Unfinished.)


Stories by Jim R. McBriarty

"The Archetype Association"
Begins sometime before Fatal Attractions. The X-Men's newest member has just shown up at the front door -- literally. He's showing the X-Men a new view of the world -- and showing Rogue some undivided attention.


Stories by J.B. McDonald

"...To Make a Crippled Child Walk"
When Remy takes his son Lazare on a motorcycle ride, the whole family's lives are changed forever by a tragic accident.

elsewhere in Alykat's World:

"The Hours After"
When an X-Men-related battle leads to family tragedy, Bobby reconsiders his refusal to stay with the team. Part of a larger series. Alternate reality.
(at (un)frozen)

Long the butt of Bobby and Hank's practical jokes, Scott plots his own kind of revenge. Sillyfic.
(at (un)frozen and Stars & Garters)

"Midnight Twinkie Run"
Bobby and Hank revisit their old custom of making Twinkie runs at midnight, also continuing the tradition of hot-wiring the X-leader's car to get to the store. Sillyfic.
(at (un)frozen and Stars & Garters)

"Miss April's Stars and Garters"
During an all-night cram session for class, Hank discovers something Bobby's stashed away. Part of a larger series.
(at (un)frozen and Stars & Garters)

"New Maids, Old Jobs and General Torment"
Jubliee starts a new job at the local K-Mart, and Bobby stops by to visit and torment her. Sillyfic.
(at (un)frozen)

At first grumpy and depressed about the events of the past year, Bobby puts his life in perspective when he meets a woman who's had a worse year than him.
(at (un)frozen)

"A Special Kinda Birthday" - Bobby works extra hard to put together an extra-special birthday present for Remy, all the while trying to keep his efforts a secret. Written for Kaylee's birthday. Slash. Mooksverse.
(at (un)frozen)

"Summer Daze"
A 12-year-old Bobby and his best buddies Jack and Danny wile away a summer's afternoon. Part of a larger series. Alternate reality.
(at (un)frozen)

"Water Lines"
After a near-disastrous first meeting, Bobby and Jamie find that they have the makings of a beautiful friendship -- and maybe a lasting relationship. Slash.
(at (un)frozen)


Web sites: Due West of Nowhere, McDragon's Lair

Stories by Adrienne L. McKenzie

"The Southern Belle, the Cajun and the Computer"
When Gambit does one too many all-night online chat sessions, Rogue decides to cure his Internet addiction her own way.

E-mail: XRogueXMen@AOL.COM

Stories by Alicia McKenzie

A series of stories taking place after Cyclops' possession and "death" at the hands of Apocalypse.
"My Own Prison"
After Stryfe's reappearance, Rogue is concerned about Cable's possible reaction and speaks to him about the matter. But the conversation soon gets out of hand.
"Frozen Sun"
Rogue goes out to retrieve a depressed and angry Cable from a local bar, but the violent confrontation that results has very unintended consequences.

Elsewhere on Alykat's World

"A Crazy Kinda Way to Spend the Afternoon"
Bobby, Remy and Cable are trapped in a Genoshan prison. Written for Kaylee's birthday. Slash. Mooksverse.
(at (un)frozen)

"The Shi'ar Coffee Story"
Cable mistakes one of Beast's experiments for coffee, with ... memorable results. Sillyfic.
(at Stars & Garters)


Web site: The Dayspring Archive

Stories by Melodist

Innocent Heart, Guilty Memories
In a fit of remembered rage, Joseph, reclaiming his memories as Magneto, destroys the mansion and kills many of the X-Men. This series takes place during the years afterwards.
"Innocent Heart, Guilty Memories" -- Five years in the future, Rogue reflects on the deaths and final fates of the X-Men.
"Imaginary Friend" - Rogue's daughter Rhemada tells her about her imaginary friend, the Cat Man.
"The Ever-Changing Winds" - Storm looks back on what happened to the X-Men and reflects on what has happened since.
"Nothing More" - The fate of Professor Charles Xavier.


Stories by Mercutio

A poem written about Rogue and Gambit's relationship.

"Bobby, Rogue and the Vat of Hair Dye"
Bobby schemes over his most devious prank yet -- to make Rogue a blonde.

"What I Did on My Summer Vacation"
Emma assigns the class an essay on how they spent their summer vacation. Jubilee tries to figure out how to hide the truth without lying. Sequel to "Bobby, Rogue and the Vat of Hair Dye."

"Confusing the Issue"
Both Gambit and Joseph are used to having problems that keep them from finding true intimacy with Rogue. But what happens when the two men decide to collaborate?
Warning: Adult material, explicit sexual content

"A Loose Reputation"
What if Gambit's powers were as much a curse as a blessing? (Warning: Sexual situations)

"Sestina in G Minor"
Written for Tilman's Poetry Challenge, this is a poem written in sestina form about Gambit and Rogue's relationship, from Gambit's point of view.

elsewhere in Alykat's World:

"Chains, Planes and Strange Villains"
The X-Men are captured by the evil ... er ... Mr. Evil, and the team must decide who will be the villain's willing slave. Sillyfic. (Mature themes)
(at (un)frozen)

"The Iceman's New Clothes"
When Bobby is caught peeping in on Rogue's shower, he finds the payback to be far more than he bargained for. Sillyfic.
(at (un)frozen)

"Shoot Me"
When Bobby needs help, he seeks out his best friend in his own way. But can the prankster find a way to ask his friend for what he really needs?
(at (un)frozen and Stars & Garters)


Web site: Verona: Mercutio's Stories

Stories by Molly

Rogue fights for control of herself as her mind switches between her, Magneto's and Logan's personalities.


Web site: Subvert and Enhance

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Stories by Brian Newberry

"Lightchylde Remastered"
While everyone still mourns young Illyanna Rasputin's death from the Legacy Virus, a new Magik literally drops from the sky into the X-Men's backyard.

elsewhere in Alykat's World:

"A Cold Clear Night"
After many an anguished, sleepless night, Bobby finally decides to face up to his problems and talk to Jean about them. (mature themes)
(at (un)frozen)


Stories by Northlight

On one bright, beautiful morning, the X-Men awaken to face their deadliest foe ever: bad hair.

"Inquiring Minds"
A mysterious figure decides to "tell all" about the secret lives of the X-Men in a bestselling book.

"Just in Time for Christmas"
Gambit is rescued in Antarctica -- by Santa Claus?

"Love and Pain"
Stuck in the "waiting room" between appearances in their respective series, Gambit and Angel (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) compare notes on their respective problems.

"Reunions and Other Troubles"
The sequel to "Love and Pain," Gambit and Angel escape from Limbo and are reunited with their respective love interests.

"Maybe Just a Little Strange"
The true origin of Wolverine is revealed.

"Nothing More"
In response to Alara Rogers' challenge to kill off one's favorite character, Northlight writes her own version of Rogue's death as a result of Dr. Agee's "cure."

"Of Cooties and Dice"
Rogue, Jean and Storm get a little too involved in their board game.

"One of Those Days"
An evil villain attacks -- and so does Murphy's Law, as the X-Men suffer multiple "insignificant" inconveniences on their way to the battle.

Sitting on the roof, Rogue looks back on what really happened in Antarctica as she tries to avoid the other X-Men.

"Searching for Justice"
A man tries to seek justice for the death of his sister as a result of Dr. Agee's "cure."

A woman named Lindsey, with the unique power of appearing to be whoever someone else wants them to be, meets a frantic woman on the street and walks into another case of mistaken identity.

"Skin Crawl"
A unique take on Rogue's feelings toward her powers.

"Small Problems"
Rogue awakens to the incessantly annoying attempts of a misguided mosquito to get a morning snack.

Realizing the sheer stupidity of fighting in the dead heat of summer, Magneto and the X-Men decide to get slushies together. Since TheAudience still needs to be entertained, the PTB find replacements for the heroes and villain.

"Summer Vacation"
In a follow-up to "Substitutions," the X-Men prepare to go on a real vacation and leave their "replacements" in charge of the Mansion.

"That's What Happens"
Wondering about the practicality of Rogue's skimpy little outfit in UXM 353-4, Northlight writes her version of what could happen if Rogue's not careful...

"The Super Beings Bureau Saga"
A series of short stories about the Super Beings Bureau, someplace all super-powered types have to visit at one point or another.

"The Susan Smith Show"
A series of talk shows in which various super hero-types discuss the issues that affect their lives.

For someone like Rogue, the sense of touch can mean any number of things.

"Untitled Random Mutterings"
A series of vignettes in which Rogue deals with engagement, marriage, parenthood and growing older.

"Watching from a Distance"
We all know how the heroes feel. But how about their parents? This story is from Rogue's mother's perspective, as she watches her daughter grow up through news reports and newspaper headlines.


Web site: Northlight's Page

Stories by Nytekrwlr

"A Touch of Love"
Nightcrawler shows Rogue that all she really needs in order to control her powers are time, patience, and a loving hand.


Stories by Alexandra Nigro

"Caldecott County"
A young tomboy experiences her powers for the first time.

"Stars and Stripes Forever"
It's New York City in the 1950s, and a young woman named Sabine will make her name known in show business -- at whatever cost.

"A Stripe of a Different Color"
It's California during the Depression, where a young woman is living in an abusive marriage with her high school sweetheart and dreams of a way out. But when a handsome young drifter tries to steal a shirt, she finds her escape in a way she would never have thought possible. (Warning: Some sexual/violent content)


Website: Stranger than Fiction

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Stories by Onyx

Rogue is confronted by the ghosts of those she has absorbed, and realizes the truth behind their anger at her.

"The Death of a Dream"
A What If? style story, based on the 1997 two-parter in which Psylocke defeated the Shadow King. Two years ago, all the telepaths were killed during a ferocious battle with the Shadow King, and now he holds this post-apocalyptic world beneath his heel. Brother kills brother, friends become enemies and new, unthinkable alliances are forged.

"The Resurrection Gauntlet"
Sequel to "Death of a Dream." Six years after the Shadow King has been defeated and the Brotherhood scattered, the future remains bleak for mutants and humanity alike. Sentinels and rogue factions of the Brotherhood remain, and Sinister rears his evil head amidst the chaos. Worst of all, the the two children who may hold the key to the worlds salvation are in danger. Can even the Master of Magnetism prevail above it all as he leads a new team of mutants into the fray to pursue a forgotten dream?


Web site: X-Men X-Travaganza

Stories by Diana Othman

"Hate is an Understatement"
Part of series called "Sounds Like Teen Spirit." Rogue and Gambit are still X-Men, but with one difference: Rogue is 17, and Remy is 18. All the other X-Men are their respective ages. (Unfinished.)


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Stories by Pallas

"The Hardest Thing"
Rogue learns that she might be able to control her powers. But can she survive the journey?
(in progress)


Stories by Steven Paul

"The Ice Capades"
Tired of seeing Gambit moping around the mansion after Rogue's departure, Wolverine takes him on a little vacation. (Unfinished.)

"Loose Ends"
Ten years after the Trial of Gambit, Remy jumps back into Rogue's life to settle some unfinished business.


Stories by Thaise Pavarine

A poem about Rogue's powers and the affect she has on the man who loves her.


Stories by Karolina K. Phillips

"Minute Change"
Occurs circa the Uncanny X-Men 320s, before the mess with the Shi'ar and the Phalanx. With the Professor gone and unable to help her, Rogue desperately needs help dealing with the more unpleasant side-effects of her absorption powers.

"Sleepless Nights"
Karolina tries to answer the age-old question "Why does Rogue always dis' Gambit?"


Web site: Karolina's Art Page

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Stories by Quwinntessa

"The Ultimate Suffrage"
When Gambit finally returns to the X-Men, Rogue reveals his past with the Morlock Massacre to Marrow and suggests a means for peace.


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Stories by Ramona Y

"Forgiven, not Forgotten"
Rogue has suffered a mental breakdown, and even a decade after Gambit's death, Storm cannot bring herself to forgive Rogue for what happened in Antarctica.

"Sisterly Love"
A relative learns that interfering in someoneís life for her own good can hurt more than help.


Artwork by Ramona Y is on display in the Fan Art section.

Stories by Ratmist

"The Responsible One"
Rogue considers her feelings for Gambit and his for her -- and resolves to let him go.

"The Irresponsible One"
Gambit considers his feelings for Rogue and hers for him -- and grieves in his feelings of aloneness.

Rogue thinks of home -- and Magneto's home, and Logan's home.


Web site: Ratmist Creations

Stories by Stacy Ricco

When Bobby gets the hiccups, Jean, Rogue and Hank offer an assortment of home remedies. Sillyfic.


Web site: Stacy's Fan-Fiction Page

Stories by Alara Rogers

"And After the Battle"
As the X-Men celebrate their victory over the Phalanx, Joseph stands in the background, observing the woman who at one time helped him find acceptance with the X-Men.

"The Damned Have No Right to Weep"
A companion piece to Melodist's "Innocent Hearts, Guilty Memories" series, told from the point of view of the man who killed the X-Men.

"A Death in New Orleans"
Annoyed by the inconsistencies in Rogue's backstory, Alara constructs a tale with her own version of how Rogue came to be with Mystique and Destiny.

Sometime betwen UXM #196 & 199. Kitty Pryde and Magneto discuss old habits and rye bread.

"The Mother of All Retcons"
When Polaris and Havok have a baby, the Summers family tree gets a whole lot more complicated.


Websites: Shifting-Sands, Alara's Now Rather Spiffy Magneto Page, Alara's Mystique Page, Chuck Amuck!, Cyphered Text, Crossroads X and Alara's Happy Happy Text-Only Site

Stories by RogueStar

"Always Coming Home"
Gambit finds his way back to the Mansion ... and asks for a retrial.
"Mending Fences"
Rogue and Gambit both suffer through reminders that neither of them can escape their pasts. (Unfinished.)

"Blowing in the Wind"
In honor of the Gambit Guild's "Gambit Day," RogueStar writes a story of reconciliation and hope for Rogue and Gambit.

"The Briar Patch"
A dark, thorny look at how Rogue might internally view her powers. Takes place after Rogue's emergence from the Siege Perilous.

"Cantique Noel"
A series of holiday-themed stories about personal despair and choices for the future, featuring Siryn, Rogue, Gambit and Marrow.

Christmas 1998
A series of three stories written as a gift for the mailing lists Southern Comfort and Gambit Guild.
"Frankincense" - featuring Gambit and Bebete (the green mist lady)
"Gold" - featuring Cyclops and Phoenix
"Myrrh" - featuring Rogue, Gambit and Nightcrawler

"Demain des l'aube"
Rogue mourns the death of her mother and plans to pass Raven's teachings on to her own unborn child.

"The Eighth Color of the Rainbow"
After his "death" at the end of the Magneto War, Joseph makes one last trip to Salem Center to say a very special goodbye.

"Fallen Skies"
In a pocket universe where Rogue stayed in the service of her foster mother Mystique, Rogue becomes known as the woman who killed Magneto. (Unfinished.)

"For My Daughter"
A woman in Mississippi writes a long-overdue letter to her daughter.

Rogue and Gambit think back to when they once decided to break up for good -- and laugh at their younger selves' naivete. Written in response to the recent X-book writing/editorial decision to break them up.

"The Happiest Night"
Just before Rogue and Remy are set to leave for their honeymoon, Rogue finally reveals the real reasons she's so uneasy about being with him. A response to Rogue and Gambit's rumored break-up in Gambit #16.

"The Horse of Another Color"
Magnus, the Mage, demands a tithe from a small town every month. This time, he wants the townspeople to deliver Rogue as his tribute, or else find for him the mythical horse of a different color. (Unfinished. In revision.)
"The Sword and the Rose"
Sabrina and Remy LeBeau settle into their new roles as husband and wife as they train and prepare to defend themselves in a world that has become even more uncertain. (Unfinished.)

"I Am"
Rogue asks Gambit to accept the real her. A response to "All's Fair..." by R.V. Bemis.

"Indian Summer"
Rogue and Gambit make their piece and decide to get back together. In response to Gambit #16.

"The Intolerable"
In a different world, Mystique had early ties to the Thieves Guild and sent Rogue to New Orleans to study the arts of thievery.

Gambit offers Jean a small comfort as she grieves over Cyclops' apparent death. Inspired by UXM #386.

"Last Dance"
As Rogue lay dying, probably of the Legacy Virus, Gambit fulfills her final wish: one last dance.

"The Magician and the Butterfly"
Sabine Robbins leaves her settled life with Cody as a farmer's wife and runs away with a circus magician. Told from mulitple perspectives.

"A Matter of Pryde"
When Soldier Alpha escapes the project and joins the rebels, it is up to a Black Striper to bring her to justice. Unfinished.

"Miss American Pie"
Rogue stares at her reflection in the mirror and evaluates what she is -- and isn't. X-Men: Evolution universe.

"The Queen and the Hunter"
Barely more than a child when she married Magnus, Rogue quietly defers to her husband, then feels the urge to rebel. Age of Apocalypse.

"Return to the Rooftop"
As they settle into their new roles as leaders of the X-Men, Rogue and Gambit try to settle into another role as well: platonic friends.

"Sek, Lies and Videotape"
(with Keri Wilson)
After their wedding, Rogue and Gambit record a farewell message of sorts for Sehkmet Conoway. Sillyfic.

Sim Salem Project
An ongoing series of stories in which Rogue and Gambit are living a happy suburban life with their precocious son, Luc.
• "Confiteor"
• "The Cherry Cookie Incident"
• "The Sphinx's Question"
• "Gotta Learn Them All"
• "Happy Anniversary!"
• "Home Nursing"
• "Saturday Morning in Salem Center"
• "The Cabbage Patch"

"Smoke and Mirrors"
Centering on the relationship between Rogue and Remy and on the growing human intolerance of mutants, this story begins (in terms of "normal" continuity) just before Bishop joins the team and ends just after LegionQuest.

(With Alexis)
When Mercy LeBeau comes to deliver some news to Gambit, she falls in lust with Iceman and chaos ensues. (Unfinished.)

After coming back home to the X-Mansion, many of the X-Men, including Rogue and Colossus, try to make peace with the ghosts in their lives. (Unfinished.)

(With Faith Barnett)
Just after the Trial of UXM 350, the various X-Men try to get on with their lives. (Unfinished.)

"A Walk in the Woods"
Banished to the woods after her disastrous encounter with Cody, Rogue is suspicious when she meets a beautiful woman who wants to take care of her.

"A Window to Her Soul"
Colossus awakens and finds inspiration in Rogue's sleeping form.

elsewhere in Alykat's World:

"The Morning Paper"
Hank and Bobby miss seeing their favorite comic strip in the Sunday paper. A tribute to Peanuts creator Charles Schulz.
(at (un)frozen and Stars & Garters)


Web sites: textualchemy, RogueStar's Galaxy, Caldecott, Doctor in the House

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Stories by Scorpio

"Extrinsic Evolution"
Rogue witnesses something that breaks her heart and opens her eyes. (Warning: Sexual content)

elsewhere in Alykat's World:

"Broody Afternoon"
Bobby broods over the trial of Arthur Streck, the FoH and his reactions to Rachel Mostel's mutant pheromones. Takes place after the story "Four Angry Mutants," published in the 1996 Anthology The Ultimate X-Men.
(at (un)frozen)

"Contemplative Morning"
Bobby tries to work out the real reason he was so disturbed by his reactions to Rachel Mostel's mutant pheromones. Hank listens. (sequel to "Broody Afternoon")
(at (un)frozen)

"Criminal Minds"
Gambit inadvertently learns just how good -- and devious -- an accountant Bobby is. (in progress)
(at (un)frozen)

"eMails and Slash Lists"
Bobby joins a Star Trek: Voyager slash list, posts a fic and receives an unexpected bit of feedback. Slash. (in progress)
(at (un)frozen)

"Familiar Stranger"
Bobby learns that Mystique impersonated him to get on the mansion grounds. Movieverse.
(at (un)frozen)

"A Hero's Website"
A woman has a life altering experience and shares it with the world via the Internet...
(at (un)frozen)

"Sex Appeal"
Bobby talks about the changes in his own life and his newfound perceptions of his fellow X-Men. Slash.
(at (un)frozen)

"Sometimes It Sucks to Be Bobby Drake"
During his French final, Bobby struggles with his knowledge of the subject, the hiccups AND his powers. Movieverse.
(at (un)frozen)

"Spring Dance"
Bobby goes to the Spring Dance held at Xavier's School for Gifted Children and eats his own heart out. Slash. Movieverse.
(at (un)frozen)

"Tragic Kingdom"
Bobby returns from time spent in a horrific alternate universe, and finds that Gambit is the only one he can truly bond with. (in progress)
(at (un)frozen)


Web site: Scorpio's Constellation

Stories by Trisha L. Sebastian

Rogue explains the confusion and mental trauma when she absorbs someone else's memories. Poem.


Web site: The Keep

Stories by Lady Shalott

"The Giving Tree"
A tiny tree brings Rogue and Gambit together at Christmas


Web site: Lady Shalott's Island

Stories by Amanda Sichter

"After Midnight"
Jean, crazed by grief and loss, takes to killing babies, and the X-Men must stop her. An alternate version of what happened during the six-month gap.

"All Creatures Great and Small"
The mansion becomes home to mutant farm animals. Don't ask -- just read it.

"And I Alone Am Escaped to Tell Thee"
The story of how Gambit became the Witness.

"Cigarettes Will Kill You"
Gambit explains to Rogue how he escaped Antarctica.

"Dealing with the Devil"
Gambit, trapped in Hell, tries to win back his soul in a blackjack match with the Devil himself.

"Hungry for Your Touch"
Before she absorbed Ms. Marvel and gained a second personality, Rogue's attitude toward her powers may have been very different.

"Love Lies Bleeding"
Gambit from the future has to come back to the present -- and kill Rogue.

Gambit explains what he wants in a relationship, and what's not working when he's with Rogue.

"The Princess, the Thief and the Tall, Stone Tower"
Once upon a time, a maiden fair was imprisoned within a stone tower, and only a thief could free her from it.

"Something Just Like Weeping"
Rogue gets married and finds that "normal" life isn't as nice as she'd hoped. Especially when it includes abuse. The sequel is "Dreams to a Reality", by Aimee Boling Sze.

elsewhere in Alykat's World:

A short, emotion-centered story wherein Bobby Drake and Bobby DaCosta get together. Slash.
(mature themes, sexual content)
(at (un)frozen)

"A Day at the Races"
Bobby and Hank try their luck at the racetrack, betting on horses.
(at (un)frozen and Stars & Garters)


Stories by Cat Smith

"On the Beat"
written with KazeRogue
Rogue is Detective Alexandra Thorne of the NYPD, on the trail of a mysterious jewel thief... (Unfinished.)

"Ordinary World"
A tale of Gambit, Rogue, Storm, Cyclops and Phoenix and their children, years down the line. Featuring a trip to Disneyland, arguments, and homemade cookies for the happy Southern couple. (Unfinished.)


Web site: The World of Cat

Stories by Katt Solano

"The Highwayman"
A Gambit and Rogue story based on the poem "The Highwayman" by Alfred Noyes.

A series of short stories taking place in the X-Men movieverse
• "The Fatted Calf" (Cyclops)
• "Contemplations on an Empty Closet" (Rogue)
• "Winter Days in Westchester" (Gambit)
• "Lost and Found Department: First Floor" (Cyclops, Gambit)
• "Higher Learning" (Cyclops, Gambit, Rogue)
• "Something about the Rooftops" (Gambit, Rogue)


Web site: K@tt's Aerie

Stories by Sorceror

"Fortress around Your Heart"
When the ever-adaptable Nimrod follows Rachel from the future to the present, the X-Men find help in their battle from all quarters, from Magneto to a new character, Gregory Holland, aka Fortress. Takes place circa Uncanny X-Men #190.


Stories by Southern Nightingale

"A Beach of Memories"
Many years in the future, Remy LeBeau sits at the beach and tells his daughter Clarissa about her mother.

"Foolish Hearts"
In a time when Rogue never left Mystique, Cody never went comatose, and Gambit had a kid with someone else before getting engaged to Belladonna, Rogue is brought to New Orleans by her old school chum Belle to solve the murder of one of Gambit's cousins. (Unfinished.)

"No Return, No Exchange"
A few years after the Trial, Rogue has established her own life in New York City as Georgia Smith, secretary and fiancee of millionaire Chris Rockefeller. Then a mysterious stranger comes to town in search of a job...


Web site: Tales from the South

Stories by A Spawn's Kid

"Civil War"
All the built-up tension comes to a head as the X-Men confront each other about their feelings regarding recent events -- especially Rogue's abandonment of Gambit in Antarctica.


Website: A Spawn's Kid

Stories by StarSpirit

Just after the Trial, Rogue goes back into the snowy depths of Antarctica to rescue Gambit.


Stories by Tilman Stieve

"Tales of the Twilight Menshevik"
Takes place sometime after X-Men 8. Centering mainly on Valerie Cooper and Mystique, this series of stories is set just after Chris Claremont's departure from the X-Books. Features tales about multiple X-characters, as well as characters from other Marvel and D.C. books.

"Magneto, My First Love"
A filk based on the song "The Leader of the Pack," this version starring the X-women.

"Midnight Sun"
A between-the-panels tale of Rogue and Magneto during their time in the Savage Land, circa UXM 269-275. (Warning: Sexual content)

"Point of No Return"
A very short "between the panels story" set after Amazing Spider-Man #149, in which Mary Jane Watson reflects on her relationship with Peter Parker. (Warning: Sexual references.)

"Before the Plunge"
Mary Jane writes to her mother about current events and her relationship with Peter. Sequel to Point of No Return.

"A Song of the Valkyrior"
222 lines of verse that retell the events in New Mutants Special Editon #1 and Uncanny X-Men Annual #9 from multiple perspectives.


Tilman Stieve has many pieces of artwork on display in the Fan Art section.

Stories by Allen Sumner

"Darkness Falls"
When Rogue and Gambit visit New Orleans for Mardi Gras, they find themselves wrapped up in a dark woman's desperate plan to exact vengeance from the people who killed her. A Rogue and Gambit/The Crow crossover. (Warning: Mature language, descriptions of violence)

"Gambit: Magic Man"
Gambit is mysteriously sent back into the past, only to meet up with a six-year-old girl named Amanda with a white stripe through her auburn hair.

"Rogue: Shared Sunrise"
Rogue ponders the events of the night before, and new people come to visit the mansion. The sequel to "Gambit: Magic Man." (Unfinished)


Stories by Sunset

"The Star of David"
On the eve of an X-Men mission to Germany, Rogue begins to have very real nightmares dealing with Holocaust atrocities. (Unfinished.)

elsewhere in Alykat's World:

A Long Week Without Me
Domino returns to X-Force (and a lot of complaining) after a short absence.
(at The Danger Playpen)


Stories by Aimee Boling Sze

"Dreams to a Reality"
Rogue's husband's abusive behavior finally drives her to the breaking point, and she kills him and permenantly absorbs his mind into her own. When she seeks refuge with the X-Men, she must walk the fine line between sanity and insanity, truth and lies. The authorized sequel to Amanda Sichter's "Something Just Like Weeping." (Unfinished.)


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Stories by Alx Tsagalidis

"Queen of Hearts"
Rogue and Gambit express their frustration about their inability to touch in this poem constructed mainly out of lines from the comics.


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Stories by Elizabeth Wilde

"Ah Don't Feel Sexy"
Bobby and Rogue get creative to bypass the "no touching" rule.

"Change in Perspective"
Bobby has doubts about Rogue's feelings for him.

Bobby writes in a journal to work out his feelings after Rogue breaks up with him. Movieverse. Angst.


Web site: Catch Your Breath

Stories by Keri Wilson

"Another Time, Another Place"
The X-Men as they may have been during the Regency period, circa 1800 in the United Kingdom region. (Unfinished.)

"Sek, Lies and Videotape"
(with RogueStar)
After their wedding, Rogue and Gambit record a farewell message of sorts for Sehkmet Conoway. Sillyfic.

"An X-Mas Story"
Rogue and Gambit spend the holidays together and try to make amends for past wrongs.


Web site: Gambit and Rogue no miko

Misc: Keri also is a contributor to the online magazine Sequential Tart, writing mostly about anime and manga.

Stories by Jerilyn Winton

"Don't Look Back"
A 14-year-old tomboy named Rogue fights with her mother about going to school and wearing dresses, then is forced to run away because of her powers.

"A Dying Promise"
With Rogue dying, Gambit is forced to make a difficult promise to her.

"On the Side of Angels"
Gambit is welcomed back to the X-Men, and the magic of a song brings him back together with Rogue.


Stories by Wired

Poem. Gambit finally lets go of Rogue.


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Stories by Yasmin M.

"A Problem? Who, Us?"
The X-Men face yet another dreaded enemy -- this time within the confines of their own home.


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Stories by Elena Zovatto

"A Time For..."
A three-part series focusing on Mystique, Gambit and Rogue during the Christmas season. Takes place one year after Gambit's return to the X-Men. Originally written for the 1999 CFAN Holiday Fanfic Project.

After their battle with the Phalanx in space, the X-Men encounter someone from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. One X-Man discovers he has a certain mystical power... (Unfinished.)

"Wild Cards"
Gambit interrupts a master thief on the job and finds a mirror image of himself -- in female form. (Unfinished.)


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