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Stories by Northlight

On one bright, beautiful morning, the X-Men awaken to face their deadliest foe ever: bad hair.

"Inquiring Minds"
A mysterious figure decides to "tell all" about the secret lives of the X-Men in a bestselling book.

"Just in Time for Christmas"
Gambit is rescued in Antarctica -- by Santa Claus?

"Love and Pain"
Stuck in the "waiting room" between appearances in their respective series, Gambit and Angel (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) compare notes on their respective problems.

"Reunions and Other Troubles"
The sequel to "Love and Pain," Gambit and Angel escape from Limbo and are reunited with their respective love interests.

"Maybe Just a Little Strange"
The true origin of Wolverine is revealed.

"Nothing More"
In response to Alara Rogers' challenge to kill off one's favorite character, Northlight writes her own version of Rogue's death as a result of Dr. Agee's "cure."

"Of Cooties and Dice"
Rogue, Jean and Storm get a little too involved in their board game.

"One of Those Days"
An evil villain attacks -- and so does Murphy's Law, as the X-Men suffer multiple "insignificant" inconveniences on their way to the battle.

Sitting on the roof, Rogue looks back on what really happened in Antarctica as she tries to avoid the other X-Men.

"Searching for Justice"
A man tries to seek justice for the death of his sister as a result of Dr. Agee's "cure."

A woman named Lindsey, with the unique power of appearing to be whoever someone else wants them to be, meets a frantic woman on the street and walks into another case of mistaken identity.

"Skin Crawl"
A unique take on Rogue's feelings toward her powers.

"Small Problems"
Rogue awakens to the incessantly annoying attempts of a misguided mosquito to get a morning snack.

Realizing the sheer stupidity of fighting in the dead heat of summer, Magneto and the X-Men decide to get slushies together. Since TheAudience still needs to be entertained, the PTB find replacements for the heroes and villain.

"Summer Vacation"
In a follow-up to "Substitutions," the X-Men prepare to go on a real vacation and leave their "replacements" in charge of the Mansion.

"That's What Happens"
Wondering about the practicality of Rogue's skimpy little outfit in UXM 353-4, Northlight writes her version of what could happen if Rogue's not careful...

"The Super Beings Bureau Saga"
A series of short stories about the Super Beings Bureau, someplace all super-powered types have to visit at one point or another.

"The Susan Smith Show"
A series of talk shows in which various super hero-types discuss the issues that affect their lives.

For someone like Rogue, the sense of touch can mean any number of things.

"Untitled Random Mutterings"
A series of vignettes in which Rogue deals with engagement, marriage, parenthood and growing older.

"Watching from a Distance"
We all know how the heroes feel. But how about their parents? This story is from Rogue's mother's perspective, as she watches her daughter grow up through news reports and newspaper headlines.


Web site: Northlight's Page

*grumble* This did so not turn out like it was supposed to! (not that I exactly knew how it was supposed to... but it wasn't like this) *sniffle* Why won't it cooperate! *sob!* Okay... I'm done now.
Disclaimer: Marvel can have it. I don't mind, really.

Heat. Warm hands, moist and clammy with perspiration. Sweat slicked skin that glistened on exposed faces, emerging from the hairline trickle down heat flushed faces.

Cold skin that chilled all whom it touched. Faces staring out at her from skin reddened by the inescapable chill.

Dry skin, chapped, old, that rasped across her own.

Smooth skin that glided silkily over hers.


They pressed up against her... nothing between them save the meager barrier that their respective clothing offered them. All around her.  Everywhere she looked.

Arms exposed to the sun from beneath the short sleeves of a t-shirt.  Legs jutting out from beneath shorts and skirts. A flash of skin exposed as shirts shifted. Darting hands.

All around her. Waiting for her.

Hideous, ugly flesh.

They passed by her, bare limbs flinging about so close to her own that she nearly pulled back. All around her, always touching, hands within hands, lips against lips... flesh and flesh.

Watching her from foolish, fleshy faces.

Everywhere she went, skin peeked out at her, waiting.

Filthy, dirty flesh.

Pressing up against her, they gave her everything she didn't want. Flesh against flesh and they took up root deep within her mind. Skin against skin and she wasn't herself.

Horrible, ugly skin.

All around her.

Always near.

Hands clasped. Lips met. Casual brush of skin against skin. Everyday. Everywhere. Never thinking. Always touching. Always flesh waiting, threatening her.

All around her. Swarming, filthy little animals who would touch her. Destroy her. Give her everything of themselves that she never wanted.

A simple touch. Flesh to flesh. Disgusting. Hated.

Flesh and flesh. Friendly. Loving.

Never for her.

Skin to skin... destructive, dirty, despised.

They never understood. Handshakes, hugs, kisses were all so much a part of the lives of the swirling, mindless masses that swarmed about her own isolated form. Always touching...

Never for her.

Flesh against flesh... it made her skin crawl and her mind fold in upon itself. Always drawing back, never touching, never holding.

A dirty flood of foreign thoughts and memories swarmed through her at every touch, skin to skin.

Hot, sticky, damp skin.

Cold, dry flesh.


Disgusting flesh, marred and imperfect staring out at her, waiting to drown out her thoughts. Herself.

All around her. Skin. Flesh to flesh.

She shuddered.



No, I really don't know what that's about.
Remember, I have a tiny, fragile little ego that can easily be shattered beyond all repair...


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