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In the Future

Stories by Northlight

On one bright, beautiful morning, the X-Men awaken to face their deadliest foe ever: bad hair.

"Inquiring Minds"
A mysterious figure decides to "tell all" about the secret lives of the X-Men in a bestselling book.

"Just in Time for Christmas"
Gambit is rescued in Antarctica -- by Santa Claus?

"Love and Pain"
Stuck in the "waiting room" between appearances in their respective series, Gambit and Angel (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) compare notes on their respective problems.

"Reunions and Other Troubles"
The sequel to "Love and Pain," Gambit and Angel escape from Limbo and are reunited with their respective love interests.

"Maybe Just a Little Strange"
The true origin of Wolverine is revealed.

"Nothing More"
In response to Alara Rogers' challenge to kill off one's favorite character, Northlight writes her own version of Rogue's death as a result of Dr. Agee's "cure."

"Of Cooties and Dice"
Rogue, Jean and Storm get a little too involved in their board game.

"One of Those Days"
An evil villain attacks -- and so does Murphy's Law, as the X-Men suffer multiple "insignificant" inconveniences on their way to the battle.

Sitting on the roof, Rogue looks back on what really happened in Antarctica as she tries to avoid the other X-Men.

"Searching for Justice"
A man tries to seek justice for the death of his sister as a result of Dr. Agee's "cure."

A woman named Lindsey, with the unique power of appearing to be whoever someone else wants them to be, meets a frantic woman on the street and walks into another case of mistaken identity.

"Skin Crawl"
A unique take on Rogue's feelings toward her powers.

"Small Problems"
Rogue awakens to the incessantly annoying attempts of a misguided mosquito to get a morning snack.

Realizing the sheer stupidity of fighting in the dead heat of summer, Magneto and the X-Men decide to get slushies together. Since TheAudience still needs to be entertained, the PTB find replacements for the heroes and villain.

"Summer Vacation"
In a follow-up to "Substitutions," the X-Men prepare to go on a real vacation and leave their "replacements" in charge of the Mansion.

"That's What Happens"
Wondering about the practicality of Rogue's skimpy little outfit in UXM 353-4, Northlight writes her version of what could happen if Rogue's not careful...

"The Super Beings Bureau Saga"
A series of short stories about the Super Beings Bureau, someplace all super-powered types have to visit at one point or another.

"The Susan Smith Show"
A series of talk shows in which various super hero-types discuss the issues that affect their lives.

For someone like Rogue, the sense of touch can mean any number of things.

"Untitled Random Mutterings"
A series of vignettes in which Rogue deals with engagement, marriage, parenthood and growing older.

"Watching from a Distance"
We all know how the heroes feel. But how about their parents? This story is from Rogue's mother's perspective, as she watches her daughter grow up through news reports and newspaper headlines.


Web site: Northlight's Page

Summary: The spandex has been tucked away, and supervillains are a thing of the past, but not everything's as good as it should be.
Disclaimer: Marvel owns it all -- like you didn't know that already!
Note: As the 'title' suggests, this is nothing more than random mutterings. Don't expect a sensible flow of coherent ideas below. Also, for everybody who doesn't like Rogue and Remy, there isn't any mushy stuff. Really.
Date: April 14, 18, 1999

Untitled Random Mutterings

The small, almost flat, grey metal box was one of the few things that had managed to stay with her during the turbulent years. She'd carried it with her faithfully, heeding her mother's warnings about being prepared for any eventuality. It's contents had been a way out should things spiral too far out of control.

Slim fingers fumbled at the latch for a moment before it sprung open.  She hesitated a moment before withdrawing the neatly stacked pile of documents. Fuzzy pink bunny slippers were nudged from her feet before she drew them up under her.

She lay each card on the bed around her, bare fingers tracing over the laminated edges. "Never thought I'd see this day..." she murmured. A sigh broke past her lips. Her eyes were burning with unshed tears, and she hated herself for them.

"Rogue?" Storm's familiar voice, soft and lilting, accompanied her gentle rap on the closed door.

Rogue's head straightened, her tumble of brown and white curls resettling themselves at her abrupt movement. "Come in," she answered.  She didn't watch Storm's entrance, nor did her eyes move from their study of the contents of the box until the bed dipped slightly as Storm sat.

Clever thief's fingers darted out curiously, latching onto one of the cards surrounding the younger woman. "Hannah?" Storm questioned, cat-like blue eyes focusing on Rogue's profile. "Somehow, I would not have pictured you as such."

Rogue's lips twitched upwards briefly. "Never much saw that myself. I was only her once or twice... girl had horrible hair." Blunt nails tapped against the shiny surface of each card in turn. Memories swarmed in her mind, loud and angry and so very insistent.

"What are you going to do now, Rogue?"

Her throat was tight, dry. She blinked wildly. "Remy asked me to marry him," she said. Bare hands twisted in her lap. "I'm not sure..." Her voice trailed off, pained and uncertain. Her eyes burned, vision wavering.

"You love each other," the words were calm and concerned, all in one.   Soft hands reached out to rest against Rogue's shaking shoulders.

"We do," Rogue affirmed. "It's not that... I've had his memories inside me so often that I couldn't doubt that anymore. I... I'm frightened." The words were strangely liberating, free from the heavy constraints she had laid upon them for the last week.

Green eyes shifted, searching out Ororo's serene features. Even inside the stifling confines of Rogue's small room, delicate strands of white hair danced on an unfelt current of air. The very air itself seemed to adore Storm's thick mane, unseen fingers constantly drifting through it. Despite the constant attention the wind lavished upon the silky strands, the woman's hair was never mussed. Rogue always wondered at that. Her own hair became a tangled mess if she so much as contemplated opening a window.

"Afraid of what?"

Rogue choked, half laughter, half protest. "What am I not afraid of." She scrubbed at her tearing eyes halfheartedly. "I've wanted to be normal for so long. And now, all of us have the chance to hang up the spandex, and... I don't know if I can be normal. Especially not now..." She shrugged helplessly.

The serenity that radiated from Storm flickered briefly. "What's past is past, Rogue. Do not give up your future for it."

"I know..." Deep breath, shaky laugh. She reached out, drawing another I.D. into a shaking hand. "How about Jessica LeBeau?"

She came home to a dirty kitchen and a mailbox piled with bills.  Jessica sighed, wearily flopping down on the nearest kitchen chair. She nudged aside the half-full cereal bowl that her daughter had abandoned for more amusing pursuits that morning.

The mail scattered across the table top. Bill, bill, bill... Her absent shuffling stilled when her hand landed upon the magazine. The cover displayed an almost unnaturally thin woman clad in the newest style, and Jessica attempted to squash her brief surge of nostalgia for her own perfectly shaped body.

"We fought for years so that the fashion industry could use anorexic human and mutant girls to peddle their clothes..." she sighed, looking at the smiling young woman with delicate wings who appeared to be selling a particularly unwieldy pair of high heels.

The page flipped, and she snorted in amusement. '10 Reasons why Mutants Make Better Husbands!' the title screamed in hot pink print.  She couldn't stop the helpless laughter that bubbled within her. Her head dropped to the table, her shoulders shaking so hard that, after a while, she couldn't remember if she'd been laughing or crying to begin with.

"Bonne fete, ma petite ange!" Remy exclaimed, tickling the squirming child until she shrieked with laughter. He ruffled her short blonde hair fondly before lifting her off the carpeted floor.

"You want to open your presents now?" Jessica asked as her husband drew her into his arms. Her head leaned against his shoulder, and she smiled down at her eager faced daughter.

"Yes!" Angelique exclaimed eagerly. Her eyes were wide with excitement and her hands twisted around as if she could already feel the gift beneath her small hands.

She hurtled towards the figure on the couch, who easily caught her.  Raven smiled slightly, allowing the child to eagerly tug the gift from her hands. The brightly coloured paper was carelessly tossed to the floor as frenzied hands tore through it. Angelique's eyes went impossibly wide as she pulled out the water gun from it's box. "A water gun?"

"Mm hm. What do you say we go practice after we eat?"

"No." Jessica's voice was hard and unyielding when she finally found her voice. Only Remy's arm around her waist stopped her from ripping the toy from the child's hands. She settled for an enraged glare in Raven's direction. The other woman shrugged it off.

"I need to talk to you, momma. Now."

"Not now, chere. Angel hasn't seen all of her gifts yet. Let's not ruin this for her," Remy murmured into her ear. Jessica nodded slowly, fists slowly unclenching.

"How could you, momma! You know that I don't want Angel playing with these types of things --" Her face was flushed and furious, green eyes blazing. She swirled around on bare feet, hands flexing before her.

Raven watched her daughter's restless pacing, irritation blooming within her as the younger woman continued to snap out harsh, angry words. "You are a fool, Rogue," Raven spat suddenly, her patience fizzling away to nothing. Her voice was cool and collected, although no less certain than the other's. "The child needs to learn how to protect herself."

"She doesn't have to! We won, momma. I know how you'll do this.   Toy guns, real guns, another little soldier for you to shape!" She took a deep breath, her body trembling with the force of her emotions. "We won."

Raven sneered. "Won? Look around you, Rogue! Minorities are still abused, women are still fighting for equality, homosexuals still ignite disgust and unease among people -- do you really think that after a mere six years that people have tossed aside their hatred of our kind?!"

Rogue shook her head stubbornly. "I'll take care of her. She shouldn't have to know about--"

"About how to survive on her own?" An exasperated hiss of air escaped Raven as she watched her daughter through narrowed eyes. "Are names aren't going to be kept out of public records forever. People have long memories, Rogue. What's to stop some bigoted fool from hurting your child? Will you only see what's around you when Angel dies at the--"

"No! Don't you dare even say that. We won!"

Raven's eyes shifted away from Rogue to meet Remy's eyes. He cast a quick glance at his wife's shaking shoulders and nodded slowly. "She has to learn, Jessica."

Her shoulders stiffened at his words, and she didn't look at either of them as she left the room.

There was no more denying it. He was going bald. Remy LeBeau, onetime charmer with hair to spare, was going bald. Bad enough that he could hardly vault over a fence with his former speed and agility... but his hair. He had thought that it, at least, would be something that would see him into old age. He touched his head gingerly and winced at the smooth skin that met his questing fingertips.

He stepped out of the bathroom, his steps slow and heavy. Jessica was sprawled out on the floor, huffing and cursing irritably as she followed the perky, smiling blond in spandex who was cheerfully moving onto her fifth set of curl ups.

Her head twisted and she watched for a moment as Remy rubbed at his thinning hair, a lost expression on his face.

"Don't you dare even think about getting a combover!"


~End of Random Mutterings~

This is what you get when all I get all depressed and start thinking at the same time. This mostly came about because I was wondering if people actually really, really fall totally in love. You know, like movies and tv and books and all. I was talking with my parents about their families, and it just didn't exactly seem like grownup married life is actually very happy a lot of times. *shrug*


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