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Fan-fiction in this archive is organized by how it falls in mainstream X-Men continuity.

Childhood and the past
The Claremont era
Post-Claremont reality
Aftermath of X-Men #45
After the Trial of Gambit
Circa Sauron's UXM 353 visit
After Gambit's return
After Claremont's return
In the future...
Alternate realities
X-Men: The Movie
Other stories - funny
Other stories - serious
Stories not directly related to Rogue

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Serious stories
Stories or poetry that doesn't really fit into any of my other defined categories. This section comprises the "serious" works.

by Mercutio

A poem written about Rogue and Gambit's relationship.

"The Charlotte Stories"
by Kerri

A series of stories in which Charlotte, an original character, is a mutant telepath who gets involved with Wolverine and, by extension, befriends the other X-Men.
Stories involving Rogue are archived here.

"Chasing the Rainbow"
by Galaxia Alpha

Rogue spends a quiet moment of peace in the sky.

"Could've Been Worse"
by Diamonde

When Gambit shatters his knee, permenantly damaging it, he has to cope with his loss of mobility. Written for Kaylee's Disability Challenge.

"Darkness Falls"
by Allen Sumner

When Rogue and Gambit visit New Orleans for Mardi Gras, they find themselves wrapped up in a dark woman's desperate plan to exact vengeance from the people who killed her. A Rogue and Gambit/The Crow crossover.
(Warning: Mature language, descriptions of violence)

"Extrinsic Evolution"
by Scorpio

Rogue witnesses something that breaks her heart and opens her eyes. (Warning: Sexual content)

"Feel All Right"
by Ascian

Logan and Rogue spend some quality time together.

"For My Daughter"
by RogueStar

A woman in Mississippi writes a long-overdue letter to her daughter.

"For Old Time's Sake"
by Kassia

With Psylocke near death, Rogue and Angel fly to Britain to pay their respects to her family.

"The Giving Tree"
by Lady Shalott

A tiny tree brings Rogue and Gambit together at Christmas

by K-Nice

Excerpts of some of Rogue and Gambit's arguments come to light in this answer to Em's 350-word challenge.

"Human No More"
by Danae Bowen

Rogue slowly dies of a progressive illness that strips her of her powers and then her health.

"Little Words, Big Lies"
by Diamonde & Fictives

When Magnus breaks up with Rogue, he tries his hardest to deny that the separation bothers him.

"A Man in the Garden"
by Harper

A talk with a man at Mystique's funeral leads Nightcrawler to reconsider his relationship with his "mother."

"A Prize for Three Empires"
by Dark Mark

Carol Danvers becomes Ms. Marvel, then Binary, then Warbird -- and suffers all the physical and emotional pain of being one of comicdom's most traumatised superheroes. A fantastic series.

"Queen of Hearts"
by Alx Tsagalidis

Rogue and Gambit express their frustration about their inability to touch in this poem constructed mainly out of lines from the comics.

by Thaise Pavarine

A poem about Rogue's powers and the affect she has on the man who loves her.

"Sestina in G Minor"
by Mercutio

Written for Tilman's Poetry Challenge, this is a poem written in sestina form about Gambit and Rogue's relationship, from Gambit's point of view.

"A Shiver in the Shadows"
by Phillippa DaCosta

When stalked by a shadow, Rogue wonders whether she's still in control of her life and soon discovers things aren't quite what they seem. The shadow, becomes more than a chance meeting, but a fight for survival against a brutal killer.

"Skin Crawl"
by Northlight

A unique take on Rogue's feelings toward her powers.

"Something Just Like Weeping"
by Amanda Sichter

Rogue gets married and finds that "normal" life isn't as nice as she'd hoped. Especially when it includes abuse.
(Warning: Mature themes, including not-so-subtle hints at domestic violence.)

"Dreams to a Reality"
by Aimee Boling Sze

Rogue's husband's abusive behavior finally drives her to the breaking point, and she kills him and permenantly absorbs his mind into her own. When she seeks refuge with the X-Men, she must walk the fine line between sanity and insanity, truth and lies. The authorized sequel to "Something Just Like Weeping."
(Unfinished. Warning: Mature themes, including not-so-subtle hints at domestic violence.)

by RogueStar and Alexis

When Mercy LeBeau comes to deliver some news to Gambit, she falls in lust with Iceman and chaos ensues.

by Indigo

A number of poems written by the prolific fanficstress about the skunk-striped maiden.

"A Special Day"
by Cara

Gambit decides to give each of the X-Men a special gift. A remarkable story by an up-and-coming four-year-old writer.

"The Star of David"
by Sunset

On the eve of an X-Men mission to Germany, Rogue begins to have very real nightmares dealing with Holocaust atrocities.

by Northlight

For someone like Rogue, the sense of touch can mean any number of things.

"Walk with Me"
by Maelstrom

Jean Grey-Summers deals with being diagnosed with breast cancer.

"What Colour Are My Eyes?"
by Loki'sRose

Rogue recovers from an impulsive use of her powers. Poem.


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