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Fan-fiction in this archive is organized by how it falls in mainstream X-Men continuity.

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The Claremont era
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Aftermath of X-Men #45
After the Trial of Gambit
Circa Sauron's UXM 353 visit
After Gambit's return
After Claremont's return
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X-Men: The Movie
Stories taking place in the "alternate reality" of X-Men: The Movie, released into theatres during the summer of 2000.

"Character Traits"
by Kate Andrews

After absorbing Wolverine, Rogue has to fight her newfound attraction to Jean Grey, as well as Logan's other character traits.

by Molly

Rogue fights for control of herself as her mind switches between her, Magneto's and Logan's personalities.

by Kate Bolin

Rogue comes to the conclusion that she's gay, but no one will believe her.

"The Hardest Thing"
by Pallas
Rogue learns that she might be able to control her powers. But can she survive the journey?
(In progress)

by Elizabeth

Rogue learns that some people have reason to hate mutants.

"Memory Sense"
by Kate Bolin

Rogue and Professor Xavier have a late night conversation about memories.
(Warning: Some slashy discussion.)

"Mixed Feelings"
by Andraste

Troubled by nightmares from Magneto's past, Rogue has a late-night talk with Professor Xavier.

by Katt Solano

A few months after Erik Lensherr/Magneto was incarcerated, Scott Summers set out to look for his past. What happens when he finds it changes the lives of three people in particular. (In progress)

by Ratmist

Rogue thinks of home -- and Magneto's home, and Logan's home.

"Ah Don't Feel Sexy"
by Elizabeth Wilde

Bobby and Rogue get creative to bypass the "no touching" rule.

"Change in Perspective"
by Elizabeth Wilde

Bobby has doubts about Rogue's feelings for him.

by Trisha L. Sebastian

Rogue explains the confusion and mental trauma when she absorbs someone else's memories. Poem.

"Unglorified Victory"
by Melissa Lee

Wolverine weighs the consequences of joining Xavier's Institute, and is reminded of his one success.

"Road Trippin'"
by Kate Bolin

Bobby accompanies Rogue on a post-graduation road trip to Alaska to find Logan.
(Warning: Some sexuality.)

"Falling in Love for the First Time"
by Dyce

Beast helps Marie determine the root of her inability to control her powers. Movieverse.

"Falling in Love Again"
by Dyce

Logan falls in love. Movieverse. (Sequel to "Falling in Love for the First Time")

"October Rust"
by Cordelia LaMorte

The truth hurts and memory sucks, but knowing you're to blame is the worst. A hybrid of the movie and the comic universes.

"The Persistence of Memory"
by Kielle

Rogue agonizes over the aftermath of her last battle with the X-Men. Takes place a few years after the movie.

by Elizabeth Wilde

Bobby writes in a journal to work out his feelings after Rogue breaks up with him. Movieverse. Angst.


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