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"And the Walls Came a'Tumblin' Down"
Remy catches Rogue in the midst of one of her more self-pitying moods and invites her along on one of his late-night partying jaunts to New York City.
"Get Some"
Rogue and Gambit play Bonnie and Clyde.
(Some sexual innuendo)
"So Fast"
Rogue and Gambit experience the pain, disorientation and fear of a major life-changing event.
17 years after the events in "...Walls...," Rogue and Gambit, now happily married and with children, reconsider what their happiness really means.
"Pro Veneratio"
Rogue and Gambit mourn the loss of someone dear.

"And Then I Remembered..."
Belladonna returns to Salem Center to make her peace with Gambit.

"Blood and Bone"
NYPD detectives Remy LeBeau and Ororo Munroe investigate a horrific string of rape/murders that hit closer to home than any of them realizes.

"Crown of Roses, Crown of Thorns"
After being stripped of their powers by the High Evolutionary, Rogue and Gambit meet at a bar and rehash old arguments and scars.

"Divine Retribution"
When Storm learns of Rogue's abandonment of Gambit, she avenges her friend's death in an unconventional way.

"Falling in Love: Once More, for Old Heart's Sake"
After reconciling during the Phalanx battles in space, Rogue and Gambit go for one last motorcycle ride together. Assume OZT and the Trial of Gambit never happened.

Excerpts of some of Rogue and Gambit's arguments come to light in this answer to Em's 350-word challenge.

"The Human Touch"
A young "Reb" recovers from a beating delivered by her mother.

"I Get So Lonely"
Rogue traces back her history with touch as an addiction and her self-imposed loneliness.

"Lost Lies"
When Gambit returns to the X-Men, he must wade through the lies and half-truths he and his teammates still tell each other.

"Maybe on Some Other Day"
Emily Darkholme and Remington LeBeau are betrothed to each other by their parents.

"Possibly in Another Life"
Six years after "Maybe on Some Other Day," Emily eagerly anticipates an upcoming ball -- and her first chance in years to see Remy LeBeau again.

"Perhaps, in Some Other Time"
The Rogue and the Gambit, leaders of the Brotherhood and the Guild, respectively, face off for what will likely be their final battle. Sequel to "Possibly in Another Life."

"Perfect Pastel Pink"
Rogue decides to indulge herself in something she never had as a teenager -- a prom dress.

Rogue tries to see only what she wants to see when she goes back for Remy.

"She Has Issues"
After their latest breakup, a drunken Gambit tries to call Rogue and let her know what's on his mind.

Rogue accompanies Mystique on a stealth mission. Written for Em's 350-word challenge.

"Taking Prisoners"
Gambit and the Sisterhood of Evil Mutants take on the mysterious Center to save mutantkind. (Unfinished.)

elsewhere in Alykat's World:

"Beauty Comes to Those Who Wait"
After decades of marriage, Bobby and Cecilia still go to Brooklyn regularly to have Cece's braids redone.
(at (un)frozen)

"Broken Promises"
Iceman deals with his feelings of guilt and loss after his father's death.
(at (un)frozen)

"Cold Front"
When the young students of the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters enjoy the hot summer sun, Bobby longs to return to the cold. Takes place during the X-Men's early years.
(at (un)frozen)

"Spring Thaw"
Bobby decides to leave the X-Men permenantly and get a "real" life, while Gambit struggles to feel alive again after being rescued from the Antarctic. (in progress)
(at (un)frozen)

"Stolen Identities"
When Bastion came to the X-Mansion, he took everything. Now that the X-Men have returned home, each of them deals with that loss in their own way.
(at (un)frozen)


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I know there is no David's Bridal in on the Paramus strip but humor me, people.
Copyright: This work of FanFiction and the original characters described within are the intellectual property of K-NICE and her IRL persona. No copying, distributing or editing of this material is permitted without the express permission of the creator, K-Nice, under United States copyright law.

Perfect Pastel Pink

"Good afternoon from WRKS Radio in Westchester New York - the station that ROCKS for you. It's a beautiful May day ... huh, huh, alright, yeah ... Continuous rock commin' atcha right after this commercial break ..."

Rogue turned the radio down as she pulled out of the driveway of the Xavier Mansion. She really hated radio commercials especially the cheesy ones favored by the local stations. However, she was in the mood to drive and she loved nothing better than putting the top down on her Mazda Miata and becoming a red blur on some back country road, with pounding rock music pouring out of her speakers. She turned the music up and adjusted the bass. Aerosmith's "Crazy" seemed to fit her mood. She had been going stir crazy all day.

After the usual morning session in the Danger Room, Rogue had rushed through her chores, particularly hauling the Mansion's garbage to the Salem Center Dump. She had just felt so restless the last couple of days. Some time alone was what she needed but every time she thought she had found a quiet spot, one of her house mates would interfere. First, Betsy and Warren insisted on cavorting in the pool while Rogue tried to read on the patio. After the third splash and the second ear-piercing shriek, she had fled to her room. There, Joseph was patiently waiting for her in the hallway. She gave him some excuse and flew out the hall window to try the roof. Even as she exited the house she could smell the smoke that probably meant Gambit was up there, and had been there for quite a while. There was little wind out, so Rogue decided to climb high into the sky, where no one good bother her. Instead, Cannonball nearly plowed into her as he attempted to push his top speed. Frustrated, Rogue ran out to the garage, jumped in her car and sped away.

Rogue ran her fingers through her curly red hair as the wind blew it around. She eventually found herself on the Bear Mountain Expressway and then the Palisades Parkway. Rogue didn't really care where she went, as long as she was alone for once.

Between Joseph and Remy and her team responsibilities, Rogue felt there was no time for herself. As she darted back and forth on the narrow Parkway, she emptied her mind of the stresses that seemed to accumulate and compound daily. She forgot about her twisted love life, her bizarre day job and the torment of her powers. For a few moments, she could check her rearview mirror like everyone else and act as if the worst thing in her life would be a traffic ticket. She lost herself in the speed, concentrating on every turn of the wheel. She got of the Parkway before she had to get on the George Washington Bridge. Instead she cut into Paramus, NJ - a driver's worst nightmare!

Rogue didn't really care that the town was a logistic incubus. The road was lined on either side by restaurants, stores and business offices. Down the center of the street were K-Bars forming a barrier between east and west travel. There were very few opportunities to cross to the other side, and most of these involved getting off the main road and waiting until someone would let you back into the flow. Traffic was tight, which forced her to slow down a bit, but she still didn't come near the speed limit.

As traffic grew worse, Rogue grew bored. She looked out at the stores as they whizzed by. One in particular grabbed her attention. David's Bridal. She felt anger at whatever fates had destined her to a life alone, without the chance to live normally, to marry, to raise children ...

Rogue stopped herself. The whole point of this little drive was to get her mind off all the things in her life that she couldn't control. She saw an opportunity and cut in front of a truck in order to make a somewhat illegal U-turn to the other side of the street.

She turned into the parking lot of David's Bridal and parked in the first available space. She walked into the store and was assaulted by white. There were beautiful white gowns everywhere she looked. She took a moment to adjust and to try and figure out what exactly she was in the store. A plump young woman came up and offered to help. "What kind of dress are you looking for?"

Rogue was dumbfounded. Not a wedding dress - too many questions. Not a bride's maids either. What else is there? "I'm looking for a dress for my ..." she remembered one of those asinine commercials "Prom." The saleswoman gave her the once over. "Um, you see, I'm, uh, going with a younger guy. My cousin. Bobby." As Rogue stumbled to explain herself, the woman just ignored her and lead her through the store to formal wear section.

Rogue was surround by purples and blacks and blues and greens. Her eyes lit up. She had never gone to her own prom and it couldn't really hurt to pretend for a little while. She thumbed through the racks, running her fingers over the rich fabrics. Satins and silks in a riot of colors spread out before her and Rogue set about the important business of playing dress up. She chose several dresses and took them into the changing room.

She twirled and strutted in front of the mirrors, collecting admiring looks from the other shoppers, who unanimously agreed that they would prefer to have her figure they strove to stuff themselves into their respective choices. Rogue had never felt so beautiful. She loved the novelty of it - trying on these gorgeous, expensive dress for no reason at all. The short red one with the open back wasn't her style, nor was the black floor length with a slit to the hip. She was somewhat partial to the royal blue that ended 3 inches above her knee, and the dove gray slip dress was too plain. Rogue spent hours sampling and rejecting dresses and gowns.

After the first few she began to seriously think about what she would have worn to her prom as a teenager. Back when she was young enough to dream, back before she learned that the simple pleasures of life were forever beyond her, Rogue had imagined that she would wear pink tulle to her prom. At the time, pink was the color she considered the most delicate and feminine. She may have been a rough and tumble girl but she wanted to be beautiful just like any young girl. And she daydreamed that she could achieve that beauty in a perfect pastel pink belle of the ball gown, complete with hoop skirt and white satin gloves.

Rogue began to search the racks throughout the store in search of her dream gown. It was a futile and frustrating exploration, but she eventually caught the attention of a salesclerk. "Can't find what you're looking for?"

Rogue looked at the young woman and decided that maybe she was still young enough to dream. "Yes, I'm looking for a very particular dress in a very particular color." She found it, 40 minutes later, in a mail order catalogue. She was so elated and so wrapped up in the fantasy that she agreed when the salesclerk offered to order it for her. She excitedly wrote down her name and phone number so the woman could contact her when the dress came in. Rogue fairly floated out to the car and drove home to the X-Mansion in a daze of joy. It was only when she snuck up to her bedroom and prepared to go to sleep that she remembered that there really wasn't any prom, that would never be any prom. The let down was hard for her. For a few hours, she had dream again and now all those dreams were for naught. She cried quietly at her own stupidity and drifted to sleep.

Rogue woke in the morning intending to call the dress shop and cancel the order. She was looking for the number in the phone book when Cerebro's alarms began to claxon. There was some new threat for the X-Men to deal with. Rogue was excited. Combat would let her take her mind of her own folly the previous day.

On the Blackbird, Gambit avoided her and Joseph seemed to cling to the inside edge of her personal space. Yep, this is my life. Harrying around the world, which fears and hates me, to protect people, who fear and hate me, from other mutants, who just hate me. My boyfriend is ignoring me, and I've acquired a satellite. Rogue grinned and got ready for action.

The last week had gone by in a blur. After neutralizing yet another mutant threat, the X-Men had been called to deal with another mutant who lost control of his powers at an amusement park and the ensuing riots by the FOH. When they finally got home, everyone just wanted to crash for a while.

Rogue was napping in her room when a call came in from David's Bridal. Gambit happened to be in the kitchen and answered the phone. A grin spread across his face as the sales woman explained the situation. "I'll be dere to pick it up dis aftanoon." A plan was forming in his mind, and he knew just what to do with this new information. It would take the cooperation of all the X-Men, but it would be worth it to make Rogue just a little bit happier.

Rogue was sitting at the kitchen table on a Saturday night, wondering how her life had gotten to this point. Everyone else was out some were, doing something, except her. Well, her and Joseph. The intercom crackled. Speak of the devil . . "Hey, Rogue, I was wondering if you would join me in the Danger Room for some sparring. Seeing you knew Magneto so well and everything." He was rambling.

"Sure, sugah, I'll be right down." She sighed in exasperation as she moved from the table. Why couldn't she wallow in peace, for once.

Down in the ladies changing room, Rogue went to her locker a opened it. She shrieked. Instead of her usual fighting togs, there was a perfect pastel pink prom gown. Rogue giggled as she changed into it. Someone had put everything she would need, including a huge hoop slip, silk pantyhose and precisely stained satin shoes. When she finished dressing, she looked in the mirror, fixing her hair up with some bobby pins. As her excitement began to wear off, she started to feel ridiculous. I'm 23 years old. Proms are for 18-year-olds with their whole lives ahead of them.

"But you do have you whole life ahead of you, Rogue." Jean Grey entered the locker room in a brilliant evergreen silk column dress. "Ready to live it?"

Rogue's eyes glittered as she nodded. As they walked down the hall together, Joseph joined them. They stopped right before the Danger Room doors. Jean continued on. Joseph self-consciously pinned a corsage on Rogue. "I've completed my work on the Z'nox technology." He held up a cylinder the size of a Magic Marker. He slipped it into the corsage where the flowers hid it from view. "It radiates a field that will protect those within five feet around you from your powers. When I found out about tonight, I figured it would be the perfect time to give it to you."

"You mean, this wasn't your idea." Rogue was surprised. She had assumed that sweet, gentle Joseph had arranged things so she could wear her dream dress. She stared at him as he turned away.

"I hope you enjoy the evening Rogue."

"Joseph ..." Rogue was dumbfounded. Of all the times for him to leave me alone.

She already had a pretty good idea of what was going on but when she walked into the Danger Room she was thunderstruck. It looked like a high school gymnasium, poshly decorated under the theme "Dreams Can Come True." Rogue was immediately swept up by Bobby Drake, all decked out in a powder blue tuxedo. As they twirled around to Jimminy Cricket rendering the theme song, Rogue searched the faces of her team mates. They were all dressed in formal wear, looking more beautiful than Rogue had every seen them. When the first song ended, Rogue noticed who was handling the music - WRKS radio.

She grinned and let herself pretend for just a little while. Then she remembered Joseph's gift and decided to put it to good use. Bobby screamed like a first grade Girl Scout when she pecked him on the check, put pretty soon everyone settled into the idea that on this one magic night, Rogue's dream of being able to touch those that she loved was finally coming true.

Rogue found herself caught up in the fantasy and it seemed that her teammates were getting into it with her. By the end of the evening, they had voted Scott and Jean Prom King and Queen. Rogue didn't mind that she wasn't chosen. Who would be her king?

The answer came around midnight when the prom wound down. "Cherie, can we talk a bit?"

Gambit's soft words were accompanied by a subtle raising of his eyes that in better times had meant to meet him on the roof. Rogue let him pass her by as they exited the Danger Room. She turned to watch him go and as she looked back, the simulation was fading. Rogue stared at it for a while and then gathered up her skirt and flew down the hall.

She thought about Remy and about the way he had treated her when they had danced. He had not tried to monopolize her time and they had only danced to two slow songs and three fast songs together. He hadn't tried to touch, even though he knew he could. He had just held her like she was a normal girl, like they were normal. He had kept the conversation light, no challenges, no demands. Rogue just wanted to relax in her room, rest her feet and think about what the night had meant for her. But, Remy's invitation still tickled her mind.

As Rogue came out of the elevator and onto the main floor, she decided not to go to her room, after all.

Rogue had to walk through the front door to get out of the house. Her dress wouldn't fit through the windows. She flew up silently, except for the rustling of chiffon against taffeta. He turned to watch her hovering in the moonlight.

He seemed content to stare so she spoke. "Thank you, sugah, but why? How?

"De lady said it was a prom dress so I figured you need a prom ta go wit' it. As for how, dey don't as' too many question when you pay cash." He was smirking at her, yet there was something sad in his eyes. "I just ... wanted you to have a nice time. E'rybody t'ought it was a good idea. Jeannie helped with the decorations..."

She cut him off with a kiss. "Thank you."

"You said that already."

"Yeah." She tucked her skirt underneath her as she sat down beside him, her head on his shoulder.

Sat in silence for a few moments before she kissed him again. "I realized three things tonight, Remy. One, dreams do come true. Two, I love you. And three, I hate pink taffeta."


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