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Stories by Shera Crawler 007

"Doobie Doobie Do"
Wolverine receives a visit from the evil BudIce penguin.

"More Bad Fan-Fiction (or Just Who the Heck is Worf?)"
written with Raven Adams
The sequel to "Bad Fan-Fiction," this is an X-Men/Star Trek:TNG crossover. The product of two very sick minds.

"And You Thought Being a Woman Was Fun?"
Rogue tries for a "Girls' Night Out" with Storm and Jean, and it's a downhill ride from there...

Elsewhere on Alykat's World

"Wave Goodbye to Sanity"
Bobby agonizes over calling up a man to ask for a date. Slash.
(at (un)frozen)

"And Time Marches On"
Bobby awakens in someone elses bed, and tries to push away the implications of the previous night. Slash. (sequel to "Wave Goodbye to Sanity")
(at (un)frozen)


Disclaimer: Rogue is not mine, I'm glad cause then she'd know where I lived and could murder me in my sleep...the X-men aren't mine and Magneto, which got to short of a part since I can't write him (sorry), are not mine either. If they were I'd have so much money that I wouldn't have to write disclaimers. They are Marvel's, in case you didn't know. I am not making any money off this, and hopefully I won't be sued and lose money over this. The title was suggested and taken from Raven (with her permission of course [MMMMMmmmm] *THUMP* eh eh no that ain't a tied up body back there....yeah she gave me permission on her own...didn't even have to use a crowbar) so she gets credit, nough ramblin read on!

Rogue looked in the mirror a satisfied smile on her face. Today was perfect, her hair was just right, her makeup was great. Even her clothes were perfect. She had finally lost that last pound and could get into her "wish" jeans for the first time in years, and to top it off she wore her new pink sweater that went perfect with her white jeans, accenting her breasts and flat stomach while loosely sagging off her shoulders. Jean and Ororo had invited her to the movies, their first girls night out in a month. She heard Jean call her from the bottom of the stairs and with a last tug at her blouse she rushed out the door, snagging her purse on the way.

The movie had been great, Dr. Dolittle had her laughing so hard her eyes teared. The only problem was crying made her mascara run, forgetting it was there she had wiped at her eyes and she just knew she looked like a raccoon now. After the movie ended she rushed to the bathroom, but it was too full, and she didn't feel like standing there for an hour with little kids laughing and pointing like one little boy was already doing.

She stalked back to Jean and Ro trying her best to keep her face hidden with her hands. Jean looked at her a moment, "What's wrong Rogue?" As an answer she looked up at her, dropping her hand. Jean gasped, and her mouth tightened as she tried not to laugh.

Rogue ground her teeth, "Do any of ya'll have a tissue ah can use?" Storm rummaged through her purse a moment before shaking her head no.

Jean grinned, "I have one, but its been used for makeup already."

Rogue nodded her head, "Gimme, I'll use it anyway." Jean shrugged and handed it to her, "Anyone got a mirror ah can use?"

Jean shook her head and Storm rummaged again coming up with empty hands. Storm smiled ruefully,"Generation X visited last week, and Jubilee borrowed my compact."

"Mine too!" Jean said, "I wonder what she did with them."

Rogue felt like screaming and started dabbing at her eyes. Storm grinned when she looked back at her, "Rogue you are only making things worse."

"Ah need a mirror!" she wailed.

Jean thought frantically as Rogue clenched her fists, "Let's take a walk, it's dark outside so no one will see you. We can look for a bathroom with a mirror on the way."

Rogue ducked her head, returning her hand to the side of her face, and hid behind Jean a bit without being obvious.

Once outside they crossed the street to where it was fairly empty and started searching for an open business with a public bathroom without much luck. Rogue was muttering to whole way about suing the makeup company for saying the mascara was waterproof when it obviously wasn't. She was also cursing Eddie Murphy for being to funny. When they had walked the length of the street and come up empty Rogue finally screamed, causing everyone on the other side of the street to stare, making it worse.

Suddenly a glowing sphere came out of the sky hovering above the street. It was Magneto. His cape billowed about him, and the bucket helmet was secure on his head. The bank roof across the street started shaking. Jean glanced at her companions and as one they all flew up in the sky.

A earth shattering shriek sounded from Rogue slightly behind them and Jean turned, letting Storm continue toward Magneto to see how badly hurt her friend was. Rogue was floating in the air, her face bright red, holding up her sagging sweater modestly.

"What is it?? What happened Rogue????" Jean wondered if Magneto hadn't harmed her and she was trying to cover it up.

Rogue turned a brighter shade of red,"Ah-Ah'll just stay on the ground. This sweater ain't made for flyin."

Jean nodded and turned back to fly off sending a mental call out to Scott. Rogue stayed on the ground and threw rocks at him, but after one nearly bounced off Storm she stopped and just watched. The other X-men arrived and Magneto soon flew off, the city saved once again.

Bobby iced over to her with a grin on his face before he stopped and stared at her, "Rogue! What happened??" Rogue mumbled something about faulty mascara, but he shook his head," No you're bleeding! Were you hit?"

Rogue felt the color leech out of her skin, as she looked down at her white pants which were slowly turning red.

She cradled her head in her hands and stomped past Bobby, shouldering him out of her way as she walked onto the Blackbird leaving her footprints faintly in the cement. Will this day never end? she asked herself as Beast turned towards her, knowing glint in his eyes.


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