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"Tales of the Twilight Menshevik"

Stories in this series:

Sisters under Their Skins
Midnight Sun
A Year in the Life
October 6: A Night 2 Remember
A Day's Work
Late Summer Interlude
The Time the Twain Shall Meet
Message to a Grandchild
Ergo Bibamus 1: Eat, Drink and Be Merry
Lights in the Dark
Between the Woods and Frozen Lake
Ergo Bibamus 2: There's a Tavern Near the Town
Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Someone Blue
Valentine Allsorts
The Ballad of Trish and Henry
Rogue's Fairy Tale
Magneto, My First Love
To My Dark-Haired Lady
The Raven and the Oriole
Trish -- A Rapture

Val and Ray at the Movies
March 2002
July 2002

Tales of Future Twilight
Ergo Bibamus 3: Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes
They Will Always Be Penny and Max to Me
Getting to Know You
Fourth Thursday in November
The Iceman's Tale
Pictures at an Exhibition
The Survivor Has a Different Kind of Scar

Twilight Yet to Come
Hang on to Your Ego
Strange Headfellows
Sonnet for Magnus
Between the Winds

Author's Notes

The story posted here is set in a reality that diverges from the mainstream Marvel Universe after X-MEN #3 - as far as the X-Men are concerned. (For the purposes of many other teams and characters it diverges even earlier). You can find my rationales for some of the differences in the notes at the end.

The format of this story is a bit like an episode of Hill Street Blues -- a number plots and subplots that happen in one place and on one day. Here the interconnecting element is not an inner-city police department, but a fictional NATO conference on superpowers. Not surprisingly, the cast is not exactly small; among the more prominent characters you'll find various muties and hangers-on -- Mystique, Nightcrawler, Rogue, Val Cooper, Trish Tilby, and Magneto --, a few from the non-X-books -- including Captain America, Nick Fury, and Peter Parker --, plus a few new ones to throw a little light on the European scene. You will also find a very different approach to the politics of superpowers and mutation than that which you find in current X-titles, but which is rooted in the beginnings of the "new X-Factor" and which to my mind is more plausible than OZT. Apart from that you find the elements of romance and the development of relationships you'd expect from a piece of Marvel-related fan-fiction.

"A Day's Work" takes place after "A Year in the Life" (or rather during the seven months between the last two chapters of that story) and ideally you should read that first. But I hope it is understandable on its own.

As this story is set in Europe and a number of number of names from different languages occur, I felt it best to use the proper spelling, even if that might cause problems with some machines. Just in case some letters come out as gibberish, here is a breakdown:

is an "a" with umlaut.
is an "o" with umlaut.
is a "u" with umlaut.
is an "e" with an acute accent.
is an "o" with an acute accent.
is a "c" with a cedille.

-Tilman Stieve, aka the Menshevik


The story...


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