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DISCLAIMER: This is an unauthorized work of fiction using characters that are (c) & TM by Marvel Comics Group. No profit is being made on this story, so I'll invoke The Marvel Readers' Bill of Rights (for the full text see Stan's Soapbox in some of the May 1998 comics, e.g. Generation X #38):
"8. The right to practice scripting and drawing our Marvel characters for your own pleasure and amusement."
The story and the original characters (like Raven and Valerie's daughters Irene and Hope, see the list in the end notes) are (c) Tilman Stieve ( You can download this and copy it for your entertainment, but don't sell it for profit, or Marvel will set their lawyers on you. Please do not archive this on your website without informing me first.
Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes belongs to the continuing series, the Tales of the Twilight Menshevik; it interconnects with a few other stories, but should be understandable on its own. It is set in an alternate future, about a year after the death of most of the X-Men. Other stories in this timeline, the Days of Future Twilight, include The Survivor Has a Different Kind of Scar and Pictures at an Exhibition.
You can find the other Tales archived on "Fonts of Wisdom," "Down-Home Charm," "MissyRedX: The Average Website," and "Stacy's Fan-Fiction Page."

Ergo Bibamus 3:
Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes

"I knew Nurse Collins was you."

"Did not."

"Yes, I did!"

"Liar." The black-haired woman gave him a superior kind of smile. "Give it a rest, Logan. Let's go in and get drunk."

The two had reached their destination, a bar on the wrong side of the tracks of Annandale-on-Hudson called The Dead Man's Hand. The kind of place where Wolverine did not look out of place with his leather jacket, lumberjack shirt and the wide-brimmed hat with its maple-shaped feather array up front. Mystique had chosen her appearance accordingly and was in a faded denim jacket. She had her Raven Darkhölme face and looked as young as she had the first time she assumed it decades ago.

Logan bought the first drinks and they sat down at a table in the darker corner of the room.

"So, what brings you to Annandale?"

"I wanted to see you," Raven replied. "I was in Salem Center. I had put it off too long. I had to look after ... her estate. I was told you were here and I thought I'd look in on you."

Raven Darkhölme wanting to see him on the spur of the moment? Logan raised an eyebrow, but for the moment decided to let it pass. "Appreciate the thought, darlin'. You're not lookin' too shabby now."

"You should have seen me a couple of months ago, my friend. My family could tell you stories... Maybe Irene already has."

"Well, so far Reney's been very discreet," Logan replied. Irene Cooper, also known as Overdrive, was a new teammate of his in Factor X, the team formed from X-Factor and the handful of survivors of the X-Men after September 2nd, 2013. "At least when I was around, but then I'm not always there."

"No, I gather you spend just about every free moment here," Mystique said quietly, "to be with Jean Grey. I just saw her at the hospital..."

"I know, I was there, remember? I could smell who you were."

"Only when I allowed you to." Mystique briefly smiled, but did not pick up his bait. "I was surprised how beautiful she looked in spite of everything. If you know how to look. Her physical wounds healed nicely... not that that makes it any easier for you ."

Logan silently nodded.

"Is that ... the state she's always in?" Raven looked into his eyes.

"Pretty much so," was the morose reply. "She had what the doctors call her 'lucid episodes' more often until about two months ago, now she's like this nearly all of the time."

She took his hand in hers. "I'm sorry," she finally said, but faltered trying to think of something appropriate to say.

"Yep, that's always the problem, what can ya say in a situation like this. You never really got to know Jeannie that well, except in the narrow way that ya make a point of studyin' all your potential enemies an' allies." He put down his empty whiskey glass with a smile that began grim but softened into understanding. "So ya have to wonder if there's anything you can say that I won't take the wrong way 'cause I can't forget that I know her better than you do because I was closer to her. Reckon the same thing would have happened if I had tried to commiserate you just after Destiny died."

"Well, you were a source of comfort then, if only for a night. I appreciated that."

"Geez, ya hadda bring that up." Logan scratched his ear, slightly embarrassed about the reminder. "I had just lost Mariko, Jean wasn't going to happen, and then there you were in that grubby little bar. Sex seemed as good a way as any to ease the hurt..."

"It was more than just that, my friend. There weren't many people with whom I could talk, and what you had been through was similar enough to what Irene and I had experienced." She tilted her head. "And it was too soon for both of us to start looking for a permanent partner."

Logan looked slightly skeptic at Raven's analysis of his own mind two decades ago, but did not contradict her. "I mainly recall how lonely you appeared."

"There is nothing that can make you feel more lonely than the death of a loved one -- I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that, she may yet recover."

"Ya think so? No, I guess ya don't, really. We've both seen too much of death, we know better. I try to cling to hope because, after all, this is Jean, but ... there are days when I just want her sufferings to end."

"I used to believe miracles were the X-Men's stock in trade, Logan," Raven said with a bleak expression, "but that ended when I buried Kurt and Rogue."

"I lost many friends on September 2nd, but few were closer than those two. Which was really strange, considerin' that Kurt had lived half a world away from me for twenty years. But every time we met, it was just as if we had just parted the day before."

"I know," Raven said with a rueful smile, "you were one of those people around whom he was more relaxed than when he was around me."

Logan raised an eyebrow. "But you must have seen him a lot more often than me."

"Well, he came to visit his sisters, mostly. We managed to overcome what had happened in the past, smoothen over things, but there always was this element of awkwardness."

"Ya mean he still resented you for abandonin' him as a kid?"

"There also was the matter of my checkered past -- he sensed that my transformation from enemy to friend largely hinged on the state of relations between mutants and others. That had there been a dramatic deterioration I might easily have become a 'super-villain' again."

"Even if it had meant leavin' Val and yer kids?"

"Think I couldn't do it? I'd do it if I was convinced it was necessary, even if it broke my heart. However, it might not have to come to that. Val prefers to work within the system, but if the system broke down, I'm not sure she would not become a 'freedom-fighter' too. After all, this is part of this country's ideology since the founding fathers."

"Yes, I remember."

"Besides, it might not even be up to my choice. What if one of the crazies who tried to kill her over the years had succeeded...?" The expression that rushed over her features made it plain that this was no idle fear. For a moment Raven appeared vulnerable, but then she reverted to her normal manner. "But to return to Kurt, he was a very devout man who took his faith extremely serious. He tried to live by the tenets of his religion, and I think he honestly forgave me, or thought he did. No, the problem was mainly because of me, I think. There were always these moments when there was something that made me feel ... bad about what I had done to him. Even though I believe with my intellect that Irene had foreseen the reason why we couldn't raise him ourselves, why this was the only way to save him, my heart kept yearning that things had been different. And other things. And that behavior then made him feel uncomfortable when we two were alone." Mystique's shoulders shrugged. "Maybe I'll get the hang of this parenting thing in another decade or two."

Logan's face echoed her self-ironic smile. "I know the feeling well, Rave, there were times when I didn't feel up to the job with some of my kids." He went over to the bar and returned with another glass.

"So, you have a problem child too?" Mystique asked when he sat down again.

"Well, things didn't always work out perfect with Amiko," he said, "Maybe it wasn't such a good idea t'leave her in Japan after Mariko was killed. I mean, Yukio did a great job raisin' her, but there were years when there simply were too many things going on for me to find the time to see her as often as I should have. I sometimes wondered if I should've put less of a premium on her bein' raised in her native culture and taken her across the Pacific..."

"That would only have worked if you had stayed in Westchester instead of going with the Meddlers," Mystique replied. "All in all, from what little I've seen of her, I'd say she turned out all right."

"Yes, I'm proud of her. But it wasn't always easy. Don't know how you managed to give Rogue what she needed when she lived with you and lead the Brotherhood at the same time. But for Amiko... it wasn't just that she saw so little of me, Yukio was also kept away on missions for weeks at a time. So there were times when 'Miko felt very lonesome. And it didn't help when the other kids started arrivin' and needed attention. It made her feel a little insecure, bein' the only one who wasn't actually kin, and, as she already suspected, the only one who wasn't a mutant."

"At least she didn't turn out like my Graydon." The joke was somewhat feeble.

"No, her sense of honor prevented that from happenin'. Even when the Hand kidnapped her and tried to brainwash her against me." He leaned forward. "At least that episode finally got us to talk about those feelings she had kept to herself. Good thing too, I think she otherwise might have taken it harder when Yukio had Gen. Abigail had been pretty hard for her to digest -- she found it hard not to believe I'd be spending most of my free time with Iggy, just because she lived on the same continent as me."

"And you only saw her very rarely before her tenth birthday. At least that's what Rogue told me..."

"She got that right. Scott had accepted Abigail as his without reservation, given her his name, it would have been dishonorable not to give them a chance to really become father and daughter."

"But it didn't come easy to you, did it, so Amiko's jealousy maybe was not entirely without foundation."

"No, it wasn't easy, and I'm glad Iggy decided to let me become part of her life after she learned the truth and accepted it. But before that happened it was very hard to keep myself from tellin' her I was her dad. A lot as it was for you with Kurt before ya joined X-Factor."

"Possibly. He asked me about our resemblance when we first met, as foes, and I told him to ask his foster mother. And then, when he came to see me in Washington, it evolved he had put off asking Margali about me for almost four years. Just as you... never mind. Had Kurt been so scared of the possibility that we might be related?" She scratched her chin lost in thought. "Maybe that's a reason why I found it so hard to become close to him, even after he finally did accept he was my son." She raised her glass, and together they toasted Kurt's memory. "But you were talking about Amiko."

"Yes, she finally did realize that her fears about Abigail were unfounded. But Gennosuke was not just mine, but also Yukio's, so she might've felt betrayed by both her foster parents if we hadn't had our discussion before that."

"And how are you and Amiko today?"

"Pretty okay, really. She's leadin' her own life now, got started on her own family, has to learn herself now how to square a career and bein' a parent. She was here a month ago, when she traveled to Snow Valley to see Abigail and to bring Umeme there to enter the School."

"Ah yes, Hope mentioned that Umeme moved into her dorm. She said it was so nice to have someone who's practically family living on the same corridor." Raven paused. "It really was such a disappointment for her when her sister Irene decided to join Factor X so soon after she arrived at the Academy."

"A hard choice, that's for sure. Reney talks a bit how she would have preferred to devote more time to her studies, but, well, after Rogue and Kurt died she felt there was nothing else she could do." Wolverine reflected about Raven Darkhölme's and Val Cooper's elder daughter. "She reminded me of Rogue quite a bit at first. When Rogue started out with the X-Men she also was very serious about helping and kept a lot of her feelings to herself. And both overcompensated for their insecurities, actin' a lot more confident and cheery than they were."

"At least you and your comrades made Irene more welcome than you did Rogue," Mystique could not help sniping.

"And both Rogue and Reney proved their worth to the team several times over durin' their first few months," Logan continued unperturbed. "We were very proud of Rogue then, and we're proud of Reney now. But far as I can see, you're not exactly happy about the way things are, are you?"

"No I'm not, but what could I do? Val and Havok screamed the team needed new recruits as soon as possible." Her fingers ran through her hair, disrupting its well-coifed order. "I had to help with the training, you know I wasn't fit for front-line at the time. Well, at least that's going to change. I'll be going on the active roster once I return to Washington."

"So you'll be able to keep an eye on her," Logan quipped.

"As if Irene would let me after a year on the team! She'll likely as not insist on us being on different squads. Another round?" She went over to the bar and bought another drink for each, a red-eye for Logan and a light beer for herself.

"Strange, how I always seem to end up with someone from your family as a drinking buddy. First it was Kurt for a couple o' years, then Rogue, and now you."

"Hope you're not set on corrupting Irene as well."

Logan laughed. "Well, switchin' on that accelerated metabolism of hers oughta enable her to deal with the effects. But you know how it is. I'm here a lot, and Irene spends most of her time with the others. She's quite close now with Paige and our new guy from Denmark, Herluf. Far as her off-duty socializin' with Canadian colleagues goes, she's not like her elder siblings. Yet."

Raven looked at him curiously: "Did ... Rogue go out with you a lot?"

"We were drinkin' pals." He paused in reflection. "Well, ya know Mags wasn't one of nature's great mixers, preferred to stay at home or walk through the countryside when he had time on his hands. Rogue enjoyed goin' out and spendin' time with her friends. While we had the Meddlers, she'd go out dancin' and clubbin' with the younger ones, and to bars with me."


"That's how it often worked out. Magneto tagged along a few times, Remy was there sometimes, a few of the others, but it was just Rogue and me often enough. There wasn't anyone in the Meddlers she'd known as long."

"And what did you talk about?"

"All sorts of stuff. Often she'd just take the opportunity to unburden herself about her leadership grief. Found it nice to have someone besides Magneto to talk about these matters. It had been a bit like that when I led the X-Men. I really could use her more optimistic and idealistic outlook as a corrective for mine back then, she probably felt she could use the same thing in reverse... But apart from that, we talked about anything that came to our minds. I remember gettin' her interested in hockey..."

"And Magnus didn't mind you spending so much time with her?"

"No, he could always join us when he wanted to, and Rogue spent a lot more time just with him... He was already old -- even though his body had been de-aged -- and set in his ways. There simply were times when he wanted to be alone. You know, he once said that he actually felt quite comfortable with her goin' out with her 'fatherly friend' Logan rather than her ex-beau Remy. Not entirely sure how serious he was about that. The Cajun was just a friend to her after she got back together with Magnus, his romance with her was way in the past."

"And you and Rogue did not dwell much on the past, did you?"

"You know me -- if ya don't ask, I won't tell. Not that I can even remember everything with all those implanted memories and the gaps left by post-hypnotic erasures."

"Yes, you didn't seem to remember Destiny and me when we clashed in the Capitol the first time my Brotherhood went public."

"Well, I couldn't shake a vague feeling of familiarity, but that's all there was."

"And Rogue didn't talk much about her past?"

"Only when it cropped up in a conversation, and that didn't happen often, 'cause nobody asked her about it exceptin' those parts that involved friends or enemies of the team. She didn't divulge too many embarrassin' details about you, at least not to me, but then she 'n' Mags never took me along to Mississippi. So there's no need to fret on my account, darlin'."

Mystique smiled a thin-lipped smile.

"No, she usually was very complimentary of you, how much better you 'n' Irene were than her biological ones. She liked to show her family snapshots and videos a lot whenever she got a new set."

"What did she have to say about her biological parents?"

"My, aren't we curious today." Logan was a little amused. "Nothing much really. I remember that her birth-mother had to raise her by herself, 'cause daddy skeedaddled before she was born, probably when he heard Mommy was pregnant. Rogue mentioned her mother's name once and that she had died, but it really didn't seem that interestin', so we soon switched the subject. No wait, she accidentally touched me, I passed out, and then we changed the subject."

"Did she say she knew who her father was?"

"Can't say, I never asked her. Is it important? You don't plan on huntin' him down to tell him he doesn't deserve to live when his daughter died a hero, that sorta thing?"

"How do you know I haven't done that yet?" Mystique smirked, then swallowed. "No, I already knew who fathered her. And as it happens he was with her when she died."

"Waitaminnit, ya don't mean to say that Magneto..."

"Don't be disgusting, Logan."

"But I told you a year ago that Magnus was the only one there when she died. I carried her to his side because she wanted ... to be with ... him." He fell silent under her gaze. "Oh."

Mystique nodded significantly.

"I see what you're drivin' at. So give: Why'd ya think I'm her father?"

"Some years back, Rogue and I were vacationing together in her childhood home in Caldecott County, and some old acquaintances told us that her mother had just died. Since no one was there to claim her belongings, Rogue flew out to Memphis to visit her grave and pick them up, but I don't know how much time she took to look at them. She put them into storage in Washington, a collection of boxes in our loft."

"And you had a close look at the stuff."

"Yes, I've always been a nosy parker. It helps in a profession where information can mean the difference between life and death. Be that as it may, there were a lot of old letters, official papers, photographs, all in huge disorderly piles. Well, in the documents relating to Rogue's birth, the name given for the father is one Barry Boysen, whereabouts unknown."

Logan just looked blankly.

"I see that name does not ring a bell, but since you also didn't remember the name of Rogue's mother that's no surprise. It must have been an alias you used during a period that was later mindwiped and replaced with false memories. Anyway, I'm pretty sure Boysen was you, not just because of the berry connection, but also because of these."

She fanned out three faded color photographs on the table before him. He picked them up. The first one showed a man and a woman with their arms around each other's shoulder: A fetching young brunette in a tight knotted shirt and cut-off denim pants smiled into the camera standing next to himself. He was pretty sure it was him in the Molson T-shirt, even if the man in the photograph had shaved off his sideburns. He flipped the picture over to read "Barry + me in Natchez, 1973," written with a blue biro. The other two pictures were variations on the theme, one of just 'Barry', and the last one another shot of the smiling couple, taken at a different location. The woman's face seemed vaguely familiar to Logan, but was it because of a genuine buried memory or a slight resemblance to someone else he had met during his long life? He breathed deeply and waited for Mystique to finish her account.

"She hired a detective to find you, but I don't have to remind you that if you don't want to be found even a better investigator than the country-fried private eye she could afford won't be able to find you. His report and notes were among Rogue's mother's papers. I read it, and I'd say it's possible that you walked out of her life before she found out that she was pregnant. Apparently you had just appeared in Caldecott from nowhere, and after a few months you just vanished again. 'Barry Boysen' took a job at a car repair shop near the local military base, so I'd hazard a guess that you were on one of your secret service missions and left after you had done your job. Of course we can't entirely exclude the possibility that she had not been completely honest with her shamus, that there was another man..."

"Paranoia comes with the territory in our old professions," Logan admitted.

"But on the other hand, had you been found, what would have been easier than to take a blood test? I'm inclined to believe you're Rogue's father, and I suspect so did she. It probably was no accident that she touched you after she dropped her mother's name into the conversation."

"If that's really what you can see in the papers and photographs, I shouldn't be surprised. She had a way of testin' if I really couldn't remember her birth-mom, and so of course she used it. Assumin' that she actually went through those papers before depositin' at your place. She might not have done."

"True, I'm walking on unsure ground here. Can't you remember anything she said to you that could be taken as an indication of what she thought?"

"Well, she was quite close to Abigail, but that doesn't mean that she thought Iggy was her half-sister. She was a kind of aunt to so many of her teammates' kids. She liked bein' with kids, maybe because she couldn't have any of her own."

"Was there anything she said before she... passed away?"

Logan thought long and hard. "Well, ya know she caught the full force of King Apocalypse's blast. He then took off to face Excalibur, who were just arrivin'. I went to her and tried to help her recover with my healing factor, like I'd done before, but the psi part of the blast had neutralized her absorption. Rogue took it pretty bravely -- there were some tears, but her first reaction was 'So I'm really gonna die this time.' Just like that, very matter-of-fact. And then ... well ... she told me to say good-bye to you from her and... let's see... 'You're always there for me, aren't you, Logan? Pity it don't help today. But I'm glad you're here and that we became and remained friends. Proves everyone deserves a new chance.' And then she had me carry her to Magneto's side. Not long after that she died, about two minutes before he did. Now up until today I'd thought she had been referrin' to herself and maybe Magnus when she said that about people deservin' new chances, but it was really ancient history, to bring that up at that point..." He fell silent, somewhat confused.

"It could be taken either way," Raven mused with a note of disappointment in her voice. "Not unambiguous enough to be certain."

"My guts tell me she knew about what was in the papers. I know she did not like her biological mother, but why bother pickin' up her things in the first place? And you, didja know about this long?"

"Years, I'm afraid. But, well, I was saving the information for an occasion when it might be handy to tell what I knew as a distraction on you or Rogue, and that occasion never came. Although I wasn't actually sure if she hadn't told you all about it. Maybe you two had already taken a genetic test in secret. I guess you still could do that, there should be samples left from her autopsy."

"And you know where every single one of them is located, eh? Includin' any that might have mysteriously 'disappeared'." Logan reflected for a while. "Nah, I don't think I'd want that. Rogue knew I was her pop, but she didn't want me to know. Wonder if she told Magnus..."

"It would certainly put a whole different complexion on that 'fatherly friend' remark you mentioned."

"Yeah. if you don't mind, I'll leave thing things as they are. Rogue seems to have preferred it that way -- she could've told me before she died, but apparently she wanted me to remember her as my friend, not my long-lost daughter. The important question is not if I really am her father or not, but if she thought I was."

"And that depends at least to some extent on what you and I want to believe about her."

"Yeah. It's hard enough to be sure she looked at everything you found in all that stuff and drew the same conclusions as you, and even acceptin' that, there's plenty of possible explanations why she'd keep it to herself. She might not have wanted me to beat myself up over something I couldn't remember, or maybe she didn't want to upset her authority as team leader with me, or she didn't want you to become upset over how close she and I were... Were you, when ya found out?"

Raven cast down her eyes. "A ... smidgen. But I thought that if she continued to be your friend, I would have to respect her decision to let bygones be bygones. I knew how she'd react if I had tried to tell her how to treat you. She was her own woman, and I did not see any sign that made me think she was letting her emotions, strong as they could be, cloud her thinking. I alluded to her biological parents on an occasion or two, but she just said that chapter of her life was closed. Later she told us we could burn her mother's stuff if we needed the space, and I later told her and Valerie that I had done exactly that... I guess I could have told you that she was your daughter at the funeral, but you know what I was like then. It was hard enough to share my grief with Valerie and the girls..." She looked up and into his eyes again. "But I'm better now, and so I was in a more receptive frame of mind when Val suggested I should finally tell you before I came here."

Logan noticed that Raven did not exactly apologize for her behavior, but that would have been very incongruous for her. "So, are there any other people you and Val are goin' to take into your confidence?"

"No, that will be up to you."

"Well, I'll think everything over, but I think I'll prefer to keep this between the three of us. But thanks for tellin' me. Guess it shows you never can tell even about people you think you know."

Wolverine did not make it clear to Mystique if he was referring to her or to Rogue. They got up from their seats and started to leave.

"No, it was good to talk with you Logan, thanks for listening. And what I said about our little one-night stand: I meant it. It wasn't love for either of us, but at least it was the next best thing." Raven put her arm around his shoulder. "If there's anything Val and I can do to help... no, silly for me to bring it up with you. Not that long ago I needed help myself. At least I'll be able to ease your workload on the team now. So if you want to take over the training side of things for a while and relocate that to Westchester, so you can be at Jean's side more quickly when ... there's an emergency, just say the word."

"I have a feeling it won't be much longer," Logan replied gloomily. "Maybe I'll just take an extended leave."

"That should be doable," Raven agreed. "Are you all right?"

"Raven, I'm waitin' for a woman to die who I love more than my life," Logan said somewhat gruffly, "you tell me a dead friend of mine is actually my dead daughter, but I guess what I really find scary is how friendly you've been to me today. Am I really in that bad a shape? That was a rhetorical question, by the way."

Mystique smiled faintly. "If you think it helps, I can go back to cold and distant. No, you need some time away from me to sort yourself out, I'll take my leave. You know how to contact me, but maybe one day I'll just be with you before you know it..."

"Ha! That'll be the day." He slapped her upper arm with his fist, and then she was gone in the crowd of shoppers.

Slowly Logan walked back to the hospital. He went to the room where Jean Grey-Summers lay and sat down by her bedside. He looked at her. She still was in coma, her skin had an unhealthy pallor. As Mystique had remarked, there was beauty to see for those who knew how to look. Normally it took the eye of someone who loved the person in question, but having loved and lost herself, she could empathize with his love for Jean.

Logan did not pick up the book that he had left on the bedside table when he went to the bar, but began to speak to the unconscious woman in a voice not much above a whisper. "Jeannie, you won't believe what Mystique just told me..."



This is the third of a trilogy of stories where Logan goes to eateries or drinking establishments with ladies of his acquaintance. 'Ergo bibamus' is Latin for 'so let's drink', but Bibamus is also the French nickname for the mascot of the Michelin tyre company, which publishes the most well-known guide to gourmet restaurants.

Should you keep track of the Twilight Menshevik timeline, Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes is set in 2014, roughly a year after The Day the X-Men Died (September 2, 2013). The story belongs to the alternate timeline Days of Future Twilight, which includes The Survivor Has a Different Kind of Scar and a number of other stories. The surprise revelation in this particular story has been on my mind for close on ten years, it's up to you to decide if it was a good idea or not to finally go with it.

Copyright Note:
The characters are (c) & TM by Marvel Comics with the exception of Barry Boysen, Nurse Collins, Hope Cooper, Irene Cooper (Overdrive), Gennosuke (Logan and Yukio's son), Herluf (the Danish member of Factor X), The Meddlers, Umeme Munroe, and Abigail Summers, who are mine.

This story was first published in Tales of the Twilight Menshevik: The Second Collection, which was produced for the 150th mailing of the MZS-APA in December 2000. The MZS-APA has a website at


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