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Marvel Writers & Artists
(Marvel writers and artists, past or present, who have worked on projects related to Rogue)

Fiona Avery
A protege of Babylon 5 scribe JMS, Fiona Avery has been tapped to write the new Rogue limited series and has expressed interest in writing an ongoing Rogue series if Marvel chooses to do one. She has been known to post to the Southern Comfort (Rogue fan group) club page at (you must be an SC member to visit the page). Her official site is, and she has a section on that site for the Rogue LS.

Jim Balent
Notorious for drawing women with balloon-sized breasts, longtime Catwoman artist Jim Balent is probably best-known to X-Men fans for the almost hilarously-T&A X-women cover to Wizard Magazine #34 in the mid-1990s. His official site is (note: some of the artwork may not be appropriate for younger visitors).

Julie Bell
An accomplished fantasy painter, Julie Bell, along with her husband, Boris Vallejo, has done numerous works featuring Rogue and the X-Men, including several trading cards and the covers for the new Rogue limited series. Her official site, where you can buy autographed prints of her work, is

Chris Claremont
Having written X-Men comics for nearly twenty years and created some of its hallmark characters -- including Rogue -- Chris Claremont is Mr. X-Men. He currently writes the Marvel title X-Treme X-Men, in which Rogue, Storm, Bishop, Thunderbird, Psylocke and Sage leave the X-Men to seek out Destiny's diaries. He has his own messageboard, hosted by X-Fan, called Cordially Chris. Claremont can be reached via e-mail at

Bryan Hitch
Although he was only a fill-in artist, Bryan Hitch illustrated a key Rogue issue: Uncanny X-Men #323, part of the Rogue-Iceman road trip storyline. He had a more notable run on The Authority. His official site is

Jim Lee
One of the founders of Image Comics and now one of the head honchos at DC's Wildstorm Studios, Jim Lee worked on Uncanny X-Men (pencilling the Rogue/Magneto Savage Land storyline, among others), then pencilled the first ten issues of X-Men. The drawing style of Lee and some of his other Image compatriots was imitated (often badly) across the industry and criticized for emphasizing style and T&A art over substantive storytelling; however, Lee's distinctive mark is on some of the definitive renditions of X-Men characters and costumes, including Gambit and Rogue. There is a Lee bio at the Wildstorm Studios site.

Scott Lobdell
Fans have had a love-hate relationship with Scott Lobdell and his run on the X-Men books. While his name is on quite a few stinkers (let's not forget the infamous Uncanny X-Men #350 and X-Men Unlimited #4), Lobdell has shown a gift for dialogue and character development on the quieter, more introspective character-development issues, such as Uncanny X-Men #303 (death of Illyanna). He has a messageboard, hosted by X-Fan, called Lobdell-oholics Anonymous. He can be reached via e-mail at His soon-to-be-launched official site is

Aaron Lopresti
The artist of the new Rogue limited series, Aaron Lopresti's official site is There also is a Lopresti bio at the Wildstorm Studios site. He can be reached via e-mail at

Joe Madureira
With a distinctive Manga-esque style, Joe Mad's work is unmistakable. Now the creator of Battle Chasers for DC's Cliffhanger Comics, Madureira had a notable run as penciller for Uncanny X-Men in the early #300s. His official site is

Grant Morrison
Best-known for The Invisibles, Grant Morrison is the current writer for the rechristened New X-Men. His official site is

Fabian Nicieza
A longtime writer on X-Men, and later on the now-defunct Gambit ongoing series, Fabian Nicieza is responsible for much of the early developments in the Rogue-Gambit relationship. He can be reached via e-mail at Please spell his name right.

Brandon Peterson
Brandon Peterson had a few short stints as artist on the X-Men main titles and related miniseries. His way-under-construction official site is He can be reached via e-mail at

Lienil Francis Yu
With a super-detailed artistic style, Lienil Francis Yu was a longtime recent artist on Wolverine and the two main X-Men titles (including the Magneto War and Search for Xavier storylines). His official site is the Crooked Sugar Spam Gallery.


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