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The Invitation

The Fan-Fic Drinking Game...

Well, they did it for every x-book, TV show, and what have you... it's time to move to the next step... join in kiddies, the fun's about to start... Of course, when i refer to drinking i naturally refer to a non-alcoholic beverage of your choice.

If you play this in front of your computer, please take care to avoid spillage-related electrocution. The originator recommends printing the ffic first and THEN playing.

On with the show...


  • Someone's immune to Rogue's power; 1 sip
  • Someone writes Rogue using her absorption power; 3 sips
  • ... and it makes sense; chug.
  • 'Rogue' is misspelled 'Rouge'; 1 sip
  • Rogue and Remy get together; 1 sip
  • ...and have sex; 2 sips
  • ...repeatedly; 3 sips
  • ...and live happily ever after; chug.
  • Rogue says "y'all" more than once; 1 sip
  • ... if she says anything 'southern' other than y'all; 2 sips
  • ... if it actually SOUNDS Southern and isn't thrown in randomly; chug.


  • Cyclops is written as an idiot; 1 sip
  • Someone punches or kicks Cyke; 2 sips
  • ... and its an X-man; 3 sips
  • It's Jean; chug.
  • .. and it's not a parody; chug


  • Gambit's accent is written badly; 2 sips
  • Gambit refers to himself in the thrid person; 3 sips
  • Gambit says an entire phrase in french; chug


  • Gambit dies; 3 sips
  • ProfX dies; 3 sips
  • Cyke dies; 3 sips
  • Dawn dies; chug
  • Anyone else dies; 2 sips/death, 1 if you're reading anything by Laersyn or Tapestry, because no one should be THAT drunk...
  • They come back; chug
  • then die again immediately thereafter; chug
  • ... and it's not a mutant; sip


  • Someone gets turned into a cat; 2 sips/cat
  • the cat gets neutered; chug repeatedly.


  • Bobby snogs Emma; 1 sip
  • Jean snogs Logan; 1 sip
  • Psylocke snogs Angel; 1 sip
  • Magneto snogs anyone; 2 sips (3 if they're human, chug if they're male)
  • Professor X gets to THINK of snogging; chug.
  • ..and it's not Lilandra, a dream, or a slash fic; drain the bottle.


  • Psylocke complains about her costume; 2 sips
  • Sam complains about his goofiness; 2 sips
  • Gambit complains about going to the roof; 2 sips
  • ProfX complains about not `gettin' any'; 3 sips
  • Cyke complains; sip.
  • ... and it's not a neurotic one; 2 sips


  • Someone mentions CLaremont; 1 sip
  • Someone mentions Lobdell; 2 sips
  • Someone mentions BOB; 3 sips
  • Someone mentions Liefeld; chug
  • Someone mentions Hama; chug, then go off and write a letter.


  • Sinister does something mysterious; 1 sip
  • doesn't involve Scott, Jean, Gambit or Chamber; 2 sips
  • Sinny refers to his 'master plan'; 2 sips
  • involves beef stroganof; 3 sips and a plate of stew.
  • And he doesn't kidnap anyone; 3 sips
  • ... but does make a clone; 1 sip
  • ... and the clone isn't of Vertigo; 2 sips
  • ... but it is a Summers; chug

Professor Xavier's children:

  • if there is one, 1 sip
  • if there are two or more, 1 drink
  • if they're from a previously-undisclosed marriage, 3 drinks
  • if that marriage was with Amelia Voght, chug
  • if those children are also mutants, chug everything you can find

Generation X relationships:

  • if it's M and a boy, 1 sip
  • if it's Husk and Chamber, 2 sips
  • if it's g/g with M, 1 drink
  • if it's M and Jubilee, 3 drinks
  • if it's an all-girl orgy involving M, Husk, Jubilee, White Queen, Kitty Pryde, and a dog, chug
  • if it's a b/b/b involving Skin, Chamber, and Synch, chug everything you can find

The St. Croix family mystery:

  • involves M being the Twins merged in one body, 1 drink
  • if M actually co-exists within the merged Twins, 2 drinks
  • if the Twins co-exist within the mind of M, 3 drinks
  • if supernatural entities or a demon is involved, chug
  • if M is actually an Emplate, chug everything you can find

Wolverine relationships:

  • if it's Wolverine and Phoenix, 1 drink
  • if it's Wolverine and Phoenix, and they have sex, 2 drinks
  • if it's Wolverine and Jubilee, 3 drinks
  • if it's Wolverine and Jubilee, and they have sex, chug
  • if the sex between Jubilee and Wolverine involves others, chug everything you can find

All-powerful characters

  • The new charector introduced is more powerful than everyone else...1 sip
  • They knew any of the X-Men before they joined...2 sips
  • They are related to any of the X-Men...3 sips
  • They are a Summers...chug
  • None of the above apply, and the charector has a lame power and doesn't care, and doesn't angst...chug, chug, and chug some more.

the Phoenix Force

  • It turns out to have been Jean all along - 1 sip.
  • It finds a new host other than Jean - 2 sips.
  • It turns out to be Jubilee - 3 sips.
  • It results in names along the lines of "Bald Phoenix!" and "Spider Phoenix!" chug ...
    ...with rubbing alcohol or sterno.


  • Magneto appears; 1 sip
  • ... and says something pompus; 1 sip
  • ... and the story ignores Fatal Attractions; 2 sips
  • ... and he isn't an insane badass; 3 sips
  • ... and he squashes Cortez like a bug; chug (smugly)
  • Magneto gets laid; 1 sip
  • ... by a Mary Sue character; 1 sip
  • ... it's not Rogue; 2 sips
  • ... by Xavier; chug
  • ... by Exodus; the author is really sick
  • Gratuitous Holocaust references; 1 sip
  • Or he has a bad dream about the Holocaust/Magda: 2 sips
  • The author completely ignores the fact that Magneto really did use to be a complete lunatic: 1 sip
  • Long-lost relative turns up: 2 sips
  • Someone refers to Trish as Trash; sip
  • Someone badmouths Trish Tilby behind her back and is creative about it; 2 sips
  • Somone tells Trish Tilby to her face what s/he thinks of her; 3 sips
  • Trish does something that makes her look bad; chug.

meanwhile, over in the Subreality Cafe...

  • Someone has sex under a table; 1 sip
  • ...on a table; 2 sips
  • ...with a table; you're sick, you know that?
  • someone drinks Guinness; 1 sip
  • someone drinks sake; 2 sips
  • someone drinks Jolt; 3 sips
  • someone drinks more than Logan; 2 sips
  • ... and drinks Deadpool under the table; 3 sips
  • ... and also manages to chug the bunny slippers under; chug
  • someone pulls a sword; 1 sip
  • ...and mentions they don't know how to use it; 3 sips
  • ...but says they know someone who does; chug
  • An animal fictive shows up; 1 sip
  • and speaks; 2 sips
  • and plays a musical instrument; 3 sips
  • and isn't Lockheed; 3 sips
  • An inanimate object speaks; 2 sips
  • ... and it's not a Surreality story; 3 sips
  • Someone sneaks by the Bouncer; 1 sip
  • ... and they didn't have to knock him out to do so; 2 sips
  • The Manager sighs; 1 sip
  • ... and then takes a drink; 3 sips
  • The predatory bunny slippers bite someone; 1 sip
  • -... eat someone; chug
  • ...steal someones beer; 2 sips
  • ...have a conversation; 3 sips
  • Speak in anything other than 'slipperese'; Don't drink, email the offending writer and wish something horrible to happen to them.
  • If Celendra is mentioned; 1 sip
  • ... with Dex; 1 sip
  • ... with anyone else; 3 sips
  • ... and Celendra's writing it; chug
  • A Writer shows up; 1 sip
  • ... with godlike powers; 2 sips
  • ... but without their laptop; 3 sips
  • ... and mentions Mharie in any line; chug
  • ... without making an innuendo about her; drain the bottle
  • Somebody mentions Spinach; 1 sip
  • Somebody mentions a cabbage; 2 sip
  • Somebody gets turned into a cabbage; chug
  • The person who changes the person into a cabbage mentions Superman; chug

Round Robins:

  • if a writer inserts him/herself into a RR, 1 drink
  • if said writer has to get past the Bouncer and/or Manager to enter the story, 2 drinks
  • if characters from other comics/fanfics appear, 3 drinks
  • if they are Superman, chug
  • if the Supermen start preaching about the ways of the comic world, chug everything you can find

And, of course, the Mary Sue category.

  • If someone inserts him/herself into the story, take a sip.
  • If the author also has powers, take another sip.
  • If those powers are simply ripoffs of characters from other media, take another sip.
  • If that medium is either Sailor Moon or Power Rangers, chug.
  • If the author saves any canon character from a nasty fate, take a sip.
  • If the author-character is more powerful than anyone this side of Phoenix, chug.
  • If the author-character gets romantically involved with anyone, take a sip.
  • If it's Rogue, chug.
  • If the author-character has sex with any character, chug.
  • If it's Rogue, shotgun the rest, turn off the computer and go to a bar.


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