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The Invitation

While it is true that many of the X-people are physically well-endowed, and a few even have nice personalities, there are many problems with marrying an X-person:

Top Ten Reasons
Not to Marry an X-Person:

10) Your home is continuously blown up by super-villains, aliens, and rogue government task forces who destroy all your accumulated earthly (and Shi'ar) possessions.

9) Your past is constantly being screwed up by retcons and "carpet continuity".

8) One word: clones.

7) Whatever personality your spouse possesses is subject to sudden and unpredictable change.

6) Congratulations, you are now a Summers.

5) The near certainty that your relationship will be interrupted by affairs, periodic deaths, mind control, body swaps, and anything else that could possibly cause angst.

4) Your spouse could become a brainwashed super-villain, at ANY TIME.

3) You could become a brainwashed super-villain at ANY TIME.

2) Any children you have will be killed, or kidnapped, and raised either by super-villains or in a post-apocalyptic, dystopian, future.

1) At least one version of the aforementioned child will grow up to be a psychotic, murderous, ultra-powerful super-villain, and you, or your spouse, will be forced to kill it "for the good of the world", after much angst.

(posted by Old Toby, Least-Known Dog on the Net, to racmx)


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